Thursday, July 23, 2009

The scapegoat for Cameroonian Pedophilia ?

Why do Cameroonians blame white people or tourists for pedophelia in Kribi (video)? What is the role of the Cameroonians serving as panderers? In Lady Bianca I & II, Lady Bianca the main protagonist goes home, and lures young and desperate girls, exports them overseas and puts them in a prostitution home. An African whoremistress exploiting her own people; she even provides the johns. The argument could be that they are struggling for survival. Does the struggle for survival efface integrity? Was any child forced to take these men at gun point? More so, we cannot even talk of exploitation considering that most of these children do these acts with the tacit or overt support of their parents, tutor or guardian. To a greater extent we should blame the parents for failing to raise up patricians and the kids themselves for being so ostentatious and avaricious that they carry their problems on their heads to quickly pick the bait of evildoers.

If they were brought up traditionally then the argument that they are enticed hits the brick walls customarily where a child never took anything from a stranger to use it without showing his or her parents. But with the world becoming a small village there have been crisscrossing of cultural values causing the African home bringing to fall into tatters. Biblically, a whore was lapidated but today and for years though a law exists it has never been enforced. Adulterers were put to death. Consensual sex between a fiancée and another lover meant death. Raping an engaged virgin resulted to the death of the rapist because the damsel could not defend herself. If a man rapes a woman and she cooperates without putting up any resistance then she too was culpable (Deut 22:21-29). That would eliminate some phony rape cases which are meant to extort or payback certain individuals. But these girls are not raped.

To a lesser extent the tourists and expatriates should be held responsible for contributing to the corruption. But if the parents and their kids would cure their hyperopia (langa) for western goodies these people will not sue them for rejecting their decoys. If the kids were below the age of accountability (10-0) or if these girls were raped one would hold the pedophiles entirely responsible but a closer look at the videos shows a people bent at making money in total defiance to probity. The parents and kids do that facultatively and greedily on their own rashness.

This case is almost like a bribery case, both the individual bribed and the briber are guilty because they are all involved in wrongdoing. If kids are charged for sleeping with adults the solution to Pedophilia would be cured by 45% and the pedophiles pay for 45% while patricians could bring reforms that would take care of the 10%. The child is an active participant just like the adult. One argument certain individuals would give is that the child does not think properly. If the child made a better deal would its lack of mature intelligence be blamed for the good deal? Do all adults who involve themselves into deals exhibit an equal amount of intelligence? Once a child ventures into adult acts (sex) he or she should bear the brunt that goes with it. Nature (in STDs) does not discriminate between children and adults.

No child in that video is ignorant that sex with an adult is bad. In an extortion case we could blame the extortioner while having some mercy for the victim because he had no choice. Yet even at gun point one should prefer to do the right thing and die than to do the wrong thing and live and then blame it on people. I have watched those videos and have seen the children following the grownups on their own volition. Whenever the struggle for survival supersedes moral integrity rather than make introspection, charred consciences play the blame game and fabricate scapegoats.

However, this is neither a rape nor spoliation case where the victim has no choice. The parents, kids and the pedophiles have a choice to make when confronted with these alternatives. So it would be proper to partition the blame equally.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

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