Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paul Biya and Chantal Biya Are Happy Because You Are Suffering. They Must Go!

Biya has been too long in power. Biya has been in power for roughly 36 years if we add his time as a prime minister. He became prime minister in 1975 and president from 1982 hitherto. So he has been president for 29 years. Cameroon is not a monarchy and is not a hereditary position. What type of democracy is this that one person stays in power for 28 years? If he was doing any good job one would understand, but this president t has been one of the worst in the world as a whole and Africa in particular. Perhaps it behooves you to know why he must go.

During his tenure, the currency has been devalued at least twice. This caused capital flight because many investors lost confidence in the economy and took out their money. The economy became good for nothing. We saw the collapse of many parastatals in a row.

When Biya came to power by 1982, there were already 219 parastatals. Can anyone tell us how many are left? With the discovery of Petroleum deposits other sectors like agriculture, fishing and forestry were abandoned. Though we had petroleum, but oil became our main export as from 1980. Cameroon is the fifth oil producer of sub Sahara Africa producing about 100,000 barrels a day in 1999 . Best cocoa and Arabic cocoa beans come from Cameroon, yet we don’t have anything to show for. Farmers are losing money, and most NGOs which are supported are mainly Beti. Many farmers complain of high cost of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides; consequently, the production of cash crops had dropped.

The failure of the economy brought with it brain drain because the brightest of the country had to go out for greener pastures. Cameroon is second as the African country whose immigrants in the US have a bachelor degree or higher . It should be noted that before Biya came to power, Cameron was the most literate African country, and it was the African country with the least citizens immigrating out of the country for greener pastures. The lack of professionals means that we cannot have manufacturing industries for lack of human resources. If visas were mere papers then ¾ of Cameroonians would have left the country except for the ¼ that is pillaging the country.

During Paul and Chantal Biya's presidency, the Gross Domestic Product Tax revenue-(GDP) has instead dropped drastically from 25.5 % to 12.5 % due to corruption. As of December 31, 2010, Cameroon owes $3, 344,000000 . Can anyone explain how we got this debt? Why is the government increasing prices and over taxing perishable goods but decreasing and undertaxing nonperishable ones? When the prices of perishable goods are raised, they directly affect the common man who faces the situation of daily survival. No wonder every business baron in Cameroon is now in the CPDM to benefit from Tax breaks. You can bring as many cars as you like and all the gadgets as you want, but if the people do not have money to eat and buy petrol to put into those cars, your imports will be a waste

The standard of living has fallen lower than even the 60s, and the death rate has skyrocketed due to diseases. Four people out of ten live below the poverty line (Transparency international 2007). Under Biya, retirees have not been able to claim their benefits. Consumer debt has skyrocketed, and we are one of the most indebted countries in the whole world. The more we borrow, the poorer we become because you can never become rich by spending more than your income. We are more an import country than an export country. How do you improve your economy when everything you use in your country is being imported?

In every failed economy, corruption and nepotism are usually the lynchpins and for get-rich-quick civil servants. Corruption has been the daily means of survival of most Cameroonians. No service is rendered in Cameroon in any public office without money, sex or kind gratuity extorted from the recipient of services. Whoever wants any service must pay which women have been able to easily pay with the ambrosia between their legs. The government of Biya that ran on the platform of “Rigor and Moralization” has survived on rogue immoralisation under another Machiavellic platform called Operation Sparrow Hawk.

Through Sparrow Hawk, the president eliminated dissention within and without his own party and amended the constitution to suit his whims and caprices of an eternal monarch in Cameroon. Consequently, without the rule of law, the dependent judiciary has been able to put most of his potential enemies behind bars with trumped up and frivolous convictions.

Cameroon under Biya has been like a jungle with no rule of law. The law has been tailored specifically to favor his myrmidons and aficionados. That is why Titus Edzoa is still in jail. That is why Lapiro de Mbanga and the mayor of Njombe are in jail. It is the same witch-hunt with that pretext of Operation Sparrow Hawk that is pursuing those who oppose overtly or covertly his reign and kingdom.

Under King Biya, Cameroon has not been accountable to anyone. Instead he has used the brutal CENER to repress those who request for accountability. Some of the casualties have been journalists like Bibi Ngota and the many who have fled abroad and filed asylum. During student protests, university students were shot with live bullets; some execution style. Women and children were teargased.  More than 200 people lost their lives. Opposition leaders like Mboa Massock were arrested and jailed. Biya has one of the worst transparency and an abysmal human rights record. Certainly many Cameroonians know by now that there is no freedom of speech and association for most of the local dissenting voices have been caged in jail with the pretext of Operation Sparrow Hawk.

The government has never explained to the people why it is doing what it is doing for there has not been any dialogue. Biya’s government has never been accountable because it is has never genuinely won an election. With the help of FrancAfrique and the western governments, Biya has been able to exchange Cameroon’s resources for an eternal stay in power. Hear me well: Paul Biya has never won a transparent election in Cameroon. How can he explain to the people who never voted him in the first place what he is doing? Under Biya, the principle of lumping the branches of government as under his predecessor continued. There is lack of a representative government. Where the opposition won the council, the government appointed delegates who did everything to hinder them from working and improving the lives of the people.

