Saturday, December 26, 2009

Are Black Women Victims In Tiger's Harem Saga?.

Rev Al Sharpton did not say that Tiger should have varied his harem of mistresses. It was a satire. However, there is such a notion "why are you successful black men always running after white women"? So the satire is merely echoing aloud what some are murmuring in their corridors. As a man who has had an unfaithful brother in law, and a friend who has gone through an unfaithful husband, I can say the victim here is Elin and not Tiger or the black women.

Perhaps we should have argued that the black women are also the victims for not being murdered by Matthew Emanuel Macon since he raped and murdered 5 white women. If the black woman is a victim because Tiger did not cheat with her then she is a victim too when Matthew did not murder her. I don’t think Tiger not cheating with any black ladies should affect them. Perhaps it may merely say that it is difficult to cheat with a black lady and for it to stay a secret for a long time since the scope of the secret will be limited and could easily bring divulgement due to the limited cultural setting too. In addition, one does not need to cheat with the black woman to proof that the black woman is beautiful too. It is a matter of preferences and choices. He prefers white ladies; short and simple.

In addition, since the wife had made herself very mysterious it would be possible for some ignoramus to see him with the woman and think that he is with the wife because most people did not even know the wife. It is this cheating saga that made the wife to be known a little bit. If he was seen with a black lady it would be very easy for anyone to say I saw him in the hotel with a black woman because we know he is not married to a black woman. Those could be some of the reasons why Tiger may not have cheated with the black lady.

Indeed every reasonable person would agree with you and me that Elin was and is a far greater victim than Tiger. Those undoings you have unraveled as being the prima facie of his aberrations could be regulated with his superego (what we generally call a conscience). Don’t you think if he had such great privation at childhood then he had a conscience too? The length of his privation does not supersede the length of his freedom. How would his childhood have been a factor when he was liberated from the age of 18. This is the age of majority in America and most or all kids take their rights into their own hands. Neither his father nor mother wooed those ladies for him. So how would his childhood be much a factor though? This is a man that had the world under his feet, and from whose straw vultures sucked nectar that made them rich.

Notwithstanding, the quality of his women leaves much to be desired. No wonder they are crawling out of their holes for big paydays and per diems after all who would have heard of them. I will reunderline a few concepts and principles about marriage. If I were Elin, I would not divorce, but I will not increase the prenuptials for it makes her look like a commodity on lease with a lien holder. The advertisement could easily read: Wife for lease, 75 millions in 7 years and the parents hold the lien. Almost like a car on lease with the bank as lien holder. What a wicked way of debasing another human being.

I have heard many ask this question: “why did he even get married in the first place”? Yes, I may reask the same question. Marriage is a bond in blood sexually administered. That means; two people: male and female enter into a covenant and vow their lives to each other until death do them part. At that moment they surrender the rights of their bodies to their spouses and vice versa. They then embark on a journey to make each member of the covenant happy and joyful in their trust, honesty, faithfulness, love and care. Cheating out of marriage shows unhappiness and shows a disregard for the covenant. You see, marriage is not for everyone and for those who can stay without getting married they should do that but if you get married there are norms you must abide by. You can no more live your life as if you are single and ready to mingle; sleeping here and there: sucking this straw and licking this lollipop for they come with consequences.

My late sister picked up diseases from her late unfaithful husband. It was a nightmare to us for who knew what diseases will kill her. Sadly, that which we feared was what finally befell her. So definitely, without even the personal testimony of my sister just the fact that the Bible is against infidelity I will and every Christian too should be against it no matter what color or gender you are.

Unfaithfulness is really something that damages the soul and lives of the victims.Surprisingly people are quoting Angelina Jolie who says she believes in open relationship . She is absolutely right. Why shouldn’t she? First she took another woman’s (Jennifer Aniston) man: Brad Pitt and we can see what Jennifer became thereafter. She has tried to show a plastic smile and joy in public but she is a shadow of the buoyant young woman America and the world had known. If Jolie says she believes in close relationship then she destroys her own very character, because she will be asked to restitute Jen’s husband first before she is eligible to mount the soapbox of fidelity. So to still be a woman of probity and decorum, and the husband snatcher we all know her to be, she will need to embrace open relationships as a model that is fair and equitable.

The problem in this case is that neither Tiger nor Elin went in for an open and closed relationship. In America what we know is monogamy. If he wanted to be a polygynist he should have moved to Africa or Latin American so he can marry 101 wives like late Mongo Faya or King Sobhuza II who had 70 wives and more than 1000 kids. While I do not place monogamy above polygamy, I do believe that people should stay within the confinements of their covenants. If you signed for monogamy you must be a monogamist with no side mistresses left and right. That teaches young people to uphold faithfulness and honesty.

Nevertheless, whether he cheated with a black lady or a white woman, cheating is cheating and it is infidelity. It destroys the covenant and destroys the marriage. Once a marriage is kaput then divorce is eminent and the kids pick the broken pieces. A chain of unhappy, and less family oriented citizens are being raised. The cycle continues.

Until then, Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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