Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup: USA Robbed By A Malian Called Konam Coulibaly.

It was a bizarre match that saw the Americans come from behind at 2 goals to zero to almost win the match. The Slovenians were leading 2 goals to nothing before half time. When the American came back, they pulled it up to 2-2. They were more and more energized while their Slovenians opponents were all worn out. Then in dying minutes, they scored a goal, but it was disallowed for a previous foul.

The US was duly cheated against Slovenia because the South African Police Chief had earlier said he wanted the Americans to be eliminated in the 1st round, so he doesn’t have to deal with the American president visiting to cheer them up in the second round. Coulibaly was instructed to escheat them out of their victory. Each time there was a foul against the Slovenians around their danger zone, he will blow a foul against the Americans thereby nullifying the foul that was originally committed by the Slovenians. He worked for the South African Police Chief who cannot deal with the extra security needed to keep Obama safe.

Unfortunately, they used an African on African soil as the armed robber!!!!!!!!!!

Well, all I know is US 3 and Slovenia 2. You can say all you want. The US won that match, but Coulibaly stole it from them. Edu was instead fouled and not the other way
around except if Coulibaly was watching another match.

If you remember that in 2005 for the 2006 world Cup, Cameroon was lacking a point to qualify above Ivory Coast and had to win the match against Egypt in Yaoundé. For no reason, Coulibaly gave Cameroon (Enfant chérie du CAF) a penalty 30 seconds to extra time and Pierre Women lost it. God was for the Ivorians. That is how Ivory Coast qualified for the 2006 World Cup.

Coulibaby is one of the four African referees selected to referee this year World Cup. He has surely brought shame to his country because though Mali did not qualify for the World Cup, but his presence meant Mali was indirectly participating in the football bonanza. One thing is sure; Coulibaly has always seen things differently. He is very intrepid. Sadly though, it is African refereeing again that suffers another deficit!

To these brave boys in the US team, know that I will be praying for you for great recompense. People will soon realize that the more you afflict an innocent man, you drive God behind them because He (God is always for the oppressed. They will prosper and compound your (afflicter’s) sorrow the more.

Nonetheless, if the Americans have to go far (which I believe they will), they should avoid conceding early goals.

Finally, I agree with many others that there should be instant replays in World Cup soccer.

Until then, I wish the US team well.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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