Monday, September 7, 2009

Jaycee Dugard: A Sample of Godlessness

News broke out that Phillip Garrido abducted Jaycee Duggard and held her against her will for 18 years. The blame has been apportioned with the system and Garrido bearing the brunt thereof. After serious introspection, it is clear the blame lies beneath a veil we have failed to see through.

If it was in Africa, they would have said Jaycee was bewitched,but as you know according to Garrido, it was love that kept Jaycee in place. People are now philosophizing that she is a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome. One would have to question that injection since the Stockholm Syndrome or Helsinki Syndrome is more active only when the victim is still in captivity and has no way to flee. To adapt and survive in their new condition, they adapt and fall in love with their captor. On Larry King Live yesterday, there were two people who did business with the Garridos, Jaycee and her kids. Patty Hearst and Elizabeth Smart’s cases are two different scenarios which still are questionable when one flashes back at the original Stockholm incident. This was a peaceful resolution as to a violent take over.

Jaycee went out time and again that she would and could have called for help. Thus, this dismisses the Stockholm Syndrome as the cause for her stay. The next thing that one would have defended would be love as the rapist indicated.

Probably, this girl being abducted at 11, had not known much love before her abduction that during her abduction, she found a better life than what she had, and did not see why she should leave. That could be the possible explanation why she did not go to the police even if she was flattered and brainwashed that her parents were dead. If she was maltreated in that house, she would have sought for a means to run away in quest for better refuge.

In both the Stockholm situation and that of Duggard, it shows the failure of the police and the society rather than Phillip Garrido. The police now pays more attention to traffic tickets rather than on real criminals. The society has forgotten the parable of the Good Samaritan. The concepts that made and make a society safe are now estranged with the excesses of freedom and privacy laws. As a nation, we have failed and keep failing.

The ankle bracelet and GPS tracking device did not yield ample information to prevent Phillip Garrido from committing another crime or forearming the authorities with knowledge of his deeds. Perhaps it soothes our feelings and provides us with news to blame Phillip Garrido. You may ask me how we as a nation have failed. God is being rejected from schools. Aren’t we now forming modern zombies? The godless kids of yesterday are the evil people of today.

Yesteryears we sowed our wicked seeds in them, and today we reap in full harvest our wicked fruits. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people (Prov 14:34). How can a people practice righteousness when they deny God? A nation can only be wise in the statutes of the Lord. The Bible: bearer of those statutes has been thrown out of the lives of children. At this point in time, it is a curse rather than a blessing with the march to godlessness. This great country is skidding towards godlessness in a speed unparallel to the backsliding of any nation in history. Basic concepts of the preservation of human life have eroded to philosophical doctrines of human rights and privacy laws. The neighbor was the closest person you sought for help when in immediate need and rush. If you were running out of town, it was your neighbor who came to your succor (Ex 3:22; 11:2).

The Bible defines the neighbor as the nearest person by your house (Ex 12:4). But Jesus extended its definition to the nearest person beside you as parabled in the anecdote of the Good Samaritan. The Bible has warned the people not to bear false witness against their neighbor(Ex 20:16). False witness here meant telling lies. In the verse that follows, God adjured them not to covet their neighbor’s property which was the concept of protecting and preserving that which is your neighbor's. The notion of a neighbor was so strong that life revolved around it.

If the notion of a neighbor were properly exercised, there is no way the Garridos would have kept Jaycee for 18 years in bondage without anyone knowing. Again ask how many people really visit their neighbors? Ask how many people have gone to knock on the doors of their neighbors to find out how they are doing.

I had a friend who loved to quote proverbs 25:17 “Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbor’s house; lest he be weary of thee, and so hate thee”. This verse is against excess visits and not mere visits. How many people go to their neighbors to invite their kids to come and play with theirs? Oh yeah, women easily share their inner hurts with the least opportunity though they may tell you never to share them with with anyone. Rather, we sit behind those fences and wait for opportunities to appear on TV and start to utter rubbish about a man who was strange.

Hypocrites as neighbors nowadays are used only as gossip centers against other neighbors (Prov 11:9). By flattering your neighbor, you set a net to his feet (prov 29:5). A neighbor was supposed to dwell securely by you (Prov 3:29). If the Garridos were rich, the neighbors would have been more interested in them than that pauper condition. That confirms the Bible’s assertion that “When a man is poor he is separated even from his neighbor” (Prov 19:4).

The society must come back to God to avoid situations like this. There are many out there kidnapped. To buttress this point I want to remind you of a few examples.

Steven Stayner was abducted by Kenneth Parnell in 1965 and kept for seven years until he escaped; rescuing another abductee called Tim White. Despite the love and new family he found, it still did not prevent him from escaping once he saw an opportunity.

In January 2000, BBC published an article about a Japanese woman: Fusako Sano who was kidnapped and kept for more than 9 years in an upper storey house. Despite the love that she had for the man, the day of light was more than the years with her captor.

In September 2006, Austrian Weekly news showed an 18 year old Natascha Kampusch who had escaped from a tiny cell after 8 years in captivity by Wolfgang Priklopil. The least opportunity she had she escaped and saved her life.

April 2008 news broke out that Elizabeth Fritzi missing for 24 years was actually kidnapped by her own father-Josef Fritzi with whom she fathered 7 children in a cellar in his basement. Despite the love and chemistry they have developed immediately she found an opportunity, she took it. She did not have a means to escape and if she wanted to live longer she must adjust to her condition while she hopes.

Therefore, parents must educate their kids on how to avoid being adducted, the community and neighborhoods must become the keepers of each other and the authorities must do their job properly. Except the society learns that though the cock that crows belongs to the household but it crows affect the community, then they will not stop to be individualistic. This can only be achieved by a return to godly principles on family values.

Until then, I wish the young woman well.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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