Friday, October 29, 2010

Blueprint for Cameroon Liberation Movement (CAMLIMO).

I do not regret my passage in CPDM, for I have made my life never to look back with regrets. Those who flashback at history with regrets embitter their souls and rob themselves of shrewdness to carve a joyful future which is their due destiny. Such evocations have converted many into boiling cauldrons who explode at the innocent’s expense. Nevertheless, I owe God and mankind the responsibility to dissociate from evil and evildoers.

Gainsayers may finger point that I had once resigned from the CPDM and went back, so I cannot be trusted. Indeed I understand their fears but at the same time dismiss them because I believe in giving second chances. I gave the party a second chance unlike most of their parents who have given 24 years, but it failed to deliver. Certainly there will be namby-pambies who will insist on my first resignation. Their barks are better than their bites, and no one frets on a dog that barks but cannot bite because “he that is without sin should cast the first stone”. Notwithstanding, now is not the time to cast stones, it is the time to gather the stones for nation building.

Hitherto many have wished, and thenceforth many will wish I was involved in a scandal. To those, I encourage waiting longer, for though I do not enunciate perfection; nonetheless, I have always lived my life as an open book where cronies and strangers, friends and fiends alike may read the strange and familiar matters of life. Certainly one day I will fall; after all, “A just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief” (Prov 24:16). But what does it profit the wicked that the just falls though?

As I listen to depressive stories about Cameroon from friends, family and strangers on how Cameroon is now a quagmire that breathes doldrums, my entrails bubble. Immediately, I know that the cause of changing lives spiritually and physically must be knitted together. I am forced to reecho the discourse I made a few months back in my initial attempt to leave the party.

President Biya should not run for a third term. Lapiro be Mbanga and Bibi Ngota should not have gone through the fates they suffered. The failure to integrate the Diaspora has retarded the growth of our economy. The sacking of Thomas Fozein portrayed the government was not reviewing her polices. The violation of the rights of political activists and political opponents, kangaroo trials like that of Forjindam and Lapiro, suppression of freedom of speech, and inhumane and the dehumanizing treatment of citizens as evinced in the recent report of Amnesty International and blogs of foreign visitors all sum up to a failed state. The spirit of brutality, suppression, repression, and the overt and covert manifestation of corruption and tribalism permeated by the government in the settlers’ policy go against the tenets of Christ my Master. The egotic agenda of most CPDM militants does not run concomitantly with “love your neighbor as yourself” nor does it embrace the philosophy of the Golden Rule to do unto others what you want them do unto you.

I concur no human action is altruistic but supporting a regime that kills its opponents, imprisons dissenters; a regime that has sold hopelessness to the young people and bought them despair, a regime that has encouraged capital flights and built a fortress for swindlers will give me nightmares than somnolent days. If most Cameroonians were given the opportunity to escape, statistics confirm that two thirds will leave. Never in the history of Cameroon have citizens become that desperate to leave the country than they are today. Cameroon with all her natural resources should not be threatened with such exodus especially with brain drain. Perhaps it behooves I introduce a blueprint of the organization I will want you all to give me your support. It is called Cameroon Liberation Movement (CAMLIMO).

Cameroon should look into the health policy we do have now. Patients should pay small deductibles with no copays and no one should be refused treatment because they do not have money for consultation. Small and large companies must be legally obliged to insure their workers.

We must believe that everyone can bring something and no one should be left behind.

Additional teacher or co-teaching support for bubble kids (struggling kids). There should not be any sheltered education because it stigmatizes kids and curtails peer learning where less smart kids could learn from smarter kids. There should be pilot projects for gifted education and amplification of special needs kids. Primary school and secondary education should be combined to prevent loss of time and hassles of admission and movement. Parental involvement will be obligatory and punishable in case of negligence. There is urgency to restore the value of teachers and staff and to develop and exploit our bilingualism.

The first thing we must do is to eradicate Corruption which discourages foreign investors and despoils existing resources. There should be accountability of financial institutions and the desire to develop and improve our infrastructures. Our country should imitate the likes of Rwanda in technology readiness and innovation by giving impetus to Math and science in our curriculum. Cameroon is endowed with natural resources but plundered by a simple minority who slept on the wrong side of their beds and are going astray. Thus the simple majority who slept o the right side of their beds should bring them back by efficiently managing the factors of production. We must boost and upgrade our tourism industry which is deflated by crime on tourists. The government has failed and is unwilling to encourage Diaspora investment initiatives with exorbitant taxes and custom dues on goods from their very Diaspora who attempt to invest. Cameron must set an agenda to reduce the national debts and envisage a surplus.

We have passed the age of inquisition where people were persecuted for their beliefs and opinions. There should be a fully developed freedom of press and media, freedom of religion and freedom of political affiliations.

Foreign Policy.
Cameroon must strive to reestablish credibility and respect amongst nations, and monitor the infiltration of foreign vultures (countries and people whose aim is to ransack the wealth of the country). Develop better relationships with our neighbors and to be more involved in global issues.

Appointments and government workers should be based on meritocracy rather than nepotism and tribalism. We must abolish nepotism and “settler policy” of indigenes appointment. The government should reduce the number of ministers, and control time usage amongst civil servants. For example, I see many teachers and other civil servants coming and staying in America for 2 months and above when it is not under their leave period. The lack of accountability in government has bedeviled our efficiency to provide for our people.

Cameroon despite all the money collected for participating in world cups has not been able to renovate its stadiums. The lone good stadium stands at times as an eyesore. We must construct new stadiums and reintroduce the policy of recruiting local players into the national team. Furthermore, developing the first, second and third division football. Cameroon has talents in many fields. Other sports should be given the support the need for it is due to soccer that the world has come to know Cameroon.

Permit me to dichotomize two types of Cameroonians and people: the cowards who sit behind and utter inanities, and the heroes who join the fight to make a difference. Cameroonians must decide to either remain cowards or heroes. Cowards dream on idealism while heroes implement visions of realism. Behold a clarion call beckoning all and sundry. In the fight against oppression there are no bystanders and there is no neutrality; either you are a hero standing with the oppressed, or a coward standing with the oppressor.

Until then, I encourage all Cameroonians to wake up.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk). Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk). Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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