This government has not got a vision; thus, it is worthless to entrust it with another seven year term. The standard of living has dropped with no major roads in the South West Province. Biya has failed creating a proper integration structure and setting for all Cameroonians as many Anglophones are still called Biafra in the French speaking Cameroon. Most government documents are in French and the civil servants are not bilingual which defeats the purpose of our bilingualism. Biya has decided to make the Anglophone provinces especially the South West province an enclave with no way out especially during the raining season. Like Sisyphus, they live in the paradise of oil but dying of lack. There are still places in Cameroon whose kids will die without ever touching a car; talk less of driving it. Unemployment is more than 14% in Cameroon. The youths are like a sacrificed generation with no hope of the future. Their graduation from the university is a Laissez Passé to roam the street in joblessness. In the absence of employment, most have become flaneurs who waste hours in front of the computer trying to con their overseas preys. This lack of responsibility in the youths explains that of the government. This government of Biya has abandoned the youth like orphans.

As a result, many of these young people have migrated to foreign lands where they filed for asylum. While abroad, the country has not done anything to integrate or at least cooperate with them. The Cameroon Diaspora is like a valetudinarian seeking to identify itself with the negligent government for handouts. There is total lack of Responsiveness and Inability to cooperate with the Diaspora.

Now is the time for Cameroonians to take their destiny into their own hands. The whirlwind and whirlpool of change are blowing everywhere; whosoever resist will be carried or forced to flee into self exile. But the people must do something. Let Ivory coast, Tunisia, Egypt and Gabon motivate the Cameroonians, Burkinabes, Malians, and many others who need change to take hold of their destiny. In a time like this, no one should sleep and wait for a Deuse ex machina. There is no better time than this.

Until then, Biya must go!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Les Ramifications De La Crise Ivoirien

Tuez cet homme et vous tuez un martyr et un innocent!


Les Ramifications De La Crise Ivoirien

Cette impasse électorale n'est pas parce que Gbagbo a refusé de quitter le pouvoir parce qu'il a perdu; il n'a pas été vaincu. Il s'agit des puissances occidentales qui agissent comme des myrmidons à la France qui considère la Françafrique ses plantations où il change les directeurs généraux à sa volonté. C'est sur le pétrole d'ivoiriens et les ressources que les pays occidentaux s’en bousculent. Personne ne peut expliquer pourquoi l'Occident rejette ou ignore le Rapport Mbeki qui a proposé un nouveau dépouillement. L'Occident joue au sourd-muet avec le conseil de gens comme Jerry Rawlings qui a suggéré que le rapport Mbeki soit pris en considération et mises en œuvre. On voudrait savoir pourquoi l'Occident et Quattara résistent à un nouveau contage par les observateurs internationaux. L’on question l’appétit insatiable de Quattara pour la guerre comme il veut la guerre plutôt que de négociations. Il reconstitue le mélodrame du Roi Salomon dans laquelle deux femmes luttent pour un enfant et ceci montre qui aime mieux La Côte-d'Ivoire. Quoi qu'il arrive en Côte-d’Ivoire aurait des répercussions locales et internationales qui vont modifier le statu quo grandement. Les voisins de la Côte-d’Ivoire seront dans la méfiance les uns les autres, la Chine et la Russie gagnera plus de confiance, la Françafrique ne sera plus la même si elle survivra même, et il y aura une renaissance de la direction du franc-maçon.

La division ethnique est si forte. La Baule sont un sous-groupe au sein du groupe linguistique Akan qui habitent Ghana et Côte-d'Ivoire et sont a la majorité. Cela peut expliquer pourquoi les Ghanéens ont beaucoup de réticences à utiliser une force militaire qui sera pour tuer leurs propres familles élargies pas cause de l'endogamie. Les Akan soutient généralement Gbagbo. L'instabilité en Côte-d'Ivoire signifie que les frontières du Ghana regorgeront de réfugiés. Être une économie en croissance, les Ghanéens parmi tous les pays africains ont plus à perdre si la guerre éclate en Côte-d'Ivoire. Si ADO est donnée la présidence par la force, il peut effectivement trouver qu'il est difficile de gouverner parce qu'une rébellion peut printemps en provenance du Ghana, où le gouvernement ghanéen sera réticent à écraser facilement de peur, qu’il perd ses propres élections au Ghana.

L'ONU a été invitée pour servir de gardiens de la paix et aider à étancher les combats entre les rebelles Quattara dans le nord et les loyalistes du pays dans le sud. Le chef de l'ONU Chois’est allié a Quattara le pion de l'Occident. Plusieurs pays auront à cœur comme ils regardent l'histoire s’écrite. De nombreux pays seront réticents à inviter les Nations Unies dans leur pays, même pour un maintien de la paix ou pour des raisons humanitaires. En outre, l'ONU sera considérée comme garçon de courses de l'Occident. Le fait que le chef de l'ONU, l'ambassadeur des États-Unis et con compatriote français en Côte-d'Ivoire ont été au siège de l l'adversaire de Gbagbo lorsque les résultats des élections ont été lus, dépeint qu'ils avaient déjà pris parti. Phillip Chartier-l'ambassadeur américain en Côte-d'Ivoire a été à l'Hôtel de golf avec le président de la Commission élections de la Côte-d'Ivoire Bakayoko Youssouf. Il est allégué que ils l'ont emmené là-bas, mais lui (Chartier) dit que Bakayoko l'ai rencontré là-bas. Que est-ce que Son Excellence faisait là bas dans la nuit comme si il participait à la danse de la forêt dans Young Goodman Brown? L'Occident a montré sans pitié qu'ils soutiennent Quattara malgré que ce dernier a été le père de la rébellion ivoirienne. Couplé avec des câbles de Weakileaks et cette crise, les Ivoiriens verront les Américains avec beaucoup de suspicion.

