Friday, January 1, 2010

Airport Security in America: Omelet Without Breaking Eggs?

On Christmas day; I mean the day Christ is supposedly born is the day that a Nigerian opted to kill people by attempting to blow up flight 253 with 289 people on board . A few questions must be asked about the efficiency of the security. How did the man pass with the device attached to his belt when it was surely placed in a basket and it went through the scanner via the conveyor belt? Ask no more; human rights and privacy are the answers. Now all of a sudden Americans are again worrying about their security. What a melodrama! How do you expect the government to protect you when it cannot track down the bad guys or you mean that Americans cannot be terrorists?

America had a president sent by God in the name of president George Walker Bush. In him, America was determined to make terrorism a distant past, yet like every good messiah he was rejected though not within his terms of office. After Sep 11, 2001, Bush authorized wiretapping on American citizens with the Patriot Act. When The New York Times broke the news that the government was wiretapping and eavesdropping on its own citizens, and it was later confirmed by CNN, there was an outcry . It was as if they had quickly forgotten that an American could be a terrorist. John walker Lindh is a classic example. He fought along side the Taliban until he was captured in 2001. In addition, there are foreign nationals who have naturalized but still hold ties with Al-Qaeda. The government was not there to see who is sleeping with who (étant monnaie courant) or who is going to drink and drive. It is out to catch the terrorists, yetpeople cried for their privacy. People use emails and telephone or letters to communicate so if the government cannot control those mediums, how do you expect to be protected?

Later there were projects to use human scans at the airports. People wrote and cried foul; even calling it “electronic strip search” . If this same scan was used, they would have seen the belt on Abdulmutallab’s waist, and we would not have been talking about it here. But for one reason or the other, some people have problems with even negative images of their bodies. Who cares if you are a man parading as a woman? The airport official has many people to see per day that by the end of the day, he or she would have even forgotten of you. In addition, those images were to be destroyed at the end of each day, yet the Americans cried again like spoiled babies. Suddenly they hear about the Nigerian, and they whine again that the government is not doing enough. How would the government do enough to protect you when you do not even want a scan through your body?

There was Guantanamo Bay to keep terrorists, yet the Americans think it is too harsh. Terrorists are not normal criminals who should be incarcerated in normal jails. They have been trained in stoic condition and how to endure pain. You need waterboarding techniques for people like that or other hard interrogating techniques to squeeze information from them. It is difficult to argue against the morality of waterboarding. Nonetheless, the Americans again cried we want to be like other people, but you do not have the same challenges though. They want to kill you if they see you.

Listen; before you make omelet you must break eggs. If you do not want to break the eggs, then you cannot eat omelet. If America wants security, people should be ready to give up some of their rights and privacy. It would seem each time there is a foiled terror plan, that is the time security is number one, and then they get up and start blaming foreigners. No Nigerian should fear for a backlash because late McVeigh and Lindh were not Nigerians. It will be sheer primitivism to think that because a Nigerian has acted as a terrorist every Nigerian is one. Then that way we should have said all Americans are terrorists since McVeigh and Lindh were Americans.

The Nigerians have nothing to fear. The father warned the American Embassy, but they neglected it . More so, the father himself took his two legs and went to the American embassy to tell hem that his child could be dangerous. As usual , what comes from America is number one; anything else is not too good. So poor intelligence they thought and was neglected.

Notwithstanding though, now Africans are becoming more and more familiar faces on American TV with crime. If it is not terrorism, it is a fraudster., but the blame lies with Americans with whom most are unaware of the surroundings of the world. You meet someone from Pakistan, you talk politics of the world. You meet a Latin American on visit, you talk sports of the world. You meet an African, you discuss world religions. But, you meet an American, and he/she asks you who is the president of Africa. You come from Cameroon? How far is that from Nigeria? Do you guys live with monkeys? To make some of them even feel important, I tell them I leant how to wear clothes here. Lord have mercy!

See a clear example, they are still being scammed with puppies, or that my father died and left me a lot of money. Who is being scammed again with black paper money, my God! Scams that if anyone was just a little bit informed they will rise above. Look; when a man comes and scams 30 churches , that is ignorance! The most interesting one is this Survivor TV show . You have spoiled brats rubbing themselves in mud you call them survivors. People born with bread and butter are talking about survivor. This is what a survivor means; when someone allows a python to swallow his leg so him and his friends can in turn kill it for food to survive . Here is another video showing people surviving to make a living. Here is a woman using her legs to open a bottle of beer to entertain people just to earn a living .

Every American should learn about the urgency of terrorism else they remain ignorant and keep singing the song of privacy. We all must accept the full body scans . Do Americans want every service man and woman to be killed before they realize how urgent this terrorism thing has become? This is not what the founding fathers intended. They ran away from fear so that we should not have to live in fear. That was the American dream; it is not a good car, big house and huge bank account. What shall avail us if we have all of this but live in fear?
Until then, give this scan the utmost publicity.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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