Friday, September 16, 2011

And Then She Surrendered Her Pearl To The Devil- the Thief!

Years ago, I knew a very good friend of mine. We walked and hung out together. He was enjoying the marriage of his life, and his wife was his most cherished treasure on earth. He always joked that even though there is no marriage in heaven; he will go with his wife to heaven and that he will apply for exemption if need be. He will look at me and say “reverend, I pity bachelors like you.” Then calamity struck; his wife told him she wanted divorce. “I cannot believe you did it with her. Upon all the people on earth you see daily, you have not seen any other person except my best friend. I am done. It is disgraceful to me. I guess you wanted to rub it on my face. I accept it. I am done.” Three weeks later, she filed for divorce, and they both parted their ways. Her story reminded me of some tales I will like to share with you today. 

When we were adolescents, a plantain farmer caught his daughter in the middle of the farm having sex with the farm boy. He took the girl home, beat her very well and tied her outside naked as people passed and shamed her. Her mother pled with the father who untied her. All that was done to the young man was a stern warning “leave my daughter alone except you are tired of living”. Would it have been fair for the father to just give the daughter as a gift to the man?  
Still in the village, we used to have a guy who had the demons of theft. He stole everything; useful or useless. Many thought he was under a curse. One day his cousin found him stealing his cocoa buds.  He reported it to the village council that requested that he should be arrested, tied and flocked in front of the entire village. The man continued tending his farm and thenceforth built a strong fence and buttered it with juju and scarecrows. Perhaps he should have just given the thief the cocoa farm after all, why did he as his cousin only come to his farm? 

In 2010, a man was charged with raping his daughter in front of his wife. He had raped her while the wife was at work and when she came and confronted him, he locked them both in the room and raped the girl again. For three days he kept raping the daughter until she was set free on the third day. When the man was arrested, I was expecting the wife to say, “please just go with your father the cousin of the devil, for I cannot believe that he raped you in front of me.” 

While it is not in the power of the farmer and the woman to change the course of things, it does not peter out the fact that the women have been defiled. One thing we must all remember is that the devil comes to steal, kill and to destroy. If the devil is trying to steal your husband or your wife and you catch it, please, take him or her back and chase the devil away from your path. If you can run away, do so. I remember an uncle who kept moving from one town to another because there was a young boy that wanted his wife. Finally, the boy gave up, and they have lived happily thereafter.

Until then, don’t surrender your pearl to the devil the thief.

Prince & P A Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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