Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ms. Haislmaier: The Woman Who Always Date The Wrong Guys.

She was popularly known as Ms Haislmaier. She came from a rich and respectable family, but in that family, her household was the only poor one because her father chose to be a teacher and her mother a school mistress. However, they had what the other family members did not have. They grew up as a closely knitted family with her parents and siblings that if one of them was late or absent, the rest did not eat; they waited for the latecomer or absentee to come.

Ms Haislmaier was a very very beautiful girl, but she did not believe it. Like most women today, she struggled with her self-esteem. She gave herself easily to men who did not love her just so she could win their love. She was taught in Sunday School that for her to fall in love with a man, he should show that he is ready to sacrifice his life for her, for that is the way the bible says a man should love his wife and be ready to die for her. If such commitment was not forthcoming, she should not get involve because purchased or begged love cannot withstand trials and time.

No one can explain why she wanted to live like Mrs. Tannenholz or die like Mrs. Eggebraaten who got married to men they always tried to please and force to love them. The men cheated on them and finally dumped them at a time they needed them most. Mrs. Eggerbraaten’s case was even worst because she had cancer when the husband dumped her. For Tannenholz, her husband felt she was too old for him; he ran around with younger women, so she too divorced him.

No one knows why she always wanted to live too like Ms. Igirigiachusim-a neighbor who always fell in love with crazy boys. Today Ms. Igirigiachusim drinks her past like gall as she regrets the insatiable gullibility with which she drank the fairytales on fairylands her men promised her.

For one reason or the other, she was always fascinated with bad and irresponsible boys because they were fun to her. She hated men who were religious or worst still, too religious; meanwhile, those were the people with firm and secure commitments. If her brother wanted to irritate her, he sang her a song, “why do beautiful girls like crazy boys”. You smile; don’t you? She always told him that she knew what she was doing. She had a child with a man who was more a sperm donor than a lover, for immediately she got pregnant, the man ran away. Her family had to pick the pieces of her broken pots and raised her child to avert the opprobrium of the community.

Whether by curse or asininity, she always ran after men who did not love her. Her love experiments did not last long, though they were garnished with coitus. In January 2001, a man carried her on his way to Pendleton as courtesy of his friend. She was going to see a man who did not love her. She told the driver that she had 2 boyfriends and was confused which one to keep. After she told him about their backgrounds and how they treated her, the driver told her to keep none.

The one she left in Lewiston had not called her despite knowing that she was traveling under bad weather. The driver intimated that it shows lack of concern and care from the men she was rolling in the hay with. The one she was going to see knew that she was coming, but he too had not called her since she traveled to Lewiston, though he too knew that she was traveling back to see him with bad weather. She always rationalized in defense of the men.

They decided to give them a test each. The driver asked her to call the first and tell him that she felt like she was pregnant and will be coming back to live with him. He told her that he was busy and will call her back. She waited but not even a fly buzzed, so she tried to call him again. All her attempts felt on his familiar voicemail. The driver called with his number and behold, he picked. So the driver was right to say men want sex, but they do not want the responsibilities that come with it. Do you want to know what happened with the second?

Needless to say that he gave her the wrong address to their house because he always wanted to meet her in that hotel or in her own house. The driver then used his wisdom to save her from being stranded. He told her to tell him that she has bought him some Christmas gifts and needed to give them to him. That is when he gave them the right address. Men nowadays always want to take from women; they want sex with no commitment.

In 2008, she fell in love again with a man she loved but who did not love her and spent his whole life cheating with other women. He flaunted cocottes before her, and she had heart attack and died days after. Whose fault was it that she could not find a loving and caring man who could make her his pearl?

Until then, may her soul find in heaven the love she missed on earth.


“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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