Saturday, October 17, 2009

Would You Like to Marry A Good Man?

"Why must good girls always like Bad Boys" is a question Gabrielle asked me. Many times you have seen a good girl with a “Bad Boy” that many times we wind up asking why they are together or where they ever met. Sometimes too you have seen a very good man with a baaaad girl. You know what I am talking about. Don’t you?

It did not start today; it has always been that way. Can you tell us why Eve was flirting with Lucifer? Do you? Sometimes the bad spouse is so bad that busybodies will say that the victim is under a spell. Can anyone tell me why Abigail married Nabal (a man whose name means fool)? Perhaps not! Ok then why did good boy Samson marry bad girl Delilah? No answer still? One more time; do you know why Ahab married bad girl Jezebel? Huh huh you shake your head. Great, now listen to this oracle.

As you flash back again you can quickly understand that Eve’s tragic flaw was hyperopia (excessive lust or as we say it in Pidgin: Langa or Big Eye). Though she could eat every fruit in the garden except one, she still wanted the forbidden. She desired every eye-pleaser, and though wise, she wanted more wisdom (Gen 3:6).

Even when Samson had found that Delilah wanted to kill him, he still persisted in the relationship (Judges 16:1-31). Have you heard the proverb pride comes before a fall? Such was his hamartia. Samson thought that no matter what he did no one would ever hurt him even if he gave out his secret. He thought he would “.. Go out as at other times before, and shake up himself” as of old to walk away from his enemies. Mistake! Once you give your enemies your secret you cannot walk scourge free.

Nabal was a rich man and his name means fool. Do you know how beautiful women marry ugly men simply because they are rich? Abigail means father’s joy. It was not like Abigail did no know him as son of Belial (I Sam 25:17) but he was rich, and her desire to partake in his riches blinded her shrewdness. That is why she made amends of his trouble without informing him (I Sam 25:23-31).

Ahab wanted power and that meant even an unholy alliance would be accepted. Who again was better placed than Jezebel whose father Ethbaal (I Kings 16:31) enjoyed the favor of Baal as his name indicated? His tragic flaw was absolute power. Jezebel was a very wicked woman that everyone knew but Ahab decided to marry her. These were not blind marriages because before a wedding took place in those days, the families had enough information of the bride and groom.

God men are scarce (prov 20:6). Right? Did you say yes? Good! I have told you why people marry bad people, but I must summarize the characteristics of a good person from Philippians 2: 19-30. A good man is a caring person (v 20) and he keeps the interest of others first (v22). The same recommendation of selflessness is accorded to Epaphroditus (V 30). These two: care and altruism are key ingredients in a good man.

Conclusively, good people fall in love with bad people for the following reasons: hyperopia, prestige and power. They are not satisfied with what they have like the case of Eve. Or like Samson, their pride keeps them away from learning from the mistakes of other. They think it can only happen to others but not them. Or Like Ahab, they desire to be all powerful. Nonetheless there are still good people out there and you can know them because they are caring and selfless.

Until then, find God be with you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
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