Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Congressmen and Others Need Polygamy.

The other day, I heard that a congressman has resigned for sending a shirtless picture to a woman on Craiglist. I will not be the first to cast the first stone, for many of us have done that in our attempt to win the love of the woman we want to share our lives with for life. In addition, the Bible does not include the upper body as part of nakedness. Nudity starts and ends with genitals! His is only bad because he is married and not single; else I don’t see the fuse about it. If a man is single and ready to mingle, he should send pictures if that will improve his chances, I guess. Whatever may be the case and reason of his gaffe, it is clear that America is on a transition. 

The country shifted from Male Chauvinism (men were leading) to Feminism (women were commanding households). Now it is "Childrenism" as children are the ones commanding. Tomorrow it will be "Animalism" where your little dog will be the one to tell you what to do. As everyone is trying to live by instinct, so we have legalized the LGTC while escheating one group-polygamous community. The latter is the solution to America’s desire to legally keep multiple partners and experience lebensfreude in marriage.

Doesn’t the Bible back polygamy enough? So why are Americans dragging their feet from approving it? That "married but in an open relationship" is called polygamy. It means you are free to have many wives and husbands if she cares. Polygamy is the antidote for divorce and unfaithfulness that plagues our country. More so, aren't they allowed to express themselves as the LGTC, if it is a lifestyle? 

Americans need those rights to marry as many women or men as they want. If marrying many women will shorten one's life, then so be it. Don't some people choose euthanasia to die? Let polygamy be their own euthanasia. The beauty of having many cars is that if one car is troubling you, you can just use the other car until the former cools down it tantrums. That way when one car is working properly, you consider it as grace and not an inheritance. Furthermore, if a new car breaks down, one would understand that it is not habitual, but it is more stressful when a car with very high milage is breaking down at will for no reason; even when not taken on a long distance.

As I flashback, I cannot count how many divorces occur in polygamous homes, but surely you know many monogamous homes that have divorced. They are experiencing a familyquake; up to 70% even amongst Christians: "the salt of the earth" and "the light of the world". African and Latin American women will tell you that when salt is not good enough in food, one should add maggi. A second wife is the maggi that the Congress men would put into their relationships. The Congress women don't have any need for it because you don't hear that happening. In addition, the Bible does not give room for polyandry. 
The people of Utah and many other parts of the country have tried polygamy, and they know it is good for a stable family. In our quest for moral and ethical sexual variety, God has provided humanity the key in polygamy. Polygamy is a legal union and not a cheating and pretentious union. Indeed polygamy is not the answer to infidelity; nevertheless, if they ask you to choose between Lucifer and his cousin, it would be fair for your own good to select the cousin, for he will be a lesser evil. If the congressman was permitted to marry more than one wife, he should not be losing his job today because no cock pins a hen down without a dance. Sending pictures could and is more than the dance of the cock. That is one of the ways he could easily pin the hen down since the hens these days want to see their men strong.
America, I have found your antidote for infidelity and unhappy marriages. It is called polygamy. Polygamous societies have very stable, lasting and joyful marriages. I am not saying perfect, but it is not like the quinine marriages we are experiencing today. Married today but divorce tomorrow will no more be our portion! It will also help these single women who are always angry and unhappy. Every man should be permitted to marry at least 5 wives or since we like to set numbers we could limit it to seven. That is the perfect number!  

Until then, let us try polygamy as a society!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.
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