La crise ivoirienne peut attirer un autre terrain de la guerre froide avec la plupart des Etats qui craindront les machinations de L’Occident se basculement vers la Russie et la Chine. On a vu l'attachement des pays comme le Zimbabwe, la Gambie, l'Angola, le Congo, et beaucoup d'autres qui font plus d'affaires avec la Chine qu'avec l'Occident. Cette crise apportera plus inquiétudes sur l’expansion d’AFRICOM plus ce qu'elle était avant, car il n'y aura une crainte que les Etats-Unis utilisera son poste militaire pour facilement torpiller les gouvernements qu'ils n'aiment pas. Il est certain que, sauf si l’Occident baise sa rhétorique, il va certainement perdre La Côte-d'Ivoire à la Russie et la Chine. Les Africains pensent que le Orient veut traiter avec eux en tant que partenaires tandis que l'Occident veut toujours porter la relation maître-serviteur. On peut voir que le Zimbabwe, l'Angola, RD Congo, Gambie, ont condamné l'intervention de l'Occident et l'ONU, et certains ont promis de les aider d'une manière ou l'autre. D'autres comme le Ghana ont rejeté l'usage de la force malgré qu’ils aient signé pour la condamnation verbale de Laurent Gbagbo. Dans cette sorcellerie la politique, ne sait qui tue qui et envoûte qui.

Une fois que Côte-d'Ivoire commencera sa monnaie, le reste de la Françafrique suivra. Après tout, leurs homologues de l'Ouest comme le Nigeria (naira) et le Ghana (Cedi) ont commencé leur propre monnaie. Même les petits pays comme la Birmanie avec leur roupie ont réussi. La puissance d'une monnaie dépend de sa capacité demande et l’achat. Avec les ressources naturelles de la Côte-d'Ivoire s'ils les gèrent bien, leur monnaie devrait être en mesure de survivre. Contrairement à de nombreux présidents africains qui ont des centaines de comptes bancaires dans des banques étrangères, les Ivoiriens peuvent se consoler d'apprendre que Gbagbo n'a pas un compte bancaire étranger. Si tous les Ivoiriens banquent en Côte-d'Ivoire, il y aura beaucoup de fluidité à la circulation et le développement parce que cela va attirer les investisseurs, car la croissance économique et la potentialité de bénéfices attirent les investisseurs. Comme la Côte-d'Ivoire a des produits comme le pétrole, le cacao, diamants, or, fer et manganèse cherché internationalement, les acheteurs devront bâbord acheté le MIR l'Ivoirien (Monnaie ivoirien de la Résistance) pour faire le business. Considérant qu’ils seront les maîtres de leur propre monnaie, ils peuvent décider comment le gérer. Gbagbo ayant flotté cette idée d'une monnaie a ouvert la voie pour la libération économique et monétaire de la Côte-d'Ivoire de francs français et la Françafrique. Même s'il meurt, l'idée ne sera pas. D'une certaine manière les gens devraient être reconnaissants de cette crise car toutes choses conçurent au bien de ceux qui aiment le Seigneur.

Religieusement, le chef franc-maçon qui fait tout les initiations est de la France. Cela va bientôt changer immédiatement que les gens commenceront a remplacer le leadership de la France dans la Françafrique. De nombreux pays et les présidents sont déjà leurs propres Grand Lodge Master. Chaque Lodge est censé élire leurs directeurs nationaux qui, en grande majorité des cas est le président. Il est confirmé et lancés par le maître international Grand qui est le français. La plupart des présidents africains sont francs-maçons parce qu'ils croient que cela les aide à protéger leur pouvoir. Le chute de FranceAfrique changera le paradigme, car beaucoup des africains pensent que la franc-maçon est comme le second bras des Français pour contrôler les présidents Africains. Il n'est pas différent de premiers missionnaires de l'Ouest qui étaient venus avec une Bible devant et une épée en derrière le dos pour aider leur pays à coloniser l'Afrique.

Les enjeux sont élevés et les effets sont résiduels. Ce vent élection de la Côte-d'Ivoire a soulevé de la poussière qui persistera fort longtemps en Côte-d'Ivoire et la communauté internationale. Un nouvel ordre va naître et pour une fois, l'effet domino va se reproduire à nouveau comme ce fut le moment de l'indépendance. Il n'y a pas de retour en arrière. Le peuple ivoirien est attaché à un poteau, ils ne peuvent pas voler, mais comme les vrais éléphants, ils doivent se battre pour leur destin et l'avenir de leur progéniture. Cette lutte n'est pas entre les Ivoiriens, mais entre l'Ouest et la Côte-d'Ivoire, un pays qui cherche son vraie indépendance de de la quasi l'indépendance du 7 août 1960.
Jusque-là, vive la Révolution ivoirien et vive Gbagbo!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

The Ramifications of the Ivoirian Crisis.

