Monday, July 27, 2009

Flushing Racism Into The Ocean

Racism is not just hating another color but trying to subjugate that color and make it a perpetual underclass. In Africa it is called tribalism. There are some tribes that subjugate others and want to keep them perpetually underclass. But permit me take the current center of attraction: the US. First we must acknowledge that racism is not only practiced by white people; it is also practiced by blacks, Hispanics and Asians too. America being the melting pot one sees the constant struggle of each of this color trying to dominate the other. Racism is a character weakness and character witness is not limited to a given color. Some black people have even treated me worst than most white people have. And indeed if the Blacks, Asians or Latin Americans had the majority they will perpetuate the same acts that their white counterparts are doing. That is just the way the heart of man is.

I have heard a white colleague complained that she is being treated this way because she is white in a predominantly black school. I have gone to the Mexican market and not knowing I understand Spanish I wanted to change a $100 bill in a market. The seller told her sister on the counter that don’t change that money I don’t like these black people. I called their attention that I heard what she said, the sister apologized and told me not to mind her sister. I joked with her and left. I was helping a friend do some cleaning in a house and the main builder was an Asian. He told me that “those white people are all exploiters”. “I don’t like them and no gonna give any of my contracts to a white person” he amplified.

Attitudes like these do not solve the problem of racism. In this world that we live there is a potion that could serve as a better antidote to racism, prejudice or bias. That is love. Considering that there are racist black people, racist white people, racist Asians and racists Latin Americans all living in the same country, it is normal for one group to think the other is more racist than the other. But just because I cry that my neighbor is dirty does not mean I am clean. There could be a reason why I am crying.

Therefore, we all must change our mentality and look at human beings as equals. Those that think they are subjugated should avert the temptation of making innocent people from the other isle pay for the broken pieces of their color compatriots. Deal with people as individuals and treat them as individuals. I have always rebuked friends who say: those white people or what are you doing with this white person? But when I see them too treated funny I don’t hesitate to react. I was talking with a group of white friends and they said those black people do this and I said Lord have mercy. Even with me present you are saying things like this? One of them said; “We don’t mean you; you are different”. But I insisted it was wrong because who knows what you say when I am not here?

Treat your neighbors as you will love to be treated. I have had two neighbors; both white and black tell me when some young hoodlums wanted to break into my car. If I was unapproachable they will not tell me but the chemistry we have had obliged them to look after my back.

Furthermore, intermarriages will solve this problem. I remember one time my cousin told me that his father in law did not like black people but since he was married to the daughter he had no choice but to deal with his presence. Today they are friends. They are friends because he has discovered though he is black but his heart is made of gold, and that he has received more love, acceptance and value from him than he has ever received from some white people.

Finally, not every situation is racially motivated. I was teaching opposite to a white teacher who was teaching Spanish. He had put out a female white student for timeout in my class. When a student enters the first thing I ask him/her is “why did your teacher send you here”. So she said “That stupid Whiteman put me out for doing nothing”. Coincidentally the teacher was coming to give her work to do in my class. So the teacher heard her. He gazed and steered at her but she continued with her conniption and appended: “you heard me well; you stupid Whiteman”. The teacher bubbled and shook his head and I calmed him down. I said you don’t use a grenade to kill a cockroach brother. Just go and write her up and I will second the referral. Two days after he resigned because he could no more take it.

But can you imagine if it was a black kid who told my white colleague you stupid Whiteman, or worst still can you imagine if it was a white kid who told my black colleague you stupid Blackman? The airwaves would have been buzzing and since the media always lacks what to report that would have been breaking news.
When face with a situation like this, let us look at it carefully before concluding it is racism for the cry of racism no matter how genuine or phoney will always raise two camps.

The human being is one and we have a common enemy the devil. Whites Only families are breaking apart like the Blacks Only families. The Asian carries excrement in her stomach like the Latina. Black people have toothache like white people do. Every color grows old and fragile. We are all one; created by one and the same God. Let us learn to accept one another and to live as one. Let us desire seeking the good of every individual no matter their color. I have seen black people give kidneys to white people and have seen white people give other things to black people. Life is short to hate people but it is beautiful when you can share your happiness with others. Remember; it is a shameful and wicked thing to be happy alone. Racism does not even make you happier for if you were a racist and saw the race you do not like your heart flares. It is the same like seeing something you do not like.

Until then, please, say goodbye to racism for it does not make you happier.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

Idle people write, idler people read, and idlest people read and whine that idle people are taking their time (Hamilton Ayuk).

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