Saturday, November 28, 2009

American Youths: The Ticking Time Bomb

Surely you have heard about group homes. Surely you have heard about foster care. Surely you have heard about many kids being seized from their parents either because their parents were deemed a danger to them, or the environment was deemed a danger. Surely you know these kids were put under the tutelage of The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) who either puts them into group homes, foster care homes or shelters supposedly to save them from danger. Surely you have heard that most or all of these kids are drugged (put under medication) to make the job of the workers easier. Surely you have heard that these places have become a danger to them than the benevolent guardian they thought.

That is an irony of situation. I was privileged to visit a group home in 2000. It was a family who took in kids. All the kids living in that house were under medication (Benadryl): an antidepressant.

In that house lived amongst others, a little black boy called Macus (misnomer). He loved to play and laugh, but to the house owners, "his medicine is not working." If he ran into trouble in school, they increased the dosage of his medication to soften him because he should be behaving well. When will a child play again if he does not play in his adolescence and teens? I did not understand why a child like that would be put under medication, and as I probed the business owners more, they told me “that is what DFCS wants us to do”. As I spoke with DFCS, I realized that is what the drug companies want DFCS to do. It is all about making profits; drug and sacrifice a generation just for money.

Just of recent, I met a little white girl at a bus stop. She was polite and greeted me jocundly. It was strange because most American teens and even adults seldom greet you, and even when you greet them, they look at you like you meant them evil with that early morning greetings. When you greet some of them, they ignore you, and others answer in their throat like you are their nightmare. At times, you ask yourself within why you are even debasing yourself greeting someone of that caliber.

If Christ is your boss, you learn to love even those who hate you. You learn to greet everyone you see. You learn to help everyone you meet. You do it because the Bible tells you that God wants you to do so. That is the only way you can show you are different (Mt 5:47). That is why it was strange for the child to greet me.

Underneath her smile, her face foretold the lack thereof of lebensfreude. As we conversed deeper, she unraveled her life. She was seized from her mother when she was barely 11years old. Now she is 19 and will soon turn 20. She has been living in a group home hitherto. In there, under the system she was medicated against her wishes and at times with stronger medication that made her drowsy during the day. They thought they were drowning her sorrows and saving her from depression. She too thought so and says “that medication has actually helped me some times, but this one is just too strong for me”.

As I peered deep into her face, her eyes reflected eyeballs of drugs. “You look like you do drugs” I asked. She said “I began doing drugs when I was 11, but I have stopped it on my own. Today it is just that I needed some money to cook food for thanksgiving, but I am also on medication”.

Two months later in a hotel where we were holding our meetings, I had stepped out to make more arrangements with the hotel owners and was dressed in my traditional regalia. A young woman called Ashley stood by my side. She was curious why we were dressed like that. I explained to her. She thank me and was about to go. I called her back and said “young woman, you are naturally a beautiful girl, but drugs are drowning that beauty”. In no time, she told me that she began doing drugs under DFCS custody; that when she turned 18 she left the place, and since then she has continued with the habit. But she knows when to quit; she is just waiting for the right time.

In my traditional regalia

Three people from different places living under DFCS have told me they are and were medicated. So, do you think people should be medicated for nothing? Before, at 24, and you have not been kissed you were proud of your chastity. But now at 16, and you have not been kissed you think something is wrong with you. Why do you think the kids cannot more pass entrance exams into the military ? It is now proven science that “brain- and behavior-altering drugs” are “fully capable of causing both short-term and long-term brain damage” . That means; all those anti depressants and tranquilizers are building human neurotic grenades that will exploded with little help from societal pressure.

Here are then a few things the government could do to solve this problem. Religion should be taught back in school to give kids hope. Kids who are displaced should be given mentors rather than left to fend on their own in those homes. DFCS should not take someone’s kids if they have relatives that could keep the kids. Until all attempts for relatives to keep the kids have failed, kids should not be taken into state protective care for it is evident that DFCS is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The kids under DFCS should not be placed under medication except if the child has shown traits of depression or other neurotic symptoms. A child should not be put on Benadryl as a solution to his or her behavior problem. There are better ways of disciplining or controlling a misbehaving child. The kids of today are the future of tomorrow. If those today are drugged as they grow up, when they get old we will reap drug addiction and its consequences.

Until then, watch out; we are setting a timed bomb.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
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