Monday, October 11, 2010

Wife Beater Beware!

Some men have ruined their careers by beating their wives. Although wife beating plagues the entire world, it is very rampant in northern Nigeria and other Islamic dominated areas chiefly because Islam favors the beating of women in the Qu’ran. Perhaps there should be a balancing act here that there are husband beaters too. To those men I could advise them to form the Battered Husband Club. Some men who beat their wives have argued that it is because the wife is unruly. Others have supported themselves in their different religions. The Christian men who beat their wives find their solace in the Old Testament position of the Bible whereby the woman is projected as inferior to the man. Most men who beat their wives are influenced by religion. Do  the Qu’ran and Bible really justify wife-beating?

The Qu’ran is known to despise women. It asks a woman to marry another man before she comes back to the former husband (Sura al Baqara 2:230). The Qu’ran urges men to beat their wives (Sura al Nisa4:34). The Qu’ran encourages polygyny but not polyandry (Sura al Nisa 4:3). The Qu’ran states that divorce is a man’s job (Sura al Baqara 2:230,236). Islam sanctions concubinage (Sura al Nisa 4:3). Men are preferred to women (Sura al Nisa 4:34). Islam encourages Islamic men to marry Christian women (Sura al Ma‘ida 5:5). A woman’s testimony is worth half a man’s (Sura al Baqara 2:282). A woman’s inheritance is worth half a man’s (Sura Al Nisa 4:11). Islam keeps women under a veil (Sura al- Nur 24:31). Islam constrains slave girls to prostitution (Sura al- Nur 24:33). You know what religion can do.  Muham,med did not attempt to raise the status of women until he passed away. Therefore, wife-beating is cultural in the Islamic adherents.

When the Bible lines up the properties of a man, it includes their wives (Deut 17:15 -17; I Kings 20:5). It also states that Sarah called her husband Lord (I Pet 3:6). The root word is etymologically that of a servant to a master. In this passage, the Bible shows the woman as the property of man and not only the injunction placed on polygamy. Those passages in Deuteronomy and I Kings are not a restriction on plurality else it would then mean that the king was not supposed to have more than one horse, silver or gold. It would then mean that we today are not supposed to have more than one house, car, TV or computers.

However, looking into the position of the New Testament, Jesus raises the status of women and puts them as partners mutually submitting to one another with the man still the head of the household. He accepted to be borne by a woman, had women like Mary Magdala in his ministry (Lk 8:2), taught that women too grow in grace as men in Mary and Martha; sisters of Lazarus (Lk 10:41 -42) and called the crippled woman "daughter of Abraham" (Lk 13:10 -13). The Apostle Paul, accentuates that in Christ we are one (Gal 3:26 -28). As such, the Christian men who treat their wives as property are lacking in biblical exposition.

Consequently, wive and husband beating should not be considered as prescribed by the Bible but as a lack of character thereof because violence is the weapon of the weak communicator. A brilliant young man came from Cameroon to experience the American Dream, but his was cut short because of impulsive behavior. He later graduated from Harvard but could not find a job because he was convicted of aggravated assault and battery that were engraved in his record. As employers combed them, they rejected him not for his incompetence but lack of probity and decorum thereof. He lingered around for some time; albeit, to pack his things to go home and try the forsaken Cameroonian Dream one more time.

Notwithstanding, the woman can solve it in different ways. The first is to seek counseling. The second is to invite the law by calling the police. The third is to call the Battered Women or Husband helpline which is generally known as the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1800-799-7233) . The fourth is to take it to the Lord in prayers.

Therefore, wives and husbands beating is bad before God and before man, for it is violence. Peace is a recurrent sub-theme in the Bible and a prerequisite to see God (Heb 12:14). The Bible encourages us to love our wives as Christ loved the church that he gave his life (Eph 5:25). Yet as you know, with the advent of home breaking philosophy of feminism, the insecurity of some men and women, and the persistent male chauvinism in our modern society, there will always be wife and husband beating. For a man to save himself from it, he must live according to the precepts of the entire Bible whereby communication and prayers are the rudiments of a prosperous relationship and would resolve the problems that beating pretends to do (I pet 3:7). Note that the Bible only says in this passage that the woman is a weaker vessel, but it does not say she is an inferior being. Hence, those who are married should treat their wives just as Christ treats the church with sacrificial love and care.

Until then, love your wife and not beat her!

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

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