Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thomas Fozein: A Victim of the Cameroon Government’s Untruthfulness.

Ab initio, I had my reservation with the delegation ablegated from Yaoundé to debellate the Cameroonian Diaspora with a familiar song "the government wants you to partake in the building of your fatherland or motherland". Nonetheless, I believe that one must listen to a matter before uttering their opinions unlike those (who suffer from kainotophobia) who speak before they are even asked a question. The delegation of 4 people that came from Yaoundé was headed by Dr Eugène Wonyu, and was accompanied by Dr Thomas Fozein, Prof Albert Mbida and Mrs. Ebongue. On that soapobox was a golden mouth called Mr. Fozein Thomas. All the rest spoke in soliloquies and without convictions. Mr. Fozein was asked if speaking frankly would not cost him his job. The head of delegation quickly retorted that the HE Paul Biya sent them to have these frank discussions. Well, not only did they lie because Thomas Fozein was sacked for engaging the Diaspora, but all they brought was a bunch of fabrications.

Take for example, Prof Mbida said that Cameroonians think that the Diaspora is a bunch of frustrated people who could not make it back at home and ran to work abroad. He said that the entire Diaspora are prostituting themselves as homosexuals and lesbians to make money. God forbid that I should be a homosexual, but for the minister to carry it as a message to tell his citizens abroad, amounted to a process of deflating the Diaspora.

Immediately as Dr Fozein began elaborating on Articles 31 and 32 of 11 June 1968 of the constitution, it was certain that he was not just one of those who wanted to gabble. This would be too much truth for some people to bear because the embassies have been exploiting and oppressing the Diaspora through their nescience. Swivel- chair-critic, surely you want to ask me what the articles say. Well, now is your turn to read, and tell me too what you have read.

Thomas Fozein stipulated that the national assembly has three sessions per year. Session one is in March, session Two is in June, and in November we have session Three. He argued that, rather than distrust president Biya, the Diaspora should give him time since he had to pass through the parliament to get dual citizenship especially since there are still two sessions coming up. Consequently, he will make good of the promises he made to the Diaspora in France that by the end of the year he will resolve the dual citizenship issue.

What marveled me was when Dr Wonju said that they are consulting other countries like Ghana, and those in the Maghreb region on how to implement the policies. Tell him that most developed countries have dual citizenship, and if Cameroon wants to be developed, it is not a matter of expediency but a matter of necessity.

If they were going to spend that money to make the tour of the world in two months just to utter infantile banters, they should have given it for the construction of some health center, pay teachers for a school, or make desks for students in some government bilingual schools.

Secondly, that delegation showed that bilingualism is just in theory. How can a bilingual country using two languages have only one Anglophone representative with the other three who spoke mainly French? Mrs. Ebongue did not know much; however, she mastered that the Diaspora wanted freebies.

Cameroonians, here is the problem; the removal of Dr Fozein is an affront to truth and frankness. He was the only one who spoke frankly and openly. Perhaps the only who mastered much. Prof Mbida only remembered well that all of you are lesbians and homosexuals. I was learning that for the first time that the Cameroon Diaspora are all homosexuals and lesbians prostitutes. Mrs. Ebnongue knew well you wanted freebies and to escheat the government of taxes. Dr Wonju felt you all have overstayed abroad. He freely counseled those of you who were thinking of running back home not to because they will not welcome you with open arms. He emphasized that it was the truth. Your own country does not want you back home he said.

No Cameroonian should trust what the ambassadors will say because it will only be to repeat the lies you have been told for years. I will find the truth and tell you guys what is happening. I think that this delegation came out to sell the idea of consulate cards with the pretext to help you; meanwhile, it is for them top prepare themselves for the forth coming elections. Remember that the Diaspora will be able to vote and whether you vote or not, the number of registered Cameroonians would all be counted in favor of the incumbent. In short the delegation did not come for you; it came to tell you to shut up.

Until then, le Cameroun en a besoin et non limoger des gens comme Mr. Fozein Thomas car en lui porte une crédibilité de la nation.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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