Thursday, July 9, 2009

Should We March Against Immigration Deportations?

While we may march against deportation, at the same time too we must avoid having our visas expire or putting ourselves in positions where we have to be defensive because we neglected our legal stay. People file for documents, but they don’t do follow-up. At times their file was rejected because USCIS requested for a document which they never submitted. It was not submitted because they did not want, have or like but simply due to address change. At times the mails got lost.All they should do is refile.

Secondly, the percentage of families broken by immigration is very low as compared to the ones we broke ourselves because of greed and pursuit of phantasmal ambitions. Marriages between Africans in the western world are breaking up now with a pace unfamiliar to our ancestors or those back at home.

Thirdly, very few illegal immigrants pay taxes. Most argue that you can only pay taxes when you have a social security and what they have is Doki. But again one could file for taxes without social security, and it is one of those aspects which they consider during amnesty for illegal immigration. The money goes to the IRS and is used for nation building or homeland security. That is why some Americans hate immigrants. They make the same money with the illegal immigrant, but the American’s is used in nation building via taxes while the illegal immigrant’s is used for other things.

Fourthly, it would be utopia to request for blanket amnesty for all immigrants. Even if I was the one, I will accord legality only to those who have contributed and do contribute to the society because if everybody lived the way they do, then we will have no roads and no services which they are running away from their countries and trying to enjoy. No illegal immigrant can say that they have never done anything to earn them some money. And if they have, have they ever paid taxes?

There are ways to get this thing fixed permanently. Immigrants should marry the Americans for better or for worse. This idea of marriage for papers is increasing hatred between the Americans and the illegal immigrants. One in every 50 Americans knows someone who was dumped by an immigrant after they had their papers. Another way is to cajole their employers to file for them. There is a heightened alertness with Adoros now that most people instead of your file being rejected you are incarcerated for false information.

Therefore, as we march let us do that after we have tried and all has failed so that we put ourselves in position of strength. These are the people that are illegal not out of their liking but because of some misfortune or the other. If we keep treating especially their women badly there is always going to be that hatred. No one wants to see his sister or brother exploited that way. No one wants to be a baboon that works and the clever monkey eats. We should be realistic in this quest.

Lastly, let us remember the boomerang effect that happened during the week when Hispanics marched. Most of the people found on TV lost their jobs. Organizations fought to get them back but could not brave the simple conditions that companies requested. “We did not know he/she was illegal. Since they appeared on TV they should bring their legal papers to work in the US and we will restore their jobs”. In other words; it is dangerous for the illegal immigrant with a job to go and be marching because it could backfire.

Until then, there are other ways to fight for documentation than marching.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
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