Kill Gbagbo, and you carry the blood of a martyr and innocent man.

This electoral impasse is not about Gbagbo refusing to leave power because he was defeated; he was not defeated. It is about the western powers acting as myrmidons to France who considers FrancAfrique its plantations where it changes the general managers at her volition. This is about Ivoirian oil and resources that the western countries are scrambling for. No one can explain why the West rejects or ignored the Mbeki Report that proposed a recount. The West is playing deaf and dumb with the counsel of people like Jerry Rawlings who advised that the Mbeki report be taken into consideration and implemented. One would want to question why the West and Quattara are resisting a recount by international observers. One would question Quattara’s insatiable appetite for war as he wants war rather than negotiations. It reenacts King Solomon's melodrama with two women fighting for one child and shows who loves Ivory Coast more. Whatever happens in Ivory Coast would have local and international ramifications that will alter the status-quo greatly. The neighbors of Ivory will be looking at each other with suspicions, China and Russia will gain more trust, FrancAfrique will no more be the same ( if it will survive at all), and there will be a renaissance to the freemason leadership.

The ethnic divide is so strong. The Baule are a subgroup within The Akan linguistic cluster group that inhabit both Ghana and Ivory Coast as the majority. This can explain why the Ghanaians have a lot of reservations in using a military force that will be killing their own extended families which is entrenched through endogamy. The Akan generally support Gbagbo. Instability in Ivory Coast means that the borders of Ghana will overflow with refugees. Being a growing economy, the Ghanaians amongst all the African countries have more to lose if war breaks out in Ivory Coast. If ADO is given the presidency by force, he may actually find it difficult to govern because a rebellion may spring from Ghana where the Ghanaian government may be reluctant to crush easily for fear it loses its own elections at home.

The UNO was brought in to serve as peace keepers and help quench the infighting between Quattara rebels in the north and the country’s loyalists in the south. The UN chief Choi allied instead with Quattara, the western turncoat. Too many countries will take that to heart as they watch history written. Many countries will be reluctant to invite the UN into their countries even for a peacekeeping or humanitarian reason. In addition, the UN will be looked upon as an errand boy of the West. The fact that the UNO Chief, the US ambassador and French Ambassadors to Ivory Coast were in the headquarters of Gbagbo;s opponent when the election results were read, portrayed that they had already taken sides. Phillip Chartier- The US ambassador to Ivory Coast was at the Golf Hotel with the president of the Ivory Coast Electoral Commission- Youssouf Bakayoko. It is alleged that they took him there, but he (Chartier) said Bakayoko met him there. What was His Excellency doing there in the night as if partaking in the Dance of The Forest in Young Goodman Brown? The West has shown callously that they are supporting Quattara though the latter has been the father of the Ivorian rebellion. Coupled with Weakileaks cables and this crisis, Ivoirians will view Americans with a lot of suspicion.

The Ivorian crisis may be drawing another cold war terrain with most states who fear western machinations tilting towards Russia and China. One has seen the fondness of countries like Zimbabwe, Gambia, Angola, Congo, and many others doing more business with China than with the West. The crisis always will worry AFRICOM’s expansion more than it was before because there will be that fear that US military station there could be easily used to torpedo governments they do not like. It is certain that except if the West tones down its rhetoric, it will certainly lose Ivory Coast to Russia and China. The Africans think that the East wants to deal with them as partners while the West still wants to carry the master –servant relationship. One can see as Zimbabwe, Angola, Congo DR, Gambia have condemned the intervention of the West and UN, and some have promised help in one way or the other. Others like Ghana have rejected the use of force though they signed for the condemnation of Laurent Gbagbo. In this game of witchcraft called politics, one does not know who is bewitching who and who is eating with who.

Once Ivory Coast starts its currency, the rest of Francafrique will follow. After all, their western counterparts like Nigeria (Naira) and Ghana (Cedi) trade in their own currencies. Even little countries like Burma with their rupee have succeeded. The power of a currency depends on its demand and supply capability. With the natural resources of Ivory Coast if managed properly, their currency should be able to survive. Unlike many African presidents who have hundreds of bank accounts in foreign banks, Ivoirians may take solace to learn that Gbagbo does not have a foreign bank account. If all Ivoirians were to bank only in Ivory Coast, there will be a lot of fluidity for circulation and development because that will attract investors since economic growth and the potentiality to hoard profits attracts investors. Since Ivory Coast has international recognized products like oil, cocoa, diamonds, gold, iron and maganese, the buyers will have to buy the Ivorian (Monnaie Ivoirien de Resistance) MIR. Considering that they will be the master of their own currency, they can decide when to prop it up and when no to. Gbagbo having floated that idea of a currency has set the stage for the monetary and economic liberation of Ivory Coast from French francs and FrancAfrique. Even if he dies, the idea will not. Somehow people should be grateful for the crisis for everything works for the good of them that love the Lord.

