Sunday, July 12, 2009

Did the Christians Invade Iraq?

Many people thought and think that every soldier fighting for the US in Iraq is a Christian. But they forget that there are Islamic soldiers in the American Military fighting in all these places. Don’t you have a radio to listen to news? Where are you living? Ah ah! Some of the comments people are making are just like someone with no radio, no TV, no internet and no newspapers. Read and read and again I say unto you; read!

If someone writes anything about Christianity and I think it is important I will reply if not this is like a circus. There are various forms of irresponsibilities and replying useless mails like this one is one of them. So I better go away. Hahahaha.

Why do Muslims always think that if you criticize their religion you are blaspheming? All they have to do is raise up the stakes of their religion higher in a debate and let the audience examine which philosophy they will buy. Anyone can blaspheme as they want; if I see it fit I will make an apology; if not I will shut off and mind my business. Criticism is not synonymous to hatred. There are certain aspects of Islam that I admire. However, I still consider it inferior to Christianity. Does that make me a hater if I am unraveling the factors that make it inferior? When people write against Christianity none of them says they are putting down other people’s religion. Yet when a Christian mentions something against Islam they all draw out their daggers from their sheaths. What is wrong with Muslims?

You see, write anything you want against Christianity and I will fight back if I deem it worthy; if not I will let it go. Yet I do not nurse any ill feelings or consider anyone as putting down my religion. If you put down my religion God will put it up. He does not need any mortal to offer him succor. Christianity puts itself up from what it teaches and what the adepts do. Christianity does not encourage anyone to kill in its name. It does not promise anyone virgins if they kill infidels; instead it says love your neighbor as yourself. Christianity gives women freedom. Oh, see women preaching all over across the world. Oh see women wearing pants and feeling free in the market and in school. Oh see women obtaining equal education like men. Ah yaya, look at the women teaching even men in Universities. Oh see women as presidents. Thank God for Christianity. Thank God for Christianity we sit, eat and talk together without differentiating male from female. Then thank God for Christianity my sins are forgiven and I am born again. Thank God for Jesus our Lord and savior Amen!

Many at times people quickly cite the Bible as being the cause of Iraqi invasion. Then they attribute crimes against women in Iraq to Christian men. No verse in the Bible talks about forcing the woman to put on an abaya like the Quran does (Sura al-Nur 24:33) or encouraging the husband to beat the wife as the Qu’ran teaches (Sura al-Nisa 4:34). None of the verses constrains slave girls into prostitution like the Qu’arn does (Sura al-Nur 24:33). Dolefully, people thrust deeper in their ignorance to tell us that those situations were present in the Bible as well. If they were same why not show how the women were treated poorly. While the Quran says fornicators should be scourged mercilessly (Sura al-Nur 24:2) the Bible shows a woman caught in flagrant adultery being forgiven By Jesus (Jn 8:3-11). If the times were different why are they still doing the same thing today in a world where there is at least freedom of speech given to animals.

Secondly, the idea of context is that in no time in Israel did the woman cover herself all the time with the abaya except for the harlot Gen 38:14. The veil was to show that she was still single. Rebecca was without a veil in her first encounter with Isaac (Gen 24:65). Furthermore, even when they covered their heads they still exposed their faces (I Cor 11:5). Paul then emphasized that her hair was her natural veil. That again peters out the inclusion of the face considering that no hair covers the face.

As for the verses that those suras were used, it has always been the context theretofore. The Muslim woman has always dressed that way since the time that Mohammed married Khadija. She was a free business lady and wearing her clothes like a western woman until she got married to Mohammed. Pre-Islamic women had a higher status in the Arabian society than Islam portrays today. Thenceforth hitherto, they have always dressed the same. Unlike Christianity, the women did not have that status but Jesus gave them one. He ate with sinners and commissioned women to carry his message of resurrection.

Therefore, I don’t know which Bible you are talking about. Islam does not enhance the rights of a woman; Christianity does! So Christianity will better serve the people of Iraq than Islam because the verses in Ephesians and Timothy talk about the woman's rights/authority in a marriage. 1Corinthians and Peter speak of the woman's rights/authority in the church. It can easily be underscored that Islam has their women in spiritual and statutory manacles and shackles. Islam encourages their men to beat their women. Where in the Bible do you see the Bible encouraging the men to beat their women? Islam forces the women to wear an abaya. Where in the Bible do you see women obliged to wear an abaya? Islam constrains slave girls into prostitution. Where in the Bible do you see that? I am aware that not all Muslim women like those in Senegal cover their faces either. Dress code is important in this debate because it can determine how much rights the individual has.

Consequently, there is only one true religion: Christianity. This is a non negotiable, non bargaining and nondebatable fact (I Tim 2:5: Acts 4:12; Rom 9:33; I Cor 3:11). Take it or leave it.

Until then, over to anyone who wants to sing the praise of their religion.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

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