Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mayweather: The Face Of Clean Boxing.

Yesterday as he fought Mosley, the crowd initially cheered for Mosley. Since they could not beat him, towards the end, they joined him. I was not a fan of Money Mayweather, but when I heard him request for an Olympic style testing, I became one. Surprisingly, the American press seems to be siding with those who reject the tests. It is needless to belabor the point that there are things you can find during a blood test that a urine test will not do. Why does Manny Pacquiao refuse to take a blood test, but he accepts to take the urine test? He has waged a serious war to defend his name up to suing the Mayweathers, Golden Boy Promotions and others for libel and slander. Why go that entire route to cleanse your name rather than take the blood test?

Pacquiao says that it weakens him, and he is allergic to needles. That does not make any sense at all. If that was the case, then the Olympic athletes will all be weaklings. He has been accused and taunted for being under drugs in some of his victories that it baffles me how he can still hold out to protect his name. To make a better case, he must take the test.

By taking a urine and blood test, it guarantees that whoever Mayweather is fighting will be in the same level field as he is, so no one cheats with performance enhancing drugs. We have seen athletes who have used performance enhancing drugs and were later caught. Although Mayweather is cocky, every boxing purist will tell you that he is one of the best who ever grazed the spot and should be commended.

8 years ago, a student told me that she told her mother that their new teacher was always smiling and laughing. The mother told her that “your teacher could be high”. When she told me, I asked the class if they will accept for all of us to sign a contract waving our rights and accept to be tested for drugs at all times. Most students told me that they will not take it, and even the one I thought was innocent told me that she will fail the weed test. I shared my idea with some teachers, and I told them that we could sign off our rights so we could be tested 24/7. One teacher told me that it was risky because they could come when you are not ready. I told him that "I am always ready and would want to take any test anytime." He said “why would you want to risk your job though? If you fail a test, you gonna lose your job.” He reiterated. On that day, I knew how deep the problem of recreational drugs has eaten into our society.
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So if Mayweather is requesting such a condition, he should be commended rather than be chided. If Pacquiao knows he is clean, he should take the test. If he knows that he has been fighting with his God given talents, then he does not need to resist taking the tests with flimsy excuses. By taking these tests, it teaches our young people that we can live without illegal drugs, and we can do sports counting on our natural talents. It puzzles me to hear that Mayweather is asking too much. As a teacher, I tell my kids, I can take any drug test anytime, anywhere. Actions speak louder than words. Pacquiao should take the test, or he will remain a cheat even if he wins in court.

Until then, congratulations to Money Mayweather for his 41st win.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
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