Monday, April 5, 2010

Does Eruditeness Make You A Genius?

Dr Patricia Bath invented the Laserphaco Probe that restores the sight of those blinded by cataracts.

Thanks to Dr Ivan Getting for inventing the GPS that some of us do no more get lost when we travel.

Education without works is dead education. There is a pertinent issue; that of works going with our education. Those who sing the accolades of the erudite person always scribble a sketchy caricature that would introduce his or her genius in terms of academic papers published to earn qualifications. How can those papers published be converted into something concrete that could transform lives? Education is to enlighten and transform the lives of those who come in contact with it; take them from darkness unto light; blindness unto sight, and ignorance into information. When those who are vigilant and alert realize that, they call for a thorough retrospect if those achievements in academia benefit mankind now and after the holders vacate this world.

In return, those who venture to make the call are rather berated and chided. Gainsayers go further to question their father’s achievements; while, others reconsult the qualifications of the questioner. All those reactions are uncalled for. When an exponent of the learned submit what he/she thinks is a comprehensive list of accomplishments of the educated , they should remember that it is not tantamount to being subjectively considered a genius.

Perhaps he is right. Genius is not just intellect; it is intellect compounded with creativity. Having a 4 .0 GPA and PhD at 22 does not make one a genius, for there are many ways to acquire those; orthodox or unorthodox. Being a genius far exceeds publishing papers that were required for an academic work; they encompass those papers translated into true and lasting inventions. In that case, we may consider both Nicolas Copernicus and Isaac Newton as geniuses because they leapt from mere intellect to practicality of knowledge. Such would be echelon on which the educated climb to geniushood.

There is a difference between being a genius and a gifted person. Perhaps most of the academic saints we manufacture in our communities are actually gifted people. A gifted person is one who is extraordinarily endowed in his field, for he or she may not actually be bringing anything new apart from the perfection of his/her skills that surpass the normal human being. Yet the genius takes his brute intellect and translates it into concrete works that change academia and mankind. The gifted was born with their gift, and they harnessed it to perfection that mere mortals rise to acclaim them as demigods in their fields of expertise. The genius does not have such ability; he creates from the scratch.

What has the person you call as genius today created from the scratch by using his intellect? What have they published that has changed the lives of people? The presentation of academic papers is a requirement that qualifies him/her the affix of a Dr and perhaps secures a job through which he/she survives, but those do not make him a genius. Therefore, if there is nothing that someone has used his intellect to create and leave behind for their epitaph; then, he/she was not a genius, but a gifted individual. Nevertheless, if they did, then there is nothing to worry about for that which was multiplied through his/her genius cannot be subtracted by haters and distracters.

Until then, education must go with works.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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