Religiously, the freemason chief who does all the initiations is from France. That will soon change immediately as the people start dumping the leadership of France in FrancAfrique. Many countries and presidents are already their own Grand Lodge Master. Every lodge is supposed to elect their national grand master who in most cases is the president. He is confirmed and initiated by the international Grand master who is French. Most African presidents are in freemasons because they believe it helps them protect their power. The tumbling of FranceAfrique will cause paradigm shift because many have been viewing Freemason as the second arm of the French to control the powers of Africa. It is not different from the early western missionaries who came with a Bible in front and a sword behind to help their countries colonize Africa.

The stakes are high and the effects are residual. This election wind in Ivory has raised dust that will linger for a long time in Ivory Coast and the international community. A new order will be born and for once the domino effect will replicate itself again as was the time of independence. There is no turning back. The Ivoirian people are tied to a stake; they cannot fly but as the real elephants, they should fight for their destiny and the future of their progeny. This fight is not between Ivoirians but between the west and Ivory Coast; a nation seeking its independence from the quasi independence of August 7, 1960.

Until then, long live the Ivorian Revolution and long live Gbagbo!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Inspirational Testimony of Chuck Smith

This video link was given to me by a friend: Erik Erstfeld from Germany. Since he gave it to me, I have listened to it thrice. If you grew up a Christian and have had time to read the Bible for yourself, then you will agree with the testimony of Pastor Chuck Smith of the Calvary Chapel. If you have read it and are wondering why the church is nowadays a tinkling cymbal, you will have to listen to the testimony. The testimony challenges your faith, demystifies the myth that one must know their partner for years before they marry, and it also shows you the failure of the church with institutionalized religion and denominational attachments. That is because it is “Not by might, nor by power but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.”

I know the God we serve is not only for Elijah, Peter or Paul to raise up the dead because as a young Christian, my niece was brought back to life, and that made my family to surrender their lives to Jesus.

Nowadays, there are many who believe that they must know someone for years before they marry them. Chuck Smith had 6 weeks of courtship and engagement before they got married; meanwhile, they had never known each other before. We cannot know anyone! Despite many trying out partners for soulmates, yet him and the wife live a happy matrimony though married for more than 20 years.

In the video, one will learn that, the more spiritual you become, the less denominational you become. Churches and Christians are so clawed today on denomination that they look at each other with suspicion and even hinder the work of Jesus in quest for denominational superiority. Weak churches and pastors are always threatened by seeing another servant of God. Rituals and institutionalization is what sets in most groups when the spirit has left a group of Christians.

Him and his wife lived by faith. If they prayed and something did not happened, they knew that is the way God wanted it, and they did not fret. The person who knew how to manage the money, handled the money. It was not a thing where every spouse wants their independence. One of the causes of divorce in the western world is finance. If you live by faith, you will live a simple lifestyle and believe that God will provide. Never did you hear them say they need money and that without your financial contribution this ministry will not continue. Ok, let it not continue, for it is not your work; it is the work of God. When a pastor starts to feel like to showcase his or her worldly success, one can know that their hearts are not in sync with the spirit.

His bible school teachers influenced him with their expository teachings. Expository teaching is the key to proper teaching. Do you wonder why Christians nowadays cannot even pray, do not know how to pray and are ignorant of the promises of God in the Bible for them? That is the reason why feel-good-preaching has invaded and taken modern Christianity hostage. This is one of the causes of the backward degradation of godliness in America. Why is Bible study attendance today scanty and boring? That is because Bible studies nowadays are no more conversational and apologetic but religious façades or monologues.

Today people try to raise bodyguards rather than disciples. When you raise disciples, their sole focus is to be like Jesus Christ. He requested for outward change first and that the physical will follow later. Those changes can only come when the Christian becomes prayerful and full of the word. There are Christians who have never read their bibles from Genesis to Revelation, and there are Christians who spend a day without praying for at least one hour. How are they expecting transformation? How are they expecting their faith to grow since faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God? Transformation comes by going closer to God, and we get closer to God by prayers my dear!

Ministry is for the anointed and well equipped teachers who have died to self and have nothing to protect. Men do not need to be degreed to be efficient ministers but must be called to ministry, and they prove that in the way they do the ministry. Look at people like Jonathan Edwards, George Muller, John Knox; they did not have those big degrees, but they affected their contemporaries more that the big doctors of today whose lives have never and would not even affect a dead fly. Chuck did not believe that people needed education to be in the ministry, but you need to go into the ministry and learn in it. Indeed, he is a great man of God to emulate!

Until then, seek your revival.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Royal Beggars from the NorthWest in the USA.

Christmas and New Year are periods when love ones and acquaintances exchange gifts to show their gratitude of knowing the recipient of the gift. The gifts may vary in cash or kind. That is how the Northwest Council of Fons in the USA visited the ambassador and gave him a gift. There is nothing bad in giving a gift, but this time the gift was an abuse of culture and the prostitution of cultural titles. It is always baffling why those who live abroad always think that they can flatter with sly giveaways to obtain favor from home. The most shocking is the fact that the gift comes from a people who proclaim during the day that the Ambassador is a goldbrick, but they are here in secret giving him a title meant for notables. Can these runaway fons explain to the Cameroonian community why an ambassador who has not even proven himself is given a title-Shufai for meritorious service?

