Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ivory Coast Is Not For Sale

Mr. President Obama, I see something dubious with this video. Ab initio, you have supported Quattara because he is married to a Jewish woman who has ties with George Soros the British Agent who runs your campaign. Ivory Coast is neither for sale nor shall it be auctioned to the highest bidder. Since when has the US government started supporting rebels? What a great turn around that all these days only rebels are being supported with the pretext to permeate democracy. Isn’t this a new format for regime change? All these rebels they are arming, I hope they will be able to collect the weapons back tomorrow. Unfortunately, history has shown that once rebels have been armed, it is difficult to disarm them, for not everyone will come out of the war or conflict happy and since they have been trained to kill to make a living, they will continue with their good job.

The UN has failed to disarm the rebels of Ivory Coast; instead they were rearmed by the UN and greatly supported to kill Ivoirians, during which time the atrocities were attributed to Gbagbo and his supporters. What is happening in Ivory Coast is a fight between good and evil; a fight between neocolonialism and nationalism. How could Ivory Coast have voted the majority Quattara, yet the same majority rallies daily; day and night making the concrete floor their beds and the sky their coverings just to support Gbagbo the man the West alleges lost elections and the support of this people?

If Laurent Gbagbo has committed any crime, it is that he has refused to make Ivory Coast the milky-cow of France and her Western surrogates. If the people of Ivory Coast have committed any crime that the West plans to slaughter them now as chicken in the slaughter house is because they have decided to select Gbagbo as their leader. What is wrong when a sovereign people elect their own leader?All the sanctions put in place are against the common man in Ivory Coast and not against anyone. Those sanctions should rather have been placed against Quattara and not against Gbagbo.

Democracy is not a one size fit all garment made in America. This T-shirt called Democracy made in America and distributed by Britain and France did not fit the people of Iraq and had not fitted the people of Afghanistan no matter how they were forced to wear it. Either it was too small in Iraq or too big in Afghanistan. Now we are taking the same T-shirt to Libya and it seems it may not also fit the people of Libya. How come the US is not giving it to the people of Yemen and Bahrain who truly want that t-shirt? Instead in collusion and connivance with Saudi Arabia, the real people who suppose to wear it are slaughtered like sheep in the abattoir. Why are you telling the people to Yemen and Bahrain to walk naked when they love that one size fit all garment called democracy made in the US? Aren’t they worthy to wear that one-size-fit-all too? When the people cut it according to their size like in Tunisia, they will wear it without bloodshed.

Ivory cost will be a booby-trap and quagmire for Obama whether he intervenes directly or by proxy as many know that US special forces have infiltrated into the country. If you force Quattara unto he throne, he may just as well be taking a walk because he that thinks he is leading but there is no one following him behind is merely taking a walk. For now, Gbagbo’s following should tell you who is leading and who is merely taking a walk. For once, I plead with the American government not to sacrifice innocent Ivoirians as collaterals of personal friendship. Human life has no carbon copy and destructive recovery does not work here!

Until then, Obama, leave the people of Ivory Coast alone!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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