Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Should DNA Be Used To Determine Parental Legality for VISA?

The American Embassy in Cameroon began using DNA to determine false children from the real children of a parent(s). In some cases; some spouses found out that their spouse was either cheating or cheated on them. But in other cases they knew it was not their child but the partner filing had to pretend that he did not know the wife was cheating on him. What baffles me is how we switch constantly with this righteousness thing. When we make wayo (cheat) and get a visa we claim the Americans are not smart; we can fool them anyhow but when they develop better techniques to catch our deceptions we cry foul.

If Mitochondria DNA was also conducted the embassy will even find out that that child is neither related to the father nor to the mother and so both are telling lies to obtain a visa.

What the American embassy should do is even go further. When DNA for the father fails then they go to Mitochondria to see if the child is related to the mother at least (this time at the state’s expense). If the mother passes then they should be given the visa but if she fails too that means none of the adults is related to the mother. They should be prosecuted for fraud. That is the only way fraudulent practices like those would be curtailed and extirpated.

In most cases they are children of relatives, neighbors and friends whom people have received money. With the advent of DNA they pretend that they did not know their wife was cheating on them. After they leave that embassy you can see them laughing that “You too you dey oh; you bi di make like say na true. I beg no begin di give man shame so”.

However, there is one thing that may elude the American or westerner. That is a situation where a child was born by a relative: sister or brother and you took the child from birth; raised up the child until he or she becomes an adult. That is your child. That child does not know the father; for the father does not recognize the child and the child does not even know the whereabouts of their kpakanda father. It would be wrong for you to win the visa lottery and leave that child behind because DNA tests show that you are not the immediate or direct father of the child. Once there is ample proof that that child has no legal father and no other father except you especially with documentation there is no excuse to force a family to separate from a child who has been part of their joy from the time it was born.

Finally, Cameroonians and most Africans should blame themselves and not the Americans because rather than rebuke fraudulent behaviors they extol them and when breastworks are put in place to eliminate them they cry foul. We should encourage one another to speak the truth and nothing but the truth no matter the consequences. Refrain from asking your sister who won the DV to marry this or that or to take this niece or that nephew. We have put a bad label on ourselves that constantly reads: fraud alert; beware it may not be his child”.

Until then, blame not the American; blame your people.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
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