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How Dangerous Is Voodoo? Case Study: Mary Nabila Muma

On Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:19 a Beliefs and Religion forum member: Sylvia put out this SOS:

First of all, my best friend had an affair with a local married man. She suddenly started getting sick. No HIV, she had the test but her hair has fallen out and like scaly skin. Doctors don't seem to know what’s wrong. Do you think it's some form of voodoo. Any Ideas?

Vicky Ntangsi put out this caption: “Francis Mofor has done a terrible thing” in which the first paragraph read:

Just to let you know that your boy Francis has gotten marry to a big time prostitute called Carine Sanyi, a Cameroonian here in Minnesota. Carine Sanyi is a porn star who sleeps with all the men who ask her out. It is widely known that her mother Ms. Ngong Prudencia played bulur (voodoo) to trap this innocent guy down.

On December 27, 2008, Minneapolis Star tribune writer: Elizabeth Flores reported that Mary Nabila Muma sued Gladys Feh Gwamesia for using voodoo to seize her husband, Marcellus Ndanjong Muma. Muma was the one who brought Marcellus to America, bought him a car and helped him to become a nurse. Despite her kindness and love, she did not understand why Marcellus would dump her to marry Gladys. According to her, it was voodoo . Despite Mary’s belief that Jesus is her lawyer, she still believes that Voodoo can overpower her very Jesus.

However, on February 9, 2009 it was reported in the AMACAM forum that Mary Muma had withdrawn her lawsuit against her ex husband Marcellus Muma.

Thursday, October 8, 2009, 10:05 PM Mary Nabila Muma reported:

Breaking News in Maryland. On Oct 8th 2009, Cameroonians in Maryland have been happy celebrating after they Learned of the breaking news that Victorine Tafrey has thrown Manyi out of her uncle's house. Sources in Maryland report that Victorine Tafrey sent her mother to OKU a few weeks ago and she buried 2 goats, some say 4 goats, some say her mother stayed in OKU for 1 week sleeping on grave yards and when she returned to Bali, she was instructed to stay indoors for 2 days. She sent her mother to do this deep ritual so she can consume her Husband - Jerry Doh with Voodoo and have power to send Ni Jerry's niece - Manyi Gladys Feh Gwanmesia out of the home. Today sources say they saw Mexican moving Manyi's things out of Ni Jerry's home. 2 months ago, Victorine Tafrey succeeded to remove 2 Cameroon girl's who were renting in Ni Jerry's house. Some people say Victorine is planning to Kill Ni Jerry because of Property reason why she is using voodoo to remove everybody out of the house and start dealing with real demons.

The narratives above sound very melodramatic, but they are all real happenings, and they are an interesting jaundice to show you how many Africans are still haunted by the residue of animism. They have left their native lands, but nativity has not left them.

Let me quickly tell you how voodoo works. You take a doll, you make a representation of your enemy, and you use a spell on or place a hex on it. Of course, for voodoo to work, one must believe in the power of the religion, for without this belief, spells and hexes are useless.

In Sylvia’s friend’s case, it could be a consequence of witchcraft. However, witchcraft diseases have the following characteristics: they appear and disappear and do not obey treatment. Their cause is never seen by our naked eyes, scans or X-rays. They are never cured with physical therapy or using physical medicine, and the victim becomes psychologically disoriented. If that is the case, then what she needs to do is fast and pray. Such a disease can only come out by fasting and prayers (Mark 9:29.) But before she starts, she must confess and forsake her sin. If she is sick and still desiring that man, she will never get well.

There are many people under voodoo spells. No matter what they do; it never works. Doors are always closing in front of them, other women always seizing their men and bosses always skipping them to promote other coworkers. There is a spell out there that someone is jinxing against you.

Thus, we must remember that the practice of voodoo is against the word of God (Deut 18:10-12; Mal 3:5), so God will not support it against his own child (Num 23:23). That is why Balaam at the orders of Balak could not curse the Israelites. It is like going to a witch doctor or voodoo priest and requesting they curse a child of God. Balaam instead blessed them. Balak was angry and told him that if you cannot curse them, then don’t bless them, but Balaam told him that anyone who tries to curse Israel would be cursed himself.

Therefore, one must acknowledge that these powers exist as principalities and dominions. Consequently, only a spiritual battle will overcome them because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12). Some Christians have tried to transfer the same practice into the church where they think that they can name a thing and claim it or name a girl and marry her. It does not work that way! if it was working, some of you would have been the spouses of some despicable people who were qucik to name and claim you.

Listen: “if God be for us, who can be against us (Rom 8:31)?" If God opens your doors, no man can close  them (Rev 3:8). Know that that battle is not yours; it is the Lords. The Lord shall fight for you (Ex 14:14). If you put on the whole armor of God and use prayers and supplications, there is no voodoo that will overcome you because the Lord’s army with you is more than what your enemy has. Is anyone threatening you with Voodoo,  and are you a Christian? Hear the word of the Lord: “Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them (2 Kings 6:16)."

Until then, Voodoo only works on those who believe in it.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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