Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas: Carpe Diem or Lebensfreude?

Christmas was not for Carpe Diem and existentialism. Carpe Diem is not lebensfreude; it is a sign of hopelessness and frustration. The Israelites were in a national danger from the attack of the Assyrians who had surrounded them. Rather than repent for God to help them they decided to embrace the philosophy of Carpe Diem by saying: let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die” (Is 22:13).Many people say let us eat and drink for we have only one life to live. That is not true. Even those who do not go to church know that there is life after death and each life carries consequences. We all know that if we had a way of solving our shortcomings or sins, transform our hopeless situations and conjure a magic prayer for God to answer us instantaneously we will not; I mean no one will say let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die. Rather many will look into the future with hope and anticipation and everybody will say let us eat and drink for tomorrow we live. So is Christmas for making merry or merry making?

There has never been a solved debate on the validity of the 25th of December as the day Christ was born. However, everyone is certain the date foreshadows hope and foretells a bright future for those who will trust in Him. On the day He was born, began the beginning of redemption and the paroxysm was his death. Christ died that humanity may have rest and hope. Many have joined in this celebration and a few more resist and reject the feast. They argue that they are not Christians. Whether they believe in him or not or trust the date or not one question abounds: Does Christmas really bring hope to you?

During Christmas we have traditionalized the habit of giving gifts and perfunctory Christmas wishes. I mean wishes that mean really nothing. Even in the course of giving the ethos thereof is defeated because the gifts nowadays have two classes: the poor man’s gift and the rich man’s gift. Gifts actually were for the poor and not for the rich. When the Jews had rested from all their enemies and their sorrow was turned to joy; from mourning into a good day they decided to feast and enjoy, sending portions to one another and gifts to the poor (Esther 9:22). Wasn'that true delectation and true lebensfreude?

Let me ask you this: if you are running away from creditors and collectors, would you tell me you are enjoyng life? If you are a valetudinarian would you tell me you are enjoying life? If you longed for a life partner and cannot have would you tell me Christmas (joy and peace) has come unto you? If your family is in tatters would you tell me that Christmas has come unto you? What would one day celebration do unto you?

No one would do drugs if they are happy. No one will divorce if they are happy. No one will kill if they are happy. No one will cheat in their marriage if they are happy. No one will prostitute themselves if they are happy. All these vices occur because somewhere beneath, I mean underneath our much hidden and synthetic lives we feel unfulfilled. The fact that you want a family but your time of bearing children and starting a family is slipping away should make you approach life differently. I mean in repentance of your sins so that God who gives true enjoyment would give you the desire of your heart and bring you real joie de vivre. Wouldn't you now desire tue Christmas?

Until then, Happy and Christful Christmas.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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