Sunday, November 8, 2009

Camara Moussa Dadis: The Man the French Hate

It is really strange to hear that the European Union has imposed sanctions on the leaders of Guinea. The sanctions will include a visa embargo and a request to freeze Camara Dadis’ bank accounts in the Schengen countries because he authorized the killing of some protesters. Make no mistake, it is unethical to kill protesters just for protesting. I extend my condolence to their families and friends, and do hope that their blood was not spilled in vain. Dadis Camara did expressed deep regrets for the loss of human lives.

However, this is where no sane African country should support those sanctions. The human rights and transparency reports have painted a gloomier picture of Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea but no sanctions were taken. Reread this excerpt on Congo Brazzaville and tell me if sanctions were taken.

No sanctions were taken because these are all French puppets who saunter into France and Europe to hide their stolen money and enjoy infrastructures they have failed to provide for their people. Like Dadis rightly said it; France is an albatross on Africa, and indeed even a misfortune to the Africans.

One thing one can learn from Camara Dadis is that he is transparent. He has told the world he does not have another bank account elsewhere apart from his home country of Guinea. How many African presidents have their bank accounts only in their country?

The West rather than impose sanctions and visa freeze on people like Dadis and Mugabe simply because they disagree with them, they should go after tyrants who have embezzled and plundered their countries into an insurmountable abyss.
African presidents have the tendency to run to Europe for treatment while they abandon their destitute citizens to die of treatable diseases at home simply because of lack of infrastructures. They should be asked to improve their own hospitals back at home so that they can be treated there.

Those who are fighting for Dadis departure are more corrupt, worst killers, and murderers than him. The opposition sends their children abroad but invites the children of the poor to fight for them. Why don’t their own kids champion their cause if it was so great? If Dadis leaves today, it will plunge Guinea into a precarious and troubling state. Indeed if the old guards are made to come back it will not be different from putting new wine into old wineskins or even putting old wine into old wineskins. Just like it will merely make the old wineskins to explode, Guinea will explode too. No one would remain blind to the killings that took place in Uganda and Kenya.

Sometimes there is need for the Corrupt Bargain but in Guinea right now even that is lacking because there is nothing to bargain about. In a situation like this people should rather be happy having individuals like Dadis rather than curse him for a peccadillo. Due to Corruption many Africans are dying more than those shot during a protest. Corruption has engendered poor health and reduced the life span of many due to wretched living.

Critics say Dadis should be diplomatic at least. Killing in whatever form is evil and should not be condoned. Others say that he does not use tack because he speaks sincerely and honestly. Actually Dadis is making more sacrifice than is necessary. He studied in Germany, spent his time in the military, and went back home to serve his country. There are many flibbertigibbets who are mere economic migrants prescribing rodomontades on worldwide web. Others say he does not speak good French. A language does not develop a country; reforms do. A good leader must not necessary be a linguist. Already he is delivering by sending corrupt Guineans into hiding. That alone is great hope for others to look into the future with hope and anticipation.

Until then, Dadis has what many African presidents do not have.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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