Monday, July 5, 2010

Why Cameroon Was Last with North Korea In THis World Cup

I disagree that the pitch had anything to do with Cameroon’s performance at this World Cup. Were we not using the same pitches when we reached the quarter finals in 1990? Argentina, France, England and Brazil that performed poorly do have good pitches and stadia. Football fields do not create talents because talents are innate. Actually the rough fields should have them master ball techniques like dribbling and ball control. The great players like Milla, Abega all played in those stadia and even worst. The government alone cannot and should not shoulder all the blame. The reasons are poor governance, lack of loyalty and love for fatherland, the hiring of hirelings, egoistic play and inferiority complex.

Indeed the government shares the blame for failing to uncover new and young talents that the country has to recycle grandfathers to play. The bad pitches have not encouraged good quality football, but they do not hamper the development of talents. If they did then Liberia would not have brought George Weah who was twice World Player of the Year. Or Roger Milla and Docteur Theophile Abega would not have had any name in football because they played in those stadia. However, the government has failed to manage its own personnel that FECAFOOT and The Ministry of Youths and Sports do and undo as if it is a buffer zone.

Moreso, there is the lack of love and loyalty for fatherland. When we selected all players from Tonnerre and Union, the national team did very well because that was a privilege to be recruited into the national team and not a right. Most of the players who play professional football regard their teams more than the national team. They don’t have the same ardor like the men and women in uniform who know that they are defending the colors of the country. Some of them know about Cameroon only when they are selected for the national team. What makes you think that someone will want to die for the country they have no attachments if the player was born outside and has not set foot in Cameroon? Another reason is the hiring of hirelings.

The Cameroon government like most African governments do not seem to trust their own coaches. Surprisingly these same local coaches won the Olympics where they defeated countries like Brazil, Argentina and Spain with the local coaches. Why does the government not give them the opportunity to deep their hands in the dough if they could win the Olympics? Even when they win like Jean Paul Akono, Stephen Keshi or Amoudou, they are still bypassed for foreign coaches. Foreign coaches have no attachment. They are doing a job and not fighting to defend the colors of their country. To an extent, most act like hirelings. The local coaches should be given the same resources as they give the foreign coaches. Oman Biyik has coached a team to two national titles in Mexico.

Furthermore, the players look at international competition as a time to show off, go on vacation, and at times to showcase themselves for better contracts. That is why there is no cohesion and selflessness. Look at the goals scored by Germany; they all came through teamwork and not as a result of individual skills. While individual skills are necessary, but it requires more teamwork for teams to do better. The Indomitable Lions have been so disjointed and dysfunctional that they quarreled and fought among themselves.

In addition, most African teams have that inferiority complex. When they meet other African teams, they play high quality football, but when they meet other teams, they drop their pants down and wrap their tails in fear.

Therefore, the government must scout for new talents, build better stadia, select players who have a heart for the country; and have actually lived and grown there. They should entrust the lions to local coaches, and apply discipline like the European clubs do with those international.

Until then, the current crops should all be dismissed form the national team.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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