Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day Is Not For Some of You.

Valentine’s Day has become very important and significant to many, but very few remember the importance for its commemoration. It all began when Valentine: a priest was killed for encouraging warring soldiers to get married. He was arrested, jailed and later martyred by Emperor Claudius II. Thenceforth, a day was created to commemorate his act and sacrifice of love. Today love is shown on this day in many ways. Some send gifts and others go out for dating,yet the component of sacrificial love is what has been but absent from this day; though, it was the most important ingredient in St. Valentine’s life. Nowadays, when I hear people make noise about love, I always smile because I realize many do not know what they are talking about. They think it starts and ends with infatuation (which is not even love) or sex. I will seize this opportunity to comment on what is true love.

Love is very patient and kind. How many of us are patient with people? Some of you on this very day will use a grenade to kill a cockroach. I read a girl who broke off with the boyfriend because she found a racy text message. It happened that it was the mistake of the phone company . This incident violates all the characteristics of love.

Love is never jealous or envious. How do you have a spouse or girlfriend, and you do not seek their betterment? You only want to be the only one. When they prosper you worry. Some people have refused to invest in the lives of their spouses for fear they become better than them. That is not love!

Love is never boastful or proud. Those of you who always remind your spouse that without you, they would have been dust might want to think twice. “I picked you from dust and made you glass. You are nothing”. They will say. Sometimes I hear people insult their spouses that I wonder if they know what they mean by "I love you".

Love does not insist its way. In America they talk of being assertive. Love is not assertive. It does not demand its own. To some people either their way or no way. “If we are not going on vacation I am not going out” they will say. Is that love?

Love is not irritable or touchy. Too many cannot put up with the least irritation. Anything that seems different becomes a source of problems. Everything is touchy to them. Some fight for the TV remote.

Love does not hold grudges and does not even realize when people offend it. There are couples or people in a relationship who will count every least thing that their partner does to them. They keep it, and when he does another one, they add and keep stockpiling until one day, they start to list his/her sins to him or her.

Love is always loyal no matter the cost. Look at the TV and you will know how much the world lacks love. A lover falls in sin and the first thing they talk about is kicking him/her to the curve. Look today how some people have lost love because they lost their jobs. Others lost love because they became sick. Where is your loyalty? Why are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? You should not celebrate because you do not have love.

Love always believes in your partner, always expects the best of them and always defends and preserves them. Do you believe in your partner, or you tell them they will be nothing? You do not even believe in their driving. You do not believe they can do anything good. When your relatives are talking evil of your lover, you join them and tear the poor person apart. Then Valentine’s Day is not for you. You will need to revisit your definition of love because apparently you do not love.

As we celebrate, we should know that Valentine’s Day goes beyond just exchanging gifts or inviting each other over or even having sex. Sex especially is the apex of love between two lovers. Therefore, if you want this day to be meaningful, you must learn to be patient and kind with your lover. Learn not to be jealous and envious of them. Stop trying to make your way the only way. You should refrain from always trying to drive the fly in the living-room with tear gas. And above all, let loyalty be number One in your agenda. That is when Valentine’s Day when bonded with gifts and sex will be more meaningful than mere empty words or perfunctory acts.

Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
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