Tuesday, November 15, 2011

American Men Don't Know How TO Treat Their Women.

He is pushing an empty shopping cart while the wife struggles with their child. 
Tell me which one is heavier: the shopping cart or the child? 

While this is too much generalization, the majority of American men do not know how to treat their women. Most of their women have never really experienced proper good treatment where a man makes you feel like you are the oasis of his whole desert, or when a man makes you feel like all the other women he sees outside are dung. That is probably why when their women venture out of the country and see the treatment foreign men give them, they get confused. If you go to Europe, they believe that American women are easy, very easy even because the women who travel out cannot resist such regal treatment. In America,when you treat women too good like a man should treat a lady, they get confused and run away because they think you are faking. They don‘t believe it will be the same; they even think you are a player in Mr. Clean's jacket. Take for instance; when an American man takes a woman out for a date today, he pays for the expenses, and when they go out the next time, she pays for the expenses. Who is that foreign man who will even do such a criminal act? To make a conclusion, I will compare a traditional African man with a traditional American man. Would you want to know why I think American men do not know how to treat their women?
This is Europe, but it looks very American.
This photo speaks for itself.
When an American woman meets a foreign man, she is treated like a queen or princess; even though, most don’t even know how the monarchs are treated. I don’t mean when some obese and overweight American woman (like the one in the picture above) entraps a foreign guy who is merely using her for expediency to get papers which once he gets them, he starts to maltreat her or even vamooses into the oblivion. He will treat her badly, so that she will divorce him, and he will go his way peacefully. That is not what I am talking about! I am talking about normal foreign men and normal American women. Listen again, I am talking of " normal" people! I am from a regal family, so I know how the queen and princesses were treated! 

Communication is very important in human life, but most of their men are so ignorant that they quickly go out of words. That is why their normal conversations with a woman do not go more than 3 minutes without it turning to sex. See, even their songs too are just 4 minutes long, even when they are singing about love. If they do not talk sex, they curse -f..k. I worked with two guys one time,  a stepdad and a stepson. The stepson says "you know that bitch Ron is married to is my mom." The stepdad says, "you got that right. His own bitch does not give him problems like mine." The son calls the mother "bitch", and the husband calls the wife "bitch". What type of people are these? Some of their men call their wives, whores or hoes. 

I was trying to correct 4 young men that it is wrong to call your girlfriend or wife like that. "Would you like your sister to be called that way?" I asked. They explained to me that it is their culture and tradition. One of them even amplified that his sister's boyfriend calls her "hoe" and "bitch", and she has never made a deal about it. She is fine with that! 

I liked an American girl, but she did not like me.  I decided to solicit the help of my American friends who had some beautiful girlfriends, so I could win her. Each time I asked them to share a letter they think will win her; they will send me one replete with vulgarity that after reading it, I just said to myself, “well, if I come out alive, then I am lucky.” Three times and three different guys, it was the same pattern. The girl too was a well brought up and intelligent Idaho girl, so she will either write to show her disapproval or ignore it.  When my friends will give their letters, they will ask me a day after, "What did that bitch say?" I will say, " please refrain from calling her bitch." They will say, " dem bitches like but dem bad boys. You no gonna get no dam American pussy acting like that."I know a man should be erotic, but there is a difference between eroticism and vulgarity. If I cannot guarantee you of anything, I can guarantee you at least of this very one thing; American men are keyboard Romeos! When you read them write about love, you will think that the gods have come down to reside amongst humans. However, when it moves from theory to practice, they are naught! I mean that they are zero!

A culture where women are called "bitches", "hoes", "whores", and are regarded as objects cannot built lasting marriages. A girl, a woman, and a daughter are human beings like everyone and should be treated with utmost respect the way any man would want to be treated, talk less of treating his mother. The rate of violence on women in America is higher than one expected from a supposedly “civilized” society. How can a man request back the engagement ring he bought for his fiancee or wedding ring he bought for her, even if the relationship did not work? Were those rings not supposed to be gifts? I did not know that a man could lend money to his girlfriend or wife. I discovered it from Americans. If you think I have not done anything good with my life, at least know that I just made  a great discovery. How can I ever lend money to the very woman I share my life with?

The guys must learn to keep the woman up too with their discourse. It is not every time that the woman wants to hear about sex; not even the nymphomaniacs. They will run away and then go to the guy that comes in their normal behavior. Perhaps the only good thing some of these men have is a good body. Having a good body is good but without a good character, it is body mass.

