Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Color of AIDS is Black

I recently read that AIDS is rampant amongst blacks. My question: why would HIV attack only a given color? This is selective information to promote an organization. Why would a disease select only a given