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Ivory Coast: a duly elected president in a holdup by international gansterism.

Does this change the results whether Gbagbo is a nationalist or not?

Côte d'Ivoire: L'Occident perd la bataille des coeurs
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Secondly, why did the UNO, AU, World Bank and European Union not attempt a forceful solution when there was an impasse in America in 2000 between Al Gore and George Bush?

Thirdly, was it anymore legal for Bakayoko to proclaim the election results?

Why doesn't the West speak of the atrocities of Quattara? The West and UN are always manipulatiing their people via the media.

I really care less about the man's alliances, but I care about the intervention of other countries into the politics of a sovereign state up to the point where their presidents are giving him a 48 hour ultimatum. Such total disregard for the rights of the Ivorian people is unacceptable. They go there to steal.

R.Dumas & J.Vergès, france-info, 05 01 2011
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Why did they not oversee the disarmament of the rebels in 2004

Please take the time and watch the videos on my blog on this article; however, if you do not have the time please watch this one. It is a musical, satirical and humorous video.

The standoff and impasse in Ivory Coast is not about a despot clinging unto power though defeated; it is about the quest for Ivorian oil and the continuity of neo colonialism by western powers. If the western powers were serious, they would have disarmed the rebels since. They would have acknowledged that the electoral conditions were unsafe and undemocratic in the stronghold of Quattara.

The case of Ivory Coast reenacts a situation in the Bible about two women fighting for one child (I Kings 3:17-27). The one who was not the mother said King Solomon should divide the child, but the one who had the child said she preferred the king to give the child than to divide it.

Now think about it, the elected president Gbagbo says that he is ready for a recount by international observers, but Quattara the prodigal turncoat of the West says that he wants only war and the head of his enemy on the platter of the World Bank. No woman who has the child will support the division of her baby, and no leader who likes his people will cherish spilling their blood just so he wins the presidency. Now you be the judge who truly won the presidency of Ivory Coast.

The International Body should for once in Africa do the right thing and leave the rightful elected President Laurent Gabgbo to rule in peace. His people want him. Gbagbo refuses to kowtow to Sarkozy and other westerners with Ivorian resources and all of a sudden, they are painting the caricature of a monster.

Until then, long live Ivory Coast and long live Gbagbo!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Notwithstanding, these again are the results which show fraud. Whether Gbagbo has been in power for zillion years is inconsequential.

(Translated version-French version below)

Anne-Marie Antoinette ASSY

Tel. 22 02 92 18/99 92 94 35

Hello all,

Attached is the file of the results of the first round of the presidential election. Here's the summary:

_ Registered: 5712348

_ Votes: 4,804,164

_ Turnout: 84.1%

_ Invalid ballots: 225,521

_ Votes counted: 4,569,258

_ Gbagbo: 1,738,889 or 38.06%

_ ADO: 1,473,970 or 32.26%

_ BEDIE: 1,142,814 or 25.01%

For Round 2, the CIS has announced a turnout of 70%, which means that the number of voters should be:

_ Number of voters = (5 712 348 * 70) / 100

= 3998643

IEC on FRANCE24 gave the following results:

_ Gbagbo: 2,107,055 45.9%

_ ADO: 2,483,164 or 54.1%

Or a vote cast by 2,107,055 + 2,483,164 = 4,590,219

The votes cast 4,590,219 which is normally lower than the number of voters (because of invalid ballots) is:

= (Votes cast * 100) / Number of registered voters

= (4590 219 * 100) / 5 712 348

= 80.35%.


_ The percentage of votes cast (80.35%) is higher than the overall participation rate announced (70%). If one were to count the ballot invalid, we would have a higher percentage and higher than the first round. FRAUD

_ On the basis of votes cast, we have a surplus of votes in the order of:

= Votes cast - (* Number of registered Turnout)

= 4,590,219 - (5,712,348 * 70%)

= 4,590,219 - 3,998,643

= 591,576 extra votes. Where are they? FRAUD

_ Always based on votes cast: 4,590,219

1st Round Gbagbo: 1738889

1st Round ADO: 1473970

Based on the fact that all the voters of ADO and Gbagbo who voted in the first round, did the same in the 2nd, remains doubtful. Nonetheless, it should be:

Votes cast - (1st Round Gbagbo +1st Round ADO)

= 4,590,219 - (1,738,889 + 1,473,970)

= 4,590,219 - 3,212,859

= 1377360.

