Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paul Biya and Chantal Biya Are Happy Because You Are Suffering. They Must Go!

Biya has been too long in power. Biya has been in power for roughly 36 years if we add his time as a prime minister. He became prime minister in 1975 and president from 1982 hitherto. So he has been president for 29 years. Cameroon is not a monarchy and is not a hereditary position. What type of democracy is this that one person stays in power for 28 years? If he was doing any good job one would understand, but this president t has been one of the worst in the world as a whole and Africa in particular. Perhaps it behooves you to know why he must go.

During his tenure, the currency has been devalued at least twice. This caused capital flight because many investors lost confidence in the economy and took out their money. The economy became good for nothing. We saw the collapse of many parastatals in a row.

When Biya came to power by 1982, there were already 219 parastatals. Can anyone tell us how many are left? With the discovery of Petroleum deposits other sectors like agriculture, fishing and forestry were abandoned. Though we had petroleum, but oil became our main export as from 1980. Cameroon is the fifth oil producer of sub Sahara Africa producing about 100,000 barrels a day in 1999 . Best cocoa and Arabic cocoa beans come from Cameroon, yet we don’t have anything to show for. Farmers are losing money, and most NGOs which are supported are mainly Beti. Many farmers complain of high cost of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides; consequently, the production of cash crops had dropped.

The failure of the economy brought with it brain drain because the brightest of the country had to go out for greener pastures. Cameroon is second as the African country whose immigrants in the US have a bachelor degree or higher . It should be noted that before Biya came to power, Cameron was the most literate African country, and it was the African country with the least citizens immigrating out of the country for greener pastures. The lack of professionals means that we cannot have manufacturing industries for lack of human resources. If visas were mere papers then ¾ of Cameroonians would have left the country except for the ¼ that is pillaging the country.

During Paul and Chantal Biya's presidency, the Gross Domestic Product Tax revenue-(GDP) has instead dropped drastically from 25.5 % to 12.5 % due to corruption. As of December 31, 2010, Cameroon owes $3, 344,000000 . Can anyone explain how we got this debt? Why is the government increasing prices and over taxing perishable goods but decreasing and undertaxing nonperishable ones? When the prices of perishable goods are raised, they directly affect the common man who faces the situation of daily survival. No wonder every business baron in Cameroon is now in the CPDM to benefit from Tax breaks. You can bring as many cars as you like and all the gadgets as you want, but if the people do not have money to eat and buy petrol to put into those cars, your imports will be a waste

The standard of living has fallen lower than even the 60s, and the death rate has skyrocketed due to diseases. Four people out of ten live below the poverty line (Transparency international 2007). Under Biya, retirees have not been able to claim their benefits. Consumer debt has skyrocketed, and we are one of the most indebted countries in the whole world. The more we borrow, the poorer we become because you can never become rich by spending more than your income. We are more an import country than an export country. How do you improve your economy when everything you use in your country is being imported?

In every failed economy, corruption and nepotism are usually the lynchpins and for get-rich-quick civil servants. Corruption has been the daily means of survival of most Cameroonians. No service is rendered in Cameroon in any public office without money, sex or kind gratuity extorted from the recipient of services. Whoever wants any service must pay which women have been able to easily pay with the ambrosia between their legs. The government of Biya that ran on the platform of “Rigor and Moralization” has survived on rogue immoralisation under another Machiavellic platform called Operation Sparrow Hawk.

Through Sparrow Hawk, the president eliminated dissention within and without his own party and amended the constitution to suit his whims and caprices of an eternal monarch in Cameroon. Consequently, without the rule of law, the dependent judiciary has been able to put most of his potential enemies behind bars with trumped up and frivolous convictions.

Cameroon under Biya has been like a jungle with no rule of law. The law has been tailored specifically to favor his myrmidons and aficionados. That is why Titus Edzoa is still in jail. That is why Lapiro de Mbanga and the mayor of Njombe are in jail. It is the same witch-hunt with that pretext of Operation Sparrow Hawk that is pursuing those who oppose overtly or covertly his reign and kingdom.

Under King Biya, Cameroon has not been accountable to anyone. Instead he has used the brutal CENER to repress those who request for accountability. Some of the casualties have been journalists like Bibi Ngota and the many who have fled abroad and filed asylum. During student protests, university students were shot with live bullets; some execution style. Women and children were teargased.  More than 200 people lost their lives. Opposition leaders like Mboa Massock were arrested and jailed. Biya has one of the worst transparency and an abysmal human rights record. Certainly many Cameroonians know by now that there is no freedom of speech and association for most of the local dissenting voices have been caged in jail with the pretext of Operation Sparrow Hawk.

The government has never explained to the people why it is doing what it is doing for there has not been any dialogue. Biya’s government has never been accountable because it is has never genuinely won an election. With the help of FrancAfrique and the western governments, Biya has been able to exchange Cameroon’s resources for an eternal stay in power. Hear me well: Paul Biya has never won a transparent election in Cameroon. How can he explain to the people who never voted him in the first place what he is doing? Under Biya, the principle of lumping the branches of government as under his predecessor continued. There is lack of a representative government. Where the opposition won the council, the government appointed delegates who did everything to hinder them from working and improving the lives of the people.

This government has not got a vision; thus, it is worthless to entrust it with another seven year term. The standard of living has dropped with no major roads in the South West Province. Biya has failed creating a proper integration structure and setting for all Cameroonians as many Anglophones are still called Biafra in the French speaking Cameroon. Most government documents are in French and the civil servants are not bilingual which defeats the purpose of our bilingualism. Biya has decided to make the Anglophone provinces especially the South West province an enclave with no way out especially during the raining season. Like Sisyphus, they live in the paradise of oil but dying of lack. There are still places in Cameroon whose kids will die without ever touching a car; talk less of driving it. Unemployment is more than 14% in Cameroon. The youths are like a sacrificed generation with no hope of the future. Their graduation from the university is a Laissez Passé to roam the street in joblessness. In the absence of employment, most have become flaneurs who waste hours in front of the computer trying to con their overseas preys. This lack of responsibility in the youths explains that of the government. This government of Biya has abandoned the youth like orphans.

As a result, many of these young people have migrated to foreign lands where they filed for asylum. While abroad, the country has not done anything to integrate or at least cooperate with them. The Cameroon Diaspora is like a valetudinarian seeking to identify itself with the negligent government for handouts. There is total lack of Responsiveness and Inability to cooperate with the Diaspora.

Now is the time for Cameroonians to take their destiny into their own hands. The whirlwind and whirlpool of change are blowing everywhere; whosoever resist will be carried or forced to flee into self exile. But the people must do something. Let Ivory coast, Tunisia, Egypt and Gabon motivate the Cameroonians, Burkinabes, Malians, and many others who need change to take hold of their destiny. In a time like this, no one should sleep and wait for a Deuse ex machina. There is no better time than this.

Until then, Biya must go!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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