Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Road Signs Of Life We Miss Daily.

Life is like a mysterious highway; at times we bypass those who would have made us happy on the other side of the road either because of our myopia or hyperopia. We were driving with my friend, and my younger brother. The driver distractedly ran the red light, and my brother exclaimed, “Jeff, you just ran the red light!” With great bemusement, Jeff replied, “Where is it?" So I said, “You know Jeff is purblind. If he did not even see it, how would he have even stopped?” Many people drive on the highway of life as if they are visually impaired to the road signs. Here are 20 or so basic hugger-muggers to calm your plangent screeches when next you see them.

Know that the roads are of different levels: interstate, state, county roads and other roads. That means; human beings are different, and we will never be the same. Before you enter into the road, there is a sign telling you to Yield or completely stop to upcoming traffic until it is safe for you to enter. That way you give consideration for human lives and your own life. There are many people who treat others as nonentities, and they believe after them comes the flood. They have neglected love your neighbor as yourself. Some drivers see a work zone sign, but they still speed, lacking consideration for those who are working by the road side. Others have no respect at all for pedestrian crossing. You know a good person how they treat other people. You will determine someone’s righteousness and love for God by the wrongness or rightness of their relationship with other human beings. How would you treat well God you do not see if you cannot treat well people you see? If we will treat well those we meet, marriages will not go kaput; there will be no fights, and there will be no wars.

On most roads are signs like No Littering or No Dumping. Each of us has their own waste but don’t dump them in the street. Why do some people carry their bad manners into the public? Yes, like your friend! You know who I am talking about.

One day, I sat in a restaurant and overheard a customer berate a hostess for poor service for almost 5 minutes; she was not giving her much attention. Bring this, take this back, remove this vegetable and bring that. Why didn’t you stay in your house to cook if you knew how to cook that well ? You are here berating the poor kid for nothing. Perhaps for the little tip you intend to give; worst still she did not leave any tip. I doubled our tip for the kid. Keep your intractable manners in your toilet, for everyone has them, but the civilized ones keep theirs in a Pandora box until you stubbornly open it.

Each of these roads requires a different level of consideration. So which road of life are you driving on? Each of these roads has speed limits, but many people do not respect them, and they end up in a ditch. If you live on 1000 miles per hour: suck on every straw you find and swim in every swimming pool you can afford, you may end up wrecking your life with STDs and a lot of emotional hurts. If you drink every bottle you find and snuff every powder you meet, your beloved will soon pen your elegy.

Ok now you have left the highway, and you are in the street. Here it really gets interesting. Some people see a Do Not Enter sign which means do not enter a restricted road but still enter . This always causes great hurt! When a woman is married, it means you should leave her alone. You are prohibited from penetrating that road again for life! Why do you know he is a player, yet you still believe in his thaumaturgy? You still let him to wheedle his way into your life. What Do-Not- Enter sign again do you want my dear?

Or perhaps you see a Dead End sign, and you still drive until you meet the dead end. Stop taking your life into dead ends. How do you marry a eunuch, and you want him to give you babies? Is he going to harvest them from the farm or buy them from the store? Once you see that a relationship is going no where please, make a U-Turn. But again remember you do not make U-Turns everywhere. Like some people who break up their relationships over the phone or like a guy who divorced the wife by just running away from the house to another country.

Ding Dang Dolor ran away leaving everything he bought; never took even a dime from their account. He just wanted to leave the past behind and face the new future. If you are going for a lady like that you should look well at the winding sign. It tells you that road is not straight; there is danger on it. My sister, I know that women run away, but if a man ran away from you in this manner, then we have to consult some divine oracles. Your case could be very sad; skullduggery does not need experience to figure out.

Many people have been killed because they did not respect the Railway Crossing. You see, it is good to fight but not every battle is worth the fight. Select your battles because after some shocks, you will never recover. When a train hits you or your car, even if you survive, you will never be the same; either you will be on life support, or you will be like a hobbledehoy.

The Four Way Stop sign is for you to look on those three other directions. Many people are only unidirectional, and some drive like monoblepsists. Because we are different that is why we will always see things differently. Do it my way or no way they insist. I have not understood why some people get angry when someone disagrees with them. People will never mimic your thought pattern so just get over it.

When you reach your destination, check well how you park. Learn to stay within your limits. The problem today is how lawyers want to be teachers, and teachers want to be dancers. People should learn their limits and learn to respect the space of others. I don’t mean that you commit abortion, and I pay for your evil. It simply means that I recognize you are morally bankrupt, and I do not make you an enemy. Until we become God, we must consider the morally handicapped in our society.

Have you reached a Dead End in your life? Do you think the road to life is going nowhere? Do you realize keeping the same high speed in life will soon make you history? Failure to heed to the road signs has led many to miserable ports and ennuis. While your conscience: the only police to check the highway of life does not issue citations, there is a maelstrom that blows away the defaulters into unhappy endings. Many have passed their exits due to failure to follow the road signs. Isn’t there a reason you keep passing your exit to life’s Joy? You may never reach your destination. The road signs of life are your true protection. Will you do that?

Until then, God bless you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
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“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

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