This number exceeds the number of votes BEDIE and all other candidates in the 1st Round (1356399). Knowing that there have been impediments to voting, people who abstained and others who were traveling, we should have a much lower number. FRAUD.

Thank you for circulating this message so that everyone can be aware of the electoral hold-up orchestrated by the enemies of the Ivory Coast who do not want to see her growth. Do not give in to provocations, remain focused, calm and let the force of argument prevail because we're smart. Côte d'Ivoire is their last stop, their "BORI BANA. Never again in Africa, it must be respected.
Enjoy you reading!

ASSEMBE Anne-Marie Antoinette
Tél. 22 02 92 18/99 92 94 35

Salut à tous,

Ci-joint le fichier des résultats du 1er tour de l'élection présidentielle. Voici le récapitulatif:

_ Inscrits: 5 712 348

_ Votants: 4 804 164

_ Taux de participation: 84,1%

_ Bulletins nuls: 225 521

_ suffrage exprimé: 4 569 258

_ GBAGBO: 1 738 889 soit 38,06%

_ ADO: 1 473 970 soit 32,26%

_ BEDIE: 1 142 814 soit 25,01%

Pour le 2nd Tour, la CEI a annoncé un taux de participation de 70%, ce qui signifie que le nombre de votants devrait être de:

_ Nombre de votant = (5 712 348 * 70) / 100

= 3 998 643

La CEI sur FRANCE24 a donné les résultats suivants:

_ GBAGBO: 2 107 055 soit 45,9%

_ ADO: 2 483 164 soit 54,1%

Soit un suffrage exprimé de 2 107 055 + 2 483 164 = 4 590 219

Le suffrage exprimé 4 590 219 qui est normalement inférieur au nombre de votants (à cause des bulletins nuls) représente:

= (Suffrage exprimé * 100) / Nbre d'inscrits

= (4590 219 * 100) / 5 712 348

= 80,35%.


_ Le pourcentage des suffrages exprimés (80,35%) est supérieur au taux de participation général annoncé (70%). Si l'on devait comptabiliser les bulletin nuls, on aurait un pourcentage plus élevé et supérieur à celui du 1er tour. FRAUDE

_ Sur la base du suffrage exprimé, nous avons un surplus de voix de l'ordre de:

= Suffrage exprimé - (Nbre d'inscrits * Taux de participation)

= 4 590 219 - (5 712 348 * 70%)

= 4 590 219 - 3 998 643

= 591 576 voix supplémentaires. D'où viennent- elles? FRAUDE

_ Toujours en se basant sur le suffrage exprimé: 4 590 219

1er Tour GBAGBO: 1 738 889

1er Tour ADO: 1 473 970

En se basant sur le fait que tous les militants de GBAGBO et ADO qui ont voté au 1er tour, en ont fait de même au 2ieme, il devrait rester comme voix à se disputer:

Suffrage exprimé - (1er Tour GBAGBO + 1er Tour ADO)

= 4 590 219 - (1 738 889 + 1 473 970)

= 4 590 219 - 3 212 859

= 1 377 360. Ce nombre est supérieur au nombre de voix de BEDIE et de tous les autres candidats au 1er Tour (1 356 399). Quand on sait qu'il ya eu des empêchements de votes, des personnes qui se sont abstenues et d'autres qui étaient en voyage, on devrait avoir un nombre beaucoup plus bas. FRAUDE.

Merci de faire circuler ce message afin que tout le monde puisse se rendre compte du holdup électoral orchestré par les ennemis de la Côte D'Ivoire qui ne veulent pas la voir émerger. Ne cédons pas aux provocations, restons mobilisés, séreins et faisons prévaloir la force des arguments parce que nous sommes intelligents. la Côte D'Ivoire est leur terminus, leur "BORI BANA". Plus jamais ça en Afrique, on doit se faire respecter.
Bonne réception

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