On Sunday, January 02, 2011, the NorthWest Council of Fons in the USA gave the ambassador Foe-Atangana Joseph- the ambassador of Cameroon to the USA the title of Shufai (a title given to notables and dignitaries of the fondom of Banso or Nkom). The following fons: Raymond kangson- fon of Kisu, fon Nganjou of Njiron and Ayen Bamikumbit and another notable called John Mbah of Babongo were the orchestrators. It is even alleged that some of them are impostors.

Considering that Shufai is a title given to individuals who have done great things in the village or community, one is forced to ask on what merits the ambassador was given this title. Aren’t these titles given anymore on merits? So why did the runaway Fons give this title to the ambassador.

I met a young man one day who told me that the ambassador has brought change in the embassy because when he went there, he gave him $100, and another told me that anytime you go there, you can see him. Some claim that the ambassador is attending cry-dies, born house, baby showers and he ushers people in during other functions.  I do not remember president Biya sending him here just so he attends born-house, cry-dies, baby showers and be an usher during functions. If he wanted to be an usher, he should have asked a priest or a pastor to confer the title on him. He was sent to offer diplomatic and consular services. The others are miscellaneous. Others say that when his subalterns trouble you a lot and you go to him, he renders you services. Why are those subordinates still there if they are giving the embassy a bad name? Some say that he is in every function. Isn’t that why all calls to their office always go to the voicemail perhaps because they are sleeping from being tired? These are those who gloat on nepotism and glorify corruption that has eaten the fabrics of the African society like cankerworms and palmerworms.

This ambassador owes the Cameroonian community an apology before anything because December of 2009, he was caught like a derelict and tramp fighting in the street with another Cameroonian who was marching against corruption in Cameroon. Listen: marching against corruption in Cameroon not even against the embassy.

Secondly, passports are still not renewed on time. I have tried to give him a benefit of doubt, but it would seem the cycle of nepotism must continue for survival. The embassy is always like the house of Usher where you only hear voices that frighten you. Until yesterday, I called the embassy again trying to renew my passport, but I have not been able to receive anyone on the line. I even put people on the line from Atlanta to hear for themselves and not even a fly buzzed. We have sat in my house several times and called the embassy for hours as we entertain ourselves and no one answered, and when they did, they left you waiting until you dropped.

It is probable that the ambassador has asked his workers to make things difficult for Cameroonians so that people come and see him and when he solves it, they build that personality cult for him. If he wants to do a good job, he must oversee the place to function properly; else, for any Cameroonian to obtain services from the embassy, he/she will have to come and see him personally. How many will he receive per day if every Cameroonian who needs services went in person?  

This act of the Northwest fons has added impetus of suspicion in the divide between the Northwest and Southwest as they think that the Northwest cannot be trusted. It reminds many southwesterners how Foncha was begging Ahidjo to rule the country again for eternity. Last time it was in Santa of Northwest province that the plea for president Biya to rule for life came about.

Therefore, I am calling on every Northwest person to dissociate themselves from that Northwest Council of Fons and the Title to the ambassador, and to request the withdrawal of that title immediately. If the council fails to act, they should be treated with total scorn in this community. If they are tired of being absentee fons, they should go and abdicate their thrones rather than stay here and prostitute such great cultural relic for nepotic goodies.

Until then, I hate flattery!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ivory Coast: a duly elected president in a holdup by international gansterism.

Does this change the results whether Gbagbo is a nationalist or not?

Côte d'Ivoire: L'Occident perd la bataille des coeurs
Uploaded by Nzwamba. - News videos hot off the press.
Secondly, why did the UNO, AU, World Bank and European Union not attempt a forceful solution when there was an impasse in America in 2000 between Al Gore and George Bush?

Thirdly, was it anymore legal for Bakayoko to proclaim the election results?

Why doesn't the West speak of the atrocities of Quattara? The West and UN are always manipulatiing their people via the media.

I really care less about the man's alliances, but I care about the intervention of other countries into the politics of a sovereign state up to the point where their presidents are giving him a 48 hour ultimatum. Such total disregard for the rights of the Ivorian people is unacceptable. They go there to steal.

R.Dumas & J.Vergès, france-info, 05 01 2011
Uploaded by FranceInfo. - Up-to-the minute news videos.
Why did they not oversee the disarmament of the rebels in 2004

Please take the time and watch the videos on my blog on this article; however, if you do not have the time please watch this one. It is a musical, satirical and humorous video.

The standoff and impasse in Ivory Coast is not about a despot clinging unto power though defeated; it is about the quest for Ivorian oil and the continuity of neo colonialism by western powers. If the western powers were serious, they would have disarmed the rebels since. They would have acknowledged that the electoral conditions were unsafe and undemocratic in the stronghold of Quattara.

The case of Ivory Coast reenacts a situation in the Bible about two women fighting for one child (I Kings 3:17-27). The one who was not the mother said King Solomon should divide the child, but the one who had the child said she preferred the king to give the child than to divide it.

