Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Ramifications of the Ivoirian Crisis.

Kill Gbagbo, and you carry the blood of a martyr and innocent man.

This electoral impasse is not about Gbagbo refusing to leave power because he was defeated; he was not defeated. It is about the western powers acting as myrmidons to France who considers FrancAfrique its plantations where it changes the general managers at her volition. This is about Ivoirian oil and resources that the western countries are scrambling for. No one can explain why the West rejects or ignored the Mbeki Report that proposed a recount. The West is playing deaf and dumb with the counsel of people like Jerry Rawlings who advised that the Mbeki report be taken into consideration and implemented. One would want to question why the West and Quattara are resisting a recount by international observers. One would question Quattara’s insatiable appetite for war as he wants war rather than negotiations. It reenacts King Solomon's melodrama with two women fighting for one child and shows who loves Ivory Coast more. Whatever happens in Ivory Coast would have local and international ramifications that will alter the status-quo greatly. The neighbors of Ivory will be looking at each other with suspicions, China and Russia will gain more trust, FrancAfrique will no more be the same ( if it will survive at all), and there will be a renaissance to the freemason leadership.

The ethnic divide is so strong. The Baule are a subgroup within The Akan linguistic cluster group that inhabit both Ghana and Ivory Coast as the majority. This can explain why the Ghanaians have a lot of reservations in using a military force that will be killing their own extended families which is entrenched through endogamy. The Akan generally support Gbagbo. Instability in Ivory Coast means that the borders of Ghana will overflow with refugees. Being a growing economy, the Ghanaians amongst all the African countries have more to lose if war breaks out in Ivory Coast. If ADO is given the presidency by force, he may actually find it difficult to govern because a rebellion may spring from Ghana where the Ghanaian government may be reluctant to crush easily for fear it loses its own elections at home.

The UNO was brought in to serve as peace keepers and help quench the infighting between Quattara rebels in the north and the country’s loyalists in the south. The UN chief Choi allied instead with Quattara, the western turncoat. Too many countries will take that to heart as they watch history written. Many countries will be reluctant to invite the UN into their countries even for a peacekeeping or humanitarian reason. In addition, the UN will be looked upon as an errand boy of the West. The fact that the UNO Chief, the US ambassador and French Ambassadors to Ivory Coast were in the headquarters of Gbagbo;s opponent when the election results were read, portrayed that they had already taken sides. Phillip Chartier- The US ambassador to Ivory Coast was at the Golf Hotel with the president of the Ivory Coast Electoral Commission- Youssouf Bakayoko. It is alleged that they took him there, but he (Chartier) said Bakayoko met him there. What was His Excellency doing there in the night as if partaking in the Dance of The Forest in Young Goodman Brown? The West has shown callously that they are supporting Quattara though the latter has been the father of the Ivorian rebellion. Coupled with Weakileaks cables and this crisis, Ivoirians will view Americans with a lot of suspicion.

The Ivorian crisis may be drawing another cold war terrain with most states who fear western machinations tilting towards Russia and China. One has seen the fondness of countries like Zimbabwe, Gambia, Angola, Congo, and many others doing more business with China than with the West. The crisis always will worry AFRICOM’s expansion more than it was before because there will be that fear that US military station there could be easily used to torpedo governments they do not like. It is certain that except if the West tones down its rhetoric, it will certainly lose Ivory Coast to Russia and China. The Africans think that the East wants to deal with them as partners while the West still wants to carry the master –servant relationship. One can see as Zimbabwe, Angola, Congo DR, Gambia have condemned the intervention of the West and UN, and some have promised help in one way or the other. Others like Ghana have rejected the use of force though they signed for the condemnation of Laurent Gbagbo. In this game of witchcraft called politics, one does not know who is bewitching who and who is eating with who.

Once Ivory Coast starts its currency, the rest of Francafrique will follow. After all, their western counterparts like Nigeria (Naira) and Ghana (Cedi) trade in their own currencies. Even little countries like Burma with their rupee have succeeded. The power of a currency depends on its demand and supply capability. With the natural resources of Ivory Coast if managed properly, their currency should be able to survive. Unlike many African presidents who have hundreds of bank accounts in foreign banks, Ivoirians may take solace to learn that Gbagbo does not have a foreign bank account. If all Ivoirians were to bank only in Ivory Coast, there will be a lot of fluidity for circulation and development because that will attract investors since economic growth and the potentiality to hoard profits attracts investors. Since Ivory Coast has international recognized products like oil, cocoa, diamonds, gold, iron and maganese, the buyers will have to buy the Ivorian (Monnaie Ivoirien de Resistance) MIR. Considering that they will be the master of their own currency, they can decide when to prop it up and when no to. Gbagbo having floated that idea of a currency has set the stage for the monetary and economic liberation of Ivory Coast from French francs and FrancAfrique. Even if he dies, the idea will not. Somehow people should be grateful for the crisis for everything works for the good of them that love the Lord.

Religiously, the freemason chief who does all the initiations is from France. That will soon change immediately as the people start dumping the leadership of France in FrancAfrique. Many countries and presidents are already their own Grand Lodge Master. Every lodge is supposed to elect their national grand master who in most cases is the president. He is confirmed and initiated by the international Grand master who is French. Most African presidents are in freemasons because they believe it helps them protect their power. The tumbling of FranceAfrique will cause paradigm shift because many have been viewing Freemason as the second arm of the French to control the powers of Africa. It is not different from the early western missionaries who came with a Bible in front and a sword behind to help their countries colonize Africa.

The stakes are high and the effects are residual. This election wind in Ivory has raised dust that will linger for a long time in Ivory Coast and the international community. A new order will be born and for once the domino effect will replicate itself again as was the time of independence. There is no turning back. The Ivoirian people are tied to a stake; they cannot fly but as the real elephants, they should fight for their destiny and the future of their progeny. This fight is not between Ivoirians but between the west and Ivory Coast; a nation seeking its independence from the quasi independence of August 7, 1960.

Until then, long live the Ivorian Revolution and long live Gbagbo!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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