Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Does the Biya Regime Need the Cameroonian Diaspora?

I have written before on how the government could reverse brain drain , but today I want to share with the government how they could help the Diaspora. The Cameroonian and African Diaspora especially the erudite intelligentsia are very bitter with their home governments because they caused their Soukougou (wandering disease). Most have fallen bush, and those who have not yet done so, aspire to do so anytime heaven could open a window. The government has failed to provide work for them especially because it has built more of a socialist and communist system than a capitalist one. Those that have been employed have arrears that they only get by satisfying the Slot Machines of extortioners. Graduates are like tadpoles; not out of malnutrition, but because they burn more calories looking for work they cannot find. The government’s best efforts look like an ant trying to build a King Solomon mansion. Now it is even selling its soul to the Chinese. Perhaps Cameroonians will be the first to be shipped to China as slaves. The private sector is a cadaver. The debt of the Cameroonian government resembles a carcass on a snail’s back climbing a tree. Cameroon truly needs help. Nonetheless, this is how the government could redeem itself.

If the government will tax imports for Diaspora only on 20% it will transform the economy. First there will be many shipments that will transform standards of living. Secondly, it will provide jobs for the jobless graduates and Cameroonians because most will be employed and will be self-employed. The government will make sure that what ever shipment is made will hire a Cameroonians. These Cameroonians will be taxed to pay income tax. That will also encourage the building of infrastructures for people could buy materials to build their houses. The course of building houses will provide jobs. They will beautify the place too.

Another way the government could help the Diaspora is being inclusive and transparent. The ambassador and Prime minister should travel and meet Cameroonians abroad and not remain in DC feasting and drinking Champagnes with one party. The embassy is yet to win over Thomases with the embassy phone constantly ringing in the air. Pickup up you phone and call the Brunei embassy during working hours; you will get an answer. These behaviors have impressed negatively on Cameroonians, and they have not failed to sell their frustration to foreign investors. People read what Cameroonians write and no one in his or her senses will go to invest in a country where the autochthones paint as the graveyard of investments. The government must be hospitable.

The final thing that the Cameroon government can actually help the Diaspora is by providing dual citizenship. Cameroonians should not be left behind. At least 110 countries in the world have authorized dual citizenship. Do we want to be the last as always? Dual citizenship will keep their offspring attached to their patrie, and that could transform into investment as they gain economic independence. But denying them dual citizenship leaves them little desire to be interested in Cameroon. Dual citizenship provides a lot of suppleness as you meander between two countries and in times of hardship one could find solace in another. Dual citizenship no doubts will boost the economy. Cameroonians who are Americans could easily organize trade fairs between the two countries without thinking of the hassle of acquiring a visa. Becoming an American businessman as a Cameroonian saves you from the estate taxes on foreign traders. There is no doubt that there is a huge benefit of becoming an American citizen in terms of traveling. Does the Cameroonian government not want to see her citizens happy? Why then stifle the source of their joy if dual citizenship is the fountain?

For Cameroon to avert becoming a boiling cauldron the government must bring economic stability and dual citizenship is one source. Dual citizenship will bring real democracy because those who have tasted the true drops of democracy abroad will spill some on the national assembly floor whether people like it or not. A truly democratic country like Ghana will attract more investors than discourage it. The Biya regime needs the Diaspora to make a difference.

Until then, President Biya should heed to this SOS.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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