Now think about it, the elected president Gbagbo says that he is ready for a recount by international observers, but Quattara the prodigal turncoat of the West says that he wants only war and the head of his enemy on the platter of the World Bank. No woman who has the child will support the division of her baby, and no leader who likes his people will cherish spilling their blood just so he wins the presidency. Now you be the judge who truly won the presidency of Ivory Coast.

The International Body should for once in Africa do the right thing and leave the rightful elected President Laurent Gabgbo to rule in peace. His people want him. Gbagbo refuses to kowtow to Sarkozy and other westerners with Ivorian resources and all of a sudden, they are painting the caricature of a monster.

Until then, long live Ivory Coast and long live Gbagbo!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Notwithstanding, these again are the results which show fraud. Whether Gbagbo has been in power for zillion years is inconsequential.

(Translated version-French version below)

Anne-Marie Antoinette ASSY

Tel. 22 02 92 18/99 92 94 35

Hello all,

Attached is the file of the results of the first round of the presidential election. Here's the summary:

_ Registered: 5712348

_ Votes: 4,804,164

_ Turnout: 84.1%

_ Invalid ballots: 225,521

_ Votes counted: 4,569,258

_ Gbagbo: 1,738,889 or 38.06%

_ ADO: 1,473,970 or 32.26%

_ BEDIE: 1,142,814 or 25.01%

For Round 2, the CIS has announced a turnout of 70%, which means that the number of voters should be:

_ Number of voters = (5 712 348 * 70) / 100

= 3998643

IEC on FRANCE24 gave the following results:

_ Gbagbo: 2,107,055 45.9%

_ ADO: 2,483,164 or 54.1%

Or a vote cast by 2,107,055 + 2,483,164 = 4,590,219

The votes cast 4,590,219 which is normally lower than the number of voters (because of invalid ballots) is:

= (Votes cast * 100) / Number of registered voters

= (4590 219 * 100) / 5 712 348

= 80.35%.


_ The percentage of votes cast (80.35%) is higher than the overall participation rate announced (70%). If one were to count the ballot invalid, we would have a higher percentage and higher than the first round. FRAUD

_ On the basis of votes cast, we have a surplus of votes in the order of:

= Votes cast - (* Number of registered Turnout)

= 4,590,219 - (5,712,348 * 70%)

= 4,590,219 - 3,998,643

= 591,576 extra votes. Where are they? FRAUD

_ Always based on votes cast: 4,590,219

1st Round Gbagbo: 1738889

1st Round ADO: 1473970

Based on the fact that all the voters of ADO and Gbagbo who voted in the first round, did the same in the 2nd, remains doubtful. Nonetheless, it should be:

Votes cast - (1st Round Gbagbo +1st Round ADO)

= 4,590,219 - (1,738,889 + 1,473,970)

= 4,590,219 - 3,212,859

= 1377360.

This number exceeds the number of votes BEDIE and all other candidates in the 1st Round (1356399). Knowing that there have been impediments to voting, people who abstained and others who were traveling, we should have a much lower number. FRAUD.

Thank you for circulating this message so that everyone can be aware of the electoral hold-up orchestrated by the enemies of the Ivory Coast who do not want to see her growth. Do not give in to provocations, remain focused, calm and let the force of argument prevail because we're smart. Côte d'Ivoire is their last stop, their "BORI BANA. Never again in Africa, it must be respected.
Enjoy you reading!

ASSEMBE Anne-Marie Antoinette
Tél. 22 02 92 18/99 92 94 35

Salut à tous,

Ci-joint le fichier des résultats du 1er tour de l'élection présidentielle. Voici le récapitulatif:

_ Inscrits: 5 712 348

_ Votants: 4 804 164

_ Taux de participation: 84,1%

_ Bulletins nuls: 225 521

_ suffrage exprimé: 4 569 258

_ GBAGBO: 1 738 889 soit 38,06%

_ ADO: 1 473 970 soit 32,26%

_ BEDIE: 1 142 814 soit 25,01%

Pour le 2nd Tour, la CEI a annoncé un taux de participation de 70%, ce qui signifie que le nombre de votants devrait être de:

_ Nombre de votant = (5 712 348 * 70) / 100

= 3 998 643

La CEI sur FRANCE24 a donné les résultats suivants:

_ GBAGBO: 2 107 055 soit 45,9%

_ ADO: 2 483 164 soit 54,1%

Soit un suffrage exprimé de 2 107 055 + 2 483 164 = 4 590 219

Le suffrage exprimé 4 590 219 qui est normalement inférieur au nombre de votants (à cause des bulletins nuls) représente:

= (Suffrage exprimé * 100) / Nbre d'inscrits

= (4590 219 * 100) / 5 712 348

= 80,35%.


