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Should The Military Deploy a soldier Mom With An Infant Child?

On July 14th, 2009, Rachel Weiner wrote in The Huffington Post about Stefan Frederick Cook : an army reservist who signed up for active duty but refused to be deployed because he thinks that President Obama should not have been the president in the first place. This is a man who volunteered for a tour in May, but in July he had a problem obeying the chief of staff. Wonders shall never end! His protest recruited 170 more soldiers who were ready to reject deployment to protest the president’s citizenship .

On Friday, November 13th, 2009, Truthout published an article written by Dahr Jamail about a US Army specialist: Alexis Hutchinson; a single mother who was being threatened to be court-martialed if she did not follow her deployment orders . Her reason for refusing the orders is that she has an 11 year old baby and lacks anyone to keep her child. Her case raised two issues in the society: the absence of good family structures, and the absence thereof of equity in the military.

It would be strange to hear that she could not find someone to keep her child, but that actually could happen when we consider that most people are growing up nowadays without knowing their relatives, with the exception of their parents. Even those who have siblings have very bad relationships with them, and some do not have friends at all.

The second thing is that the military in most cases lacks equity in the application of its jurisprudence. One would think that every father or mother making the decision about a soldier’s deployment would automatically consider a woman with an 11 month old infant out of his deployment calendar. Oh no, it is soldier number this should be deployed this time. Human beings are mere numbers to the military; thus rupturing the bond that exists between mother and child.

There is some talk now about Hutchinson facing military court martial . At times the call of duty may beckon for a temporal rupture. There is nothing bad in this because before she joined the army, she read all the contours on deployment and deserters. It is like a teacher who complains of low salary, or a doctor who complains of smelling patients. The teacher knew the salary cap before going in, and the doctor knew that most sick people do stink. She knew very well about the army deployment rules before she joined the military.

We should not encourage people to abuse the system. The army’s main job is to fight wars to defend home and foreign interests. Therefore, when an individual is joining the army, he/she should be ready to fight. There should be no sympathy for those who join the army on their own volition and then reject the assignments of the army as if it was facultative. That is wrong: it is unethical and it is exploitative. Most female soldiers have been known to get pregnant to avoid a deployment, and men have been known to shoot themselves as an accident to return home from the war front. These tactics are no more new, they are real.

However, there are issues too with deploying unwilling soldiers. They go to the front and bring the morale of the others down. They do most of the assignments wrongly and when they come back they are a timed bomb to explode with internal anger against not only those who made them monsters but even the innocent. In the Old Testament, there were soldiers who were exempted for deployment; those who had projects and new ventures, the newly wed and the fearful and fainthearted (Deut 20: 5-9; Jud 7:3). During this time, women did not fight a war, and had it been they did the issue of child birth would have been considered. The worst soldier is that fearful and fainthearted because he will contaminate the rest of the soldiers with fear. The military may want to consider going with first a few willing until there is lack thereof before forcing soldiers.

Nevertheless, It should be noted that the military still has room for conscientious objectors: soldier who refused to fight a war due to religious, ethical or moral grounds. However, if you do not want to be deployed, you should not join the army in the first place.

Until then, if she serves her deployment her charges should be dropped.

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