Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is Corruption Hereditary or Contagious? (MECA USA Case Study)

We all know that Africa and most third world countries are very corrupt. We also know that every country in the world is very corrupt but in the developed world corruption is more refined. In Africa and third world countries we do it without shame. But what I don’t understand is, is it hereditary or contagious?

The law enforcement: police, gendarmes, even the army are very corrupt. If you have all particulars for the car the police is angry and they call you malchanceaux (badluck man). If you do not have, you are their friend; they call you “Asso”. You put them at the gate they take bribe, to make your ID card they take bribe, you want them to arrest a criminal they take bribe, they arrest you and you want to run away you give them bribe. These fellows are a disgrace! Where did they get this: from their parents, friends or the environment?

Ok let us go to the office in ministère de l’éducation. You knock and thick madam is just looking at you as if she is not picking your height. You greet she asks you if we eat greetings. You spy through the office as she takes files into the office but you see only a boss’s coat; he is in the beer parlor eating and drinking with prostitutes. Where did they get this: from their parents, friends or the environment?

To enter into the National Team one must have a godfather or a godmother no matter their talent. If you bribe the Minister of Sports your name will be on the list. If you bribe the head of FECAfoot then your name will be there. Now they each have 23 names totaling 46 names for one and the same team for one and the same country. They start to fight and FIFA says I will suspend them. The president will have to intervene. Where did they get this: from their parents, friends or the environment?

You go to the hospital with someone who has been hit by a car. The nurse passes you with her little dirty cap on the head as if she is not seeing you. She drags her body and pulls her legs on the floor as if to attract attention. Tacitly he is saying “This is a nurse passing are you guys not saying anything”. Then you turn and say madam please help us my brother has been hit by a car. She turns and asks you if you have some money. You say our father died years back we are orphans struggling. She will tell you: let him die at least you will live to fight for him. You finally see the doctor and he prescribes you medicines and then they sell you the medicine. You turn and look at it, it says: “échantillon médical, a n’eut pas vendre”! To see the doctor in addition to your billet d’entrer you must choko (bribe) the nurse. The choko is shared between the nurse and the doctor. Where did they get this: from their parents, friends or the environment?

You are at the airport: very excited about coming home. The custom and airport agents start to go through your bag and when they see a flute they like, they take it and say: mon "petit fils va aimer ceci”. When you refuse then they start to complicate matters for you and when you give it to them they help you carry your bags to the gate. Where did they get this: from their parents, friends or the environment?

For you to go to a government secondary or high school nowadays you must bribe the principals. I mean for a government school that was there to help the poor people get education. Then you go to the university and no matter how much you read, those who do not even come to school make higher grades than you who does all your work. Women make the highest grades because they spread their legs or can give money and men have to try and give some money too. I know if the Colonel’s wife is reading she knows it is true. I gave her my assignment which she merely changed the name. She made 14.5 while I made 10. 5. The same assignment; two different people and two different grades.

If you did not go to school they will say: “Look at you; lazy man, your friends are in school you are here eating and drinking like kpakanda man”. Then you go to school and graduate but there is no job. They say concour (entrance exam); you write but those who did not write pass and you who duly registered and wrote fails. If you come to a place where they are hiring, and they just hear your accent you are finished. They tell you at once that there is no job. Where did they get this: from their parents, friends or the environment?

Elections are conducted but before they vote they already know the winner. Let me use the recent Manyu Elements Cultural Association (MECA) elections scenario. They are living in America so we suppose their sense of justice is at least better than the folks back home. Now listen to what happened and tell me where they got it: from their parents; friends or the environment?

There are ten members in their Independent Electoral Committee (IEC) and six are supporting the incumbent while two support the challenger and two are neutral. Three of the six members of the electoral committee are running with the incumbent. The wife of the vice of the incumbent sits in the IEC. Is that still an independent IEC?

They have 97 absentee ballots and there are chapters which had more absentee voters than the number of members in that chapter. How can the number of votes be more than the number of villagers? That is only in Africa! The IEC coordinator had only one eligible absentee ballot. She was taking more than 15 minutes to remove just one ballot from her handbag. She was making as if she was conducting fortune telling and was looking for the right shell to pick. When she picked it, it was a bad envelope. So the elections were disrupted. The Manyu People in America held a convention but could not vote. The police they themselves hired drove them from the hall like squirrels on a roof.

There is an organ: Council of Chiefs aka Council of Crooks (COC) that was supposed to be the arbiter in terms of dispute but there is no constitutional provisions giving it that privilege. The head of that institution has been a chapter chief for more than 16 years. Six of the ten members support the incumbent. The elections did not take place but COC declared the incumbent the winner to rule for another two years. Isn’t this only in Africa where elections do not take place but someone is declared the winner by default? Where did they get this: from their parents, friends or the environment?

Until then, fighting corruption should begin with individual transformation.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

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