_ Le pourcentage des suffrages exprimés (80,35%) est supérieur au taux de participation général annoncé (70%). Si l'on devait comptabiliser les bulletin nuls, on aurait un pourcentage plus élevé et supérieur à celui du 1er tour. FRAUDE

_ Sur la base du suffrage exprimé, nous avons un surplus de voix de l'ordre de:

= Suffrage exprimé - (Nbre d'inscrits * Taux de participation)

= 4 590 219 - (5 712 348 * 70%)

= 4 590 219 - 3 998 643

= 591 576 voix supplémentaires. D'où viennent- elles? FRAUDE

_ Toujours en se basant sur le suffrage exprimé: 4 590 219

1er Tour GBAGBO: 1 738 889

1er Tour ADO: 1 473 970

En se basant sur le fait que tous les militants de GBAGBO et ADO qui ont voté au 1er tour, en ont fait de même au 2ieme, il devrait rester comme voix à se disputer:

Suffrage exprimé - (1er Tour GBAGBO + 1er Tour ADO)

= 4 590 219 - (1 738 889 + 1 473 970)

= 4 590 219 - 3 212 859

= 1 377 360. Ce nombre est supérieur au nombre de voix de BEDIE et de tous les autres candidats au 1er Tour (1 356 399). Quand on sait qu'il ya eu des empêchements de votes, des personnes qui se sont abstenues et d'autres qui étaient en voyage, on devrait avoir un nombre beaucoup plus bas. FRAUDE.

Merci de faire circuler ce message afin que tout le monde puisse se rendre compte du holdup électoral orchestré par les ennemis de la Côte D'Ivoire qui ne veulent pas la voir émerger. Ne cédons pas aux provocations, restons mobilisés, séreins et faisons prévaloir la force des arguments parce que nous sommes intelligents. la Côte D'Ivoire est leur terminus, leur "BORI BANA". Plus jamais ça en Afrique, on doit se faire respecter.
Bonne réception

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ms. Haislmaier: The Woman Who Always Date The Wrong Guys.

She was popularly known as Ms Haislmaier. She came from a rich and respectable family, but in that family, her household was the only poor one because her father chose to be a teacher and her mother a school mistress. However, they had what the other family members did not have. They grew up as a closely knitted family with her parents and siblings that if one of them was late or absent, the rest did not eat; they waited for the latecomer or absentee to come.

Ms Haislmaier was a very very beautiful girl, but she did not believe it. Like most women today, she struggled with her self-esteem. She gave herself easily to men who did not love her just so she could win their love. She was taught in Sunday School that for her to fall in love with a man, he should show that he is ready to sacrifice his life for her, for that is the way the bible says a man should love his wife and be ready to die for her. If such commitment was not forthcoming, she should not get involve because purchased or begged love cannot withstand trials and time.

No one can explain why she wanted to live like Mrs. Tannenholz or die like Mrs. Eggebraaten who got married to men they always tried to please and force to love them. The men cheated on them and finally dumped them at a time they needed them most. Mrs. Eggerbraaten’s case was even worst because she had cancer when the husband dumped her. For Tannenholz, her husband felt she was too old for him; he ran around with younger women, so she too divorced him.

No one knows why she always wanted to live too like Ms. Igirigiachusim-a neighbor who always fell in love with crazy boys. Today Ms. Igirigiachusim drinks her past like gall as she regrets the insatiable gullibility with which she drank the fairytales on fairylands her men promised her.

For one reason or the other, she was always fascinated with bad and irresponsible boys because they were fun to her. She hated men who were religious or worst still, too religious; meanwhile, those were the people with firm and secure commitments. If her brother wanted to irritate her, he sang her a song, “why do beautiful girls like crazy boys”. You smile; don’t you? She always told him that she knew what she was doing. She had a child with a man who was more a sperm donor than a lover, for immediately she got pregnant, the man ran away. Her family had to pick the pieces of her broken pots and raised her child to avert the opprobrium of the community.

Whether by curse or asininity, she always ran after men who did not love her. Her love experiments did not last long, though they were garnished with coitus. In January 2001, a man carried her on his way to Pendleton as courtesy of his friend. She was going to see a man who did not love her. She told the driver that she had 2 boyfriends and was confused which one to keep. After she told him about their backgrounds and how they treated her, the driver told her to keep none.

The one she left in Lewiston had not called her despite knowing that she was traveling under bad weather. The driver intimated that it shows lack of concern and care from the men she was rolling in the hay with. The one she was going to see knew that she was coming, but he too had not called her since she traveled to Lewiston, though he too knew that she was traveling back to see him with bad weather. She always rationalized in defense of the men.

They decided to give them a test each. The driver asked her to call the first and tell him that she felt like she was pregnant and will be coming back to live with him. He told her that he was busy and will call her back. She waited but not even a fly buzzed, so she tried to call him again. All her attempts felt on his familiar voicemail. The driver called with his number and behold, he picked. So the driver was right to say men want sex, but they do not want the responsibilities that come with it. Do you want to know what happened with the second?

Needless to say that he gave her the wrong address to their house because he always wanted to meet her in that hotel or in her own house. The driver then used his wisdom to save her from being stranded. He told her to tell him that she has bought him some Christmas gifts and needed to give them to him. That is when he gave them the right address. Men nowadays always want to take from women; they want sex with no commitment.

In 2008, she fell in love again with a man she loved but who did not love her and spent his whole life cheating with other women. He flaunted cocottes before her, and she had heart attack and died days after. Whose fault was it that she could not find a loving and caring man who could make her his pearl?

Until then, may her soul find in heaven the love she missed on earth.


“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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