Sunday, September 20, 2009

What Obese People Don't Want To Hear!

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There is an outcry about weight loss in the US that has turned to a comedy of farce rather than tears of distress. Even the children are now obese . The TV and internet are inundated with weight loss advertisements. The singsong in the streets today is “I want to lose weight”. Some even confuse the word lose with loose.

Let me start by differentiating the words /loose/ and /lose/. Both words are not even similar. They differ in orthoepy, orthography and semantics. So I wonder why people even mix them up. The word “loose” pronounced /lu:s/ means to unfasten while the word “lose” pronounced /lu:z/ means to be unable to keep or retain something. More importantly, the last phonemes /s/ and /z/ for loose and lose respectively make the final distinction. So the last word lose is what you mean when you are referring to not being able to keep your weight or shedding some pounds. I want to lose weight and not I want to loose weight. Not still clear? Sorry, English is my third language!

Just of recent I read that a mayor wants to ban sodas in his city to control obesity . In other words, the state will be controlling people’s personal habits and preferences. Indeed the government owes part of the blame for allowing food industries to market any type of junk to people. Isn’t the government there to protect people? But then at the same time if the government tries to intervene and regulate it, people start invoking the Bill of Rights. What a comedy of farce!
I think the government should allow people to eat and drink what they like, but if they grow obese they should pay the price. If you are smoking or doing illegal drugs your insurance is higher. Why is it not the same thing with obese people? Why should a responsible person pay for the poor judgment of the irresponsible?

Some people argue that people are obese sometimes because they are poor and can only afford for cheap food. "So why not try to distribute wealth" some will ask. Immediately people will wield placards that the government is taking them to socialism. What a comedy of farce!

Suffer me say that there is cheap food that is also very healthy. It is just Lazy habits that are leading people to fast food. It is no pride nor does it show good living or responsible stewardship to be running to the fast-food restaurants daily. Why the desserts at every meal? All these sweets are killing us. Now the thing is taking the third world countries by storm because many think that fast food is good living.

I hear some people say they grow fat because they cook almost every weekend during ceremonies. Comedy of farce! The southern states are leading in obesity. They claim that they build better families because each time they have a family gathering they have to eat. Yet the problem is not the eating but eating the bad stuff or over indulging oneself. I eat everything. When some see others exercising or talking about exercise, they say he or she is an exercise freak. So how would you lose weight easily without exercising? Another excuse I hear again down south is that people are obese because of the cuisine; they fry a lot. But again who forces them to fry though. Even there, not everyone fries.

It is no secret that healthy food could make you really fat. If you decide to eat too much of vegetables and acquire more calories than you can burn, you will definitely grow fat. At times, when you become overweight, your waist becomes bigger than your hips and this increases your chances of having diabetes. The simple exercise of twisting the waist could do the magic.

I am conscious that the more you try to encourage fat people to cut down the more you discourage them because it sounds to them like you are mocking them. So they get angry and eat more. Oh well, good for them! They should keep up the good work!

Sometimes being overweight may cause you to lose your self esteem that losing weight doesn’t mean a thing to you anymore. But who should care for you more than yourself? It is not what you eat that makes you overweight anyway but how much you eat. If the government could determine the drinking age why should the government not determine our eating habits if it will plunge the economy into tatters. An unhealthy people will bring in low returns.

Most obese people had to go on welfare because of back and knee complications. Those on welfare use government subsidies for junk food in cans. The government should force those on welfare to register in a gym for $35 a month where their participation is required or the welfare suspended.

Some people say they are Obese and happy. How would you be happy with all the complications that accompany obesity though?

It is expedient to acknowledge that some people who are fat suffer from some illness that could hinder them from exercising. These people can cut their weight down by fasting and drinking lots of fluids.

Here are a few cost effective solutions for obesity. Things like tobacco, soda and drugs should not be banned; instead they should legalize them as Mexico did . That will render the market useless and those selling it will quit. Develop self control when you see food. I mean curb your appetite. The CDC says that if you are gaining weight it means “You are eating more calories than your body is using. You will store these extra calories as fat and you'll gain weight” . You have never seen a real marathoner who is fat. Running and walking will cut your weight down. You do not need the gym. The government rather than ban soda should spend money on commercials that encourage people to run and walk. There are many counties with no walking or running pavements. The government should reorganize the roads. If you cannot run and cannot walk, then fast for fasting doesn’t kill. I have stayed 3 days with no water and no food and never died. I have stayed for seven days only drinking water and never died. So those who pretend that you will die from fasting are telling a lie. Instead, fasting will cleanse your system.

Until then, I am willing to help anyone cut down their weight.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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