Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When Prayer Sessions Make You Laugh.

Some years back in Yaoundé, I was a deacon in Full Gospel Nsimeyong II, the prayer cell leader of Mendong, the national assistant coordinator for the University ministry, member of the Full Gospel Education Board, Founder of the Street preachers, and many other leadership positions. There was never a day that I did not go to pray for someone in their house. There was never a day I never visited somebody. I have forgotten many of them, but some have remained close to my heart. Ladies and gentlemen, I have some stories to tell you.

In 1997, one of our sisters told me about her neighbor who had demonic passion. It was not the first time I was praying for someone with that problem, and I knew God could do it. I decided to follow the prescription in Mark 9:29. I fasted for three days while praying and reviewing the scripture on demonic possession. I even reviewed a couple of books on demonology and headed out.

When I reached there, I prayed with her, and then she asked me to pray for her things. I prayed for them, and she asked me to touch everything in her house. I did too. Then she asked me to lay my hands on her and pray. The places she was showing me to lay my hands were making me to laugh. She will show her breasts and then her buttocks. I did! Then she went into her room and brought out her underwear. She told me that demons used to squeak in that underwear, so I should lay my hands on them. There, I said, "well you just hold them, and I will stretch my hand towards them." As I was praying, I was laughing because that demon knew where to squeak. Nevertheless, I stretched my hand and prayed, but I never forgot that day.

Another situation was one of our mother’s in church. She told me that she wanted me to come and pray for her daughter. She needed me to pass by the house right quick after church, so after preaching in church, I hurriedly went there.

Her daughter was possessed by the demon of sex. When I reached there, she starred and gazed at me as a lion ready for her prey. I resisted her in my heart and tried to take control. I asked the mother to come and pray with me because I did not want to be long. I had too many places to go on that day because I had to pray for many other people who could not make it to church.

As I closed my eyes and began praying, the demonized daughter grasped my manhood, and it felt like the claws of an eagle had taken hold of my peesh. I screeched and cried for God to help or at least a Deuse Ex Machina. In her mom, I found one as she picked a broom and hit her on the back. Then she released me. My new shirt was all torn. Thenceforth, I knew that there were some demons that warrant more serious spiritual preparations than others.

I came back home and prepared more in fasting and prayers. Once I reached there, I prophesied and told her the source of her daughter’s possession. She said that is what the fortune teller had told them yesteryears when she was not a Christian and visited one. So that means I should be a man of God. We prayed and delivered her until she began coming to church.

A third was when I was still a young Christian. We have been fasting and praying that we knew God could answer any prayer. We were two of us on that day but usually three of us. All three later became pastors. A sister told us about their brother who was mad. We told her to bring the young man. They said “if he is released from his chains, he will wander off for days without anyone knowing where he was.” We insisted that the power of God in us will contain him. They brought him to us, and we decided to unchain the man. Then we began praying with our eyes closed. After praying for hours without opening our eyes, we decided to take a break. By the time we opened our eyes; the mad man had opened the door calmly and absconded away. We did not bother. We decided to pray again hoping prayers will bring him back. After about 5 hours of prayers, we could not smell him. When the sister came, she almost killed us will words. Now at least I have learnt not to pray with my eyes closed when praying for demonic possessed people.

One lady came to me one time and told me that she wanted me to pray for her. I asked what her prayer topic was about. She said “just pray because if I tell you, you will not like to pray.” So I said “tell me first”. She said that she wanted the husband's girlfriend to either die or to make an accident and leave her husband alone. I said “no, that is cruel; if you do not like the marriage again, you should quit.” She said, “Well you guys preach that once you bless the marriage, you have given the keys to God and that there is no more any room for divorce.” I said “not really, there are situations that could lead you to remarry.” You can divorce him for infidelity or abandonment, but you will not remarry else you commit digamy." She said when can I remarry? I said “if he was dead.” She said “oh, I have heard you”. I said can we pray now? She said “ok”. We prayed. After we finished and she was going, she reiterated again that “pastor, I have heard you oh.” I asked “what have you heard”? She said “you said ‘except he dies I cannot remarry’. So I have heard you.” And she left.

However, whatever may be my experience, demonic possessions are real. They can be driven by fasting and prayers although some will need you to prepare more than others. In all situations, God finally reined because God in us is greater the demons in anyone.

Until then, fast and pray, for we can still drive out demons today in God’s timing.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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