Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moussa Dadis Camara: Hero or Villain?

By the time he seized power through a bloodless military coup in December 23, 2008, he has been in the army for 17 years; holding different positions, and going through different studies and internships . Camara Moussa Dadis is a sociable, amicable and generous guy who has the burden of the country at heart. He reassured Guineans that him and his team are not power hungry. To Dadis, corruption is the killer of the Guineans.

Guinea Conakry is a country rich in “bauxite, iron ore, oil, diamonds, gold, uranium, hydropower, fish and salt” . Naturally, Guinea is not poor but it has been pillaged by corrupt government officials. Guinea Conakry has many unpaved roads despite being the lucrative trade route of South American cocaine to Europe. Children are even malnourished in Conakry’s only children hospital . What would be a better way to daunt such an evil if it is not by humiliating those who persist in it?

Guinea has had only two presidents: Sekou Toure and Lansana Conte since gaining independence from France in 1958. Why should two people rule a country for 51 years? When Camara Dadis took power, he dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution and all other intuitions because those institutions had become redundant that they could no more solve the problems of Guinea.

Certainly, no one doubts that corruption is the cankerworm or palmerworm that has penetrated into the very DNA of African life from politics to sport, and from religion to economics. The whole place is messed up! Now a man has come trying to inject the society with young blood and all of a sudden he is evil. Africans are too used to corruption that they think their corrupt state is normal.

It is normal for those who come with changes to be considered mad or crazy. Those who are used to the Bible will know a thing or two about Jesus. When he outlined his mission, the people took him to throw him into a cliff (Lk 4:28-30). Since they could not harm him, they mocked him that he had Beelzebub (chief of demons: Mk 3:22). People are allergic to change, and the change bringer is always considered a troubler or madman

There are many people today who read and listen to Camara Dadis thinking that he is a joker. Those who wanted the corrupt status quo to persist claim he is mad; he is disgracing the face of Guinea, he is exposing the nakedness of the Guineans.
Listen and listen well; he is clothing Guinea and giving hope to the younger generation. The young people all over Africa and in most developing countries should hold him in high esteem if he continues with these polices. So far, he gives hope to the unemployed graduates parading the streets of African countries as professional mendicants. The corrupt people will no more do it with courage as if it is a right; they will do it in fear knowing that if they are caught, it will be bad for them.

The West especially France is not happy because they see their interests threatened. They encourage the corrupt presidents of Africa so they can reap dividends with sham contracts where only the president and his acolytes benefit. The New York based Human Rights watch is only quick to point out what is happening in Guinea; they should have pointed millions of pages of what is happening in American jails; human beings locked up as caged animals just because of their color. Westerners encourage African presidents to think the president is the law but in their countries no one is bigger than the law.

To show that Guinea is on a good transition Camara Dadis has encouraged voters’ registration and lifted the ban on union and party activities. He boosted the confidence of Guineans when he told them that his coup is a coup against dictatorship and not against democracy since Guinea Conakry was under the iron fingers of Toure and Conte. He promised to hold elections in January 2010. Unlike his predecessors, people can at least march with minimal deaths. Hitherto he refused many attempts to bribe him and instead humiliated corrupt officials. Dadis tells the people that he will die too one day like every other person but wants to leave the people with the legacy of a just and transparent Guinea: a thing his predecessors deprived the Guineans of.

Until then, I wish him God’s protection.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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