Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Akwaya: The Manyu Albatross or Accentor?

Akwaya Sub-Dividing is one of the four sub-divisions of Manyu Division in the South West Province of Cameroon. It has 99 villages. The major problems of the Akwaya people are electricity, water and roads. There are three main entrances into Akwaya. The first and most viable is the one through Ikom via Nigeria. The second is by the Mamfe River where after anchoring at Banje, one would have to peregrinate the rest of the journey. The third is via Eshiobi on Bensikins (motorcycles) or bicycles. God has blessed us with natural resources, but we have allowed the government to rape us of them all. They have deforested Upper Bayang Subdivision, they have ravaged all the forests in Eyumokjouck, and now they are pillaging Akwaya. Central Mamfe is already naked as a dog, yet we cannot regroup to fight the common enemy. We are here fighting amongst ourselves rather than organizing a deipnosophy. An occasion serving as a clarion call for unity is quickly converted into a call to bear arms. A clear example is during Dr Nkwanyouh's Award Ceremony where each side has tried to position itself as the Big Kahuna.

Certainly in this community, we have come to see some pretty rancorous and spiteful individuals. We are divided into two or more groups though. All is not well, and you know once a stick has been broken even if glued, it is never the same. There is substantial damage being done in the fabric of our community the more this community wrangles. Sometimes I feel as if prayers will not work for Manyu people. It is as if they have been selected for perdition. We always seem to plunge ourselves further into evil and odium that we empty every iota of love from our vocabulary and every pint of peace from our blood.

It would seem the period between March and August is usually our menstrual period where the Manyu people in America bleed as the invectives augment more. All this struggle for supremacy will not take us anywhere. Perhaps Akwaya could be like the unity child. The two groups cannot bypass each other. The proof is that, the list of donors on the Manyu Economic Development Conference and MPC have teams from both sides. Since there is much in common, then you should talk peace because you seem to be mindful of what the other person is doing more than what you are doing.

Each time you read a mail, someone is trying to be the local hero; someone is trying to self aggrandize himself or herself in the name of the community. You saw the reaction with the Manyu Economic Development Conference. It was the same thing with the MPC which is now like an eyesore. Each side trying to show that they are the ones making it to happen. Those who gave only a little; perhaps it was their entire mite, and those who gave aplenty; it was their entire mite too. All gave bountifully, and all made a contribution. When we intend to build a community house, those who gave a dollar are as important as those who gave a million because the glory goes to the community. One thing to be noted is that God loves a cheerful giver; don’t give with a grudging heart.

Manyu people, choose you this day who you will serve. If it seems evil unto you to serve Manyu then decide which division you will serve; perhaps your self-interests which your predecessors served. As for me and others, we will serve Manyu. You have only one division, Manyu and that is the division that most of you will go back to.
There is a power vacuum in Manyu Diaspora. He that thinks he is leading, but there is no one following behind is merely taking a walk. Right now, all the leaders in the Manyu Diaspora are merely taking a walk for there is no one following them behind. Most or all are kings without kingdoms.

I ask you today, for how long will you fight each other? If Manyu is for us then let us stop this infighting and develop it, but if it is self-interest, then let us follow it.

Behold, you have returned to quarrels rather than think of the suffering Akwaya people. No matter what you become and wherever you go, it would not change the fact that you came from Manyu. More so, it is a shameful and wicked thing to be happy alone. If Akwaya stays backward then all of us are backwards. Today, I challenge you: if it seems evil unto you to serve the Manyu community then choose you this day whom you will serve; whether the egotism that your fathers served or the love that we propose now. God forbid that you should forsake the division of your forebears to serve your self-aggrandizement.

You gloat in foreign land of being learned, but education without works is dead education. Look not back on how much we have quarrelled; look forward on how much we can build together. The race to heaven is not who finishes first but who finishes, and how many we will help to finish the race. Those who try to finish alone are called selfish. How long will you Manyu people argufy on who is the greatest amongst you? If Manyu is what brings us together, then let us join our hands and give it a facelift. Akwaya will either sing of our goodness or it will forever remain our collective shame. Many will die without ever touching a car, and others have died without ever seeing electricity or drinking from a tap. Those are all our brothers and sisters. Manyu wake up!

Until then, Manyu people get your acts together.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

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