Although in traditional African society, the men and women were complimentary in roles and responsibilities, a good man who knew how to treat a lady did not allow her to do the heavy duties in and around the house. I want you to lay aside the bias you have been raised in that "African men are domineering." Men are there to make their women feel special and protected everyday. Consequently, the man went to the farm and cleared the forest. The kitchen had simple stuffs, so the man was out in the forest hunting for game for the woman to prepare and serve the family. In America, the woman is doing the dishes and ironing clothes, while the man is playing video games and watching football. A man killed his infant son for bothering him during his video game. At times, it is even the woman who takes out the thrash, vacuums the house and clears the yard with the lawnmower; responsibilities that a man should joyfully do. In Africa, if a woman was not married, her brothers or male friends cut her grass for her but no reasonable man saw a woman struggling to cut her grass, and he passed. So American men, if your sister is not married, go and cut her grass for her as a brother or friend. You should take care of your female single neighbor's yard for free. American women are not used to their men doing something for them for free so much so that, if you try to do anything for them for free, they think that you want sex.

Have you seen an American man and his wife at the grocery store? They are pathetic and pitiful to watch. The man is pushing the empty cart in the market or grocery store while the woman is carrying their baby. Which is heavier and more difficult: pushing a cart or trying to keep the restless child? The American men allow the women to be struggling with the child while they are pushing the cart and strolling in the supermarket, looking at other women. Why shouldn't they do that? He has no weight. If he had a baby in his hand, he will not be looking around and winking at other women while at the store like I saw a guy winking at my female friend one time; albeit, he was with his wife and kids. I caught him at the blink. Yep, I did!

One time, I saw a couple broken down on the highway. The woman was pushing the car while the man was sitting in the car. Lord have mercy! That is the opposite, guys. I told him to step outside and let the woman sit inside while we pushed the car. He said, " you are right!" If you are a weakling, call people to come and help you but for God’s sake, don’t allow your wife to push the car while you are sitting in the car. Another time, I overheard a car trying to start. I knew that my neighbor's car was not starting, so I went out to help. It was the wife trying to start her car and it was not starting. She had been doing that for more than 30 minutes while the husband was asleep. I went to help her while her own husband was still asleep. You pity me; don't you? Atlanta drinks, but New York gets drunk. A caring man should come out and either tell the wife to go back into the house because it is cold while he looks for a solution, or he joins her to start the car. The wife should not be out there at 5:30 a.m while the husband acts as the Big Kahuna, sleeping like an overfed pig.

In traditional African society, the woman was the main organizer.  The women taught morals and the men taught strength, brute strength. Both the men and women were the teachers but at different levels. The men taught on how to provide, and the women taught on how to organize what has been provided and to convert it to greater proportions. In traditional African society, the women were respected and treated with much respect because they believed that they were closer to God than the men. They were considered goddesses. That is why there were goddesses of fertility, rain, and harvest.

Despite the complementarity of roles and responsibilities, the head of the family had always been the man. Failure to follow that has plunged the American marriages into chaos, and divorces have rocked their world. Being the head of household does not mean autocracy, for no good leader rules alone. Decisions came by consensus. The reason why marriages between Africans and Africans in the Diaspora are falling apart in an alarming rate is because most of their women have not been able to reconcile the American culture with the traditional African society they come from. That is why mixed marriages between the Africans and Americans are faring better than marriages between African and Africans or Americans and Americans. 

Furthermore, American men are not easily satisfied. That is why they have these strip clubs and toys all over the place. Once a woman gains a little weight like this, it is a big problem. A guy told me that his wife's smell down there was unpleasant. All he had to do was to do some research and share it with his wife. I did and shared it with her, and she was so thankful; albeit, she asked me how I knew all of that. More women are in the gym, but their men are at home writing letters on the internet to Russia for Mail Order Bride. Obese and overweight American men are trying to marry Russian models. Ichabod! Poor me; I am the only one left behind!

More so, American men do not treat their women well because they cannot give them proper sex. See, truth be told, every woman likes and loves a  man who can give her good sex. American men cannot last past their 5 minutes or at most 15 minutes. The reason why American men do not last long in bed is because they start using painkillers and antidepressants at a very young age, and that kills their sex drive and ability to sustain erection for a long time. I do not need viagra to fulfill my responsibility, even for hours. Why should I when my boy is well treated? He is strong and has not been weakened by painkillers or drugs. Even their women too easily lose interest in sex because they do same. However, the man suffers more. 

Finally, most women in America are killed by their husbands or boyfriends. Read the rest here. This is an excerpt below that I have for you. 
On average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in this country every day. 40%  of teenage girls age 14 to 17 report knowing someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend. 60% of young women, ages 15 to 24, were currently involved in an ongoing abusive relationship and all participants had experienced violence in a dating relationship.

The men are so demanding, almost like the women. A woman should be more demanding than a man. It is sacrilege for the man to be more demanding like American men. Soon they say foreign men are taking their women. Why shouldn’t they, if they will be treating their women like nothing? They will soon make them all single. If not of sin, they will seize even those who are married. 

Until then, I pray that God will help American men to treat their women well.

St Arrey of Ntenako

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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