Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Royal Beggars from the NorthWest in the USA.

Christmas and New Year are periods when love ones and acquaintances exchange gifts to show their gratitude of knowing the recipient of the gift. The gifts may vary in cash or kind. That is how the Northwest Council of Fons in the USA visited the ambassador and gave him a gift. There is nothing bad in giving a gift, but this time the gift was an abuse of culture and the prostitution of cultural titles. It is always baffling why those who live abroad always think that they can flatter with sly giveaways to obtain favor from home. The most shocking is the fact that the gift comes from a people who proclaim during the day that the Ambassador is a goldbrick, but they are here in secret giving him a title meant for notables. Can these runaway fons explain to the Cameroonian community why an ambassador who has not even proven himself is given a title-Shufai for meritorious service?

On Sunday, January 02, 2011, the NorthWest Council of Fons in the USA gave the ambassador Foe-Atangana Joseph- the ambassador of Cameroon to the USA the title of Shufai (a title given to notables and dignitaries of the fondom of Banso or Nkom). The following fons: Raymond kangson- fon of Kisu, fon Nganjou of Njiron and Ayen Bamikumbit and another notable called John Mbah of Babongo were the orchestrators. It is even alleged that some of them are impostors.

Considering that Shufai is a title given to individuals who have done great things in the village or community, one is forced to ask on what merits the ambassador was given this title. Aren’t these titles given anymore on merits? So why did the runaway Fons give this title to the ambassador.

I met a young man one day who told me that the ambassador has brought change in the embassy because when he went there, he gave him $100, and another told me that anytime you go there, you can see him. Some claim that the ambassador is attending cry-dies, born house, baby showers and he ushers people in during other functions.  I do not remember president Biya sending him here just so he attends born-house, cry-dies, baby showers and be an usher during functions. If he wanted to be an usher, he should have asked a priest or a pastor to confer the title on him. He was sent to offer diplomatic and consular services. The others are miscellaneous. Others say that when his subalterns trouble you a lot and you go to him, he renders you services. Why are those subordinates still there if they are giving the embassy a bad name? Some say that he is in every function. Isn’t that why all calls to their office always go to the voicemail perhaps because they are sleeping from being tired? These are those who gloat on nepotism and glorify corruption that has eaten the fabrics of the African society like cankerworms and palmerworms.

This ambassador owes the Cameroonian community an apology before anything because December of 2009, he was caught like a derelict and tramp fighting in the street with another Cameroonian who was marching against corruption in Cameroon. Listen: marching against corruption in Cameroon not even against the embassy.

Secondly, passports are still not renewed on time. I have tried to give him a benefit of doubt, but it would seem the cycle of nepotism must continue for survival. The embassy is always like the house of Usher where you only hear voices that frighten you. Until yesterday, I called the embassy again trying to renew my passport, but I have not been able to receive anyone on the line. I even put people on the line from Atlanta to hear for themselves and not even a fly buzzed. We have sat in my house several times and called the embassy for hours as we entertain ourselves and no one answered, and when they did, they left you waiting until you dropped.

It is probable that the ambassador has asked his workers to make things difficult for Cameroonians so that people come and see him and when he solves it, they build that personality cult for him. If he wants to do a good job, he must oversee the place to function properly; else, for any Cameroonian to obtain services from the embassy, he/she will have to come and see him personally. How many will he receive per day if every Cameroonian who needs services went in person?  

This act of the Northwest fons has added impetus of suspicion in the divide between the Northwest and Southwest as they think that the Northwest cannot be trusted. It reminds many southwesterners how Foncha was begging Ahidjo to rule the country again for eternity. Last time it was in Santa of Northwest province that the plea for president Biya to rule for life came about.

Therefore, I am calling on every Northwest person to dissociate themselves from that Northwest Council of Fons and the Title to the ambassador, and to request the withdrawal of that title immediately. If the council fails to act, they should be treated with total scorn in this community. If they are tired of being absentee fons, they should go and abdicate their thrones rather than stay here and prostitute such great cultural relic for nepotic goodies.

Until then, I hate flattery!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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