Saturday, December 19, 2009

Foe Atangana: When An Ambassador Embarrasses His Country.

There could be a million and one versions out there, but the undeniable truism is that the ambassador was involved in a scuffle as you read from the neutral American press . Should the ambassador be in the embassy minding diplomatic and local business, or should he be in the street fighting? When he was being sent to the US, was fighting in the street part of his job description? Was he hired as a bouncer to the embassy, or was he appointed as the ambassador of the Cameroon government to the US? Some to sway public sympathy alleged that Sesekou Joe Mbu asked for $2,800 and when confronted they said Mr. Mpeck asked for $2,800. All bundles of fabrications!

Public records state that when the police dispatcher was sent to the embassy because the police was called that the ambassador was being assailed; the police officer on arrival made some discoveries. The police report states clearly that the ambassador was at the wrong and if not of diplomatic immunity he should have been arrested. Initially they thought Mr. Mpeck was at fault but after on- the-scene investigation and witness statement, the police discovered that the ambassador was the assailant. The reason why the ambassador was not arrested was due to his invocation of the diplomatic immunity else he should have been arrested for simple battery. The Camera woman was transported to the hospital because she suffered a neck injury for hitting her head on the car, and her camera was damaged.

Stepping out of the embassy space was overstepping his bounds and punishable as privacy invasion. Surprisingly some in the Diaspora are happy he did it because it is the CPDM against a member of government. How can you be happy when people are being denied their inalienable divine entrusted rights to every human being? While we are struggling to stay afloat racist waters in the US, the guillotine blade of oppression is still pursuing us from Africa. And you think it is normal?

Immediately after the saga, some to invest for future favors from the ambassador quickly rose to the ambassador’s defense. The most notable is the impostor calling himself Chairman of MECA USA. The usurper (in whose veins flows no iota of truth) in his usual tintinnabulation quickly put out a rambling prose making CPDM (ruling party) USA the scapegoat because he has an axe to grind with its president-Sesekou Joe Mbu.

Mr. Mpeck obtained an authorization under his organization for Mpeck and associates where he recruited more than 20 Cameroonians to protest. Before he went to the embassy, he had forewarned the embassy, and the State Department, and obtained even a permit to march. He did not march with any CPDM uniform. How does it concern CPDM? No one knows except some like Mrs. Tamfu who threatened Tata Asok Akebe Mbi Ebini.

Mr. Mpeck is of age to assume responsibility of his own actions and did that on his own volition, and not even under the guise of CPDM. Within the CPDM, meetings were help to pressurize Mr. Mpeck to apologize and coerced disciplinary action. It does not mean because someone is in the CPDM, he or she cannot stand against evil in the country. Mr. Mpeck was not protesting as a CPDM member; he was acting under his NGO. The embassy and ambassador are not the property of the CPDM; they are for all Cameroonians. Consequently, CPDM by intervening was converting the misbehavior of the ambassador into a CPDM imbroglio.

The crux of this matter is the violation of human rights. Isn’t it the Big Man Syndrome that has possessed our ambassador to think that he can just get up, cross the road and go kick the butts of those “foolish boys and girls” trying to march against “his” embassy? Whether Mr. Mpeg and his group marched for money or not, whether he is CPDM or not is inconsequential.

The CPDM members who refuse to condemn such behavior are actually the ones tarnishing the image of the party because the ambassador has the local police and secret service to maintain peace and security. This is unacceptable behavior for an ambassador and unacceptable in the 21st century as Innocent Chia decries to the Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton. Who fights with a woman nowadays? Or who beats up women again nowadays?

He had two ways he could have handled the issue: step outside and tell the protesters, listen: I am with you. I will investigate the matter. We will not accept corruption. Or he would have called them in and given them drinks. If they were hungry people as is usually the sickness of Cameroonians they will eat, drank and dance and like Tamfu and the sheep they will all dance out mock mock mock and start singing meh meh meh. “Long live the ambassador and may Mpeck and his other enemies die before their time”. Unfortunately, he wanted to give a free exhibition of his fighting skills.

The commentaries ran thus: oh well, the ambassador just gave Mr. Mpeck a jab with the left hand, a jab with the right hand and an upper cut. Mpeck seems to retreat and now the ambassador stalks the female photographer, kaka her ndama (holds her under the guillotine choke); trying to submit her, she scratches his eyes, and runs away. As the ambassador was crossing the road back to the embassy, he was knocked down by a bike. The police tries to separate the fight, but the spectators urged them to fight on. I heard a female voice say: "leave them make they die, na so so CPDM them". Another one shouted again: you no di shame sef you di fight woman. An American passing by wondered aloud: "did you say that is the ambassador of Africa. Which part in Africa"? Since there is no referee the spectators (especially SCNC and SDF) are the umpire: they count one, two and three, and the ambassador is out. He loses the fight because he runs back into the embassy.

Nonetheless, the ambassador is a human being, he made a mistake; he should invite the community together and apologize for such misbehavior. His mistake should not outweigh his good projects. I will invite both Mr. Mpeck and the ambassador to negotiate out of court. Even if Mr. Foe Atangana is sent back to Cameroon and a new ambassador sent here, it does not mean good reforms. Together let us rally behind him and give him the support he needs to turn the embassy around. I hear he has wonderful plans. So let’s give him our support so that he implements these policies.

Until then, I wish both parties well.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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