Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Can You Determine If Someone Is Financially Responsible?

If you have money and no wisdom we call you Money-Miss-Road. These are those people who are rich for some years and later fall down like Mingili Singili. He was a rich man; he had many names like ATM, Money Man, Wholesaler, Money Fountain, and many others. Girls called him their Miroir De Jeunes Filles, Bonbon Alcoolisé and even strangers called him their friend. Sometimes you thought money was persecuting him. When he entered a night club, he chattered all the drinks and froze every account. He bought land he never used and bought cars that he did not need. Mingili Singili missed Proverbs 21:7 and all his friends ran away; girls now began saying that he had craw-craw.

A financially responsible person must apply wisdom to differentiate between wants and needs. Though money answers everything (Eccl 10:19) you should allow your wisdom to talk sometimes. That is why Pharaoh wanted Joseph because he was discreet and wise (Gen 41:39). He could plan ahead of time. People who plan for raining days are financially responsible.

Wisdom entails you plan ahead of time. That is why Solomon asks us to learn from the ant which plan for raining and dry days (Prov 30:25). I do acknowledge that there comes a time wherein you have to live hand to mouth but try to save something at least. If you have a job, sign up for a retirement account where you put an automatic amount withdrawn directly from your payroll as it lands into your account. Sometimes many people start to build a house but they cannot complete it, then they start to blame others. That is purely financial irresponsibility. The Bible says you must sit down and draw a budget (Lk 14:28-30; Prov 7:20).

A financially responsible person always draws a budget. Before he/she enters into a shop they know what they want to buy. They know what they need and buy only what they came to buy. It is not financial responsibility to be a spendthrift or shopping witch. You know you don’t have money yet you still buy and mostly on credit cards. You will lose all your 32 teeth before you finish paying all your debts. It is not financial responsibility to have 5 credit cards with most of them maxed out already.

I stood on the line one day and had a young woman waste our time with her credit cards. Each one she took out rang a message “decline”. She will say “try this one”. I could not hold my patience so I told the cashier that I will pay the $12. If you were asked to define financial irresponsibility and you do not know just look at her. You may owe a mortgage, car-note or student loan but to owe for clothes and shoes while you are working is financially irresponsible.

People borrow money to go for a date or go to the movies. Others borrow money to eat out. If you cannot have money to eat out, then cook. Sit down with family and watch the movies on TV. One of my neighbors went on vacation while behind on her rents. Before she came back from vacation there was an eviction notice and a month after her vacation she was evicted. Irresponsibility is in various forms and going on vacation while behind in your rents is one of them.

A financially responsible person makes a balance sheet (Gen 47:18). Check your accounts and be ready to fill the gaps before you are audited (Lk 16:2). The Parables of the rich fool (Lk 12:13-21) and the unjust steward (Lk 16:1-13) do attest to it. In other words you could audit yourself though it is not possible.
You know a person who is financially responsible because they avoid trouble that cause them financial loss (negotiate with your enemies before they take you to the judge (LK 12:58).All these speeding tickets (even though some of them the police is lying) are sapping away your money.

A financially responsible person ploughs back (The rich fool). Only financially irresponsible people try to show off as if they are rich (Prov 13:7). It is financially irresponsible to be giving to rich (Prov 22:16).

Finally you know a financially responsible person because they give for the work of God. It will be sheer stupidity for you to forget the source of your strength. If God does not give you good health or life you will not be able to do anything.

Actually, giving to God is multiplying your finances by a hundredfold. If you give money for the work of God and you pray for money but he does not give it to you, He might make you never to be sick or not to incur any financial loss. Yet I do not mean falling into the trap of "give, name it and claim" or these pilferings that churches and their minister are orchestrating on their parishioners. Just be wise as to who you give to, and follow the guidelines of giving for the work of God. If a pastor is living sumptuously then that church doesn’t need your money; give it elsewhere.
Until then, let us strive to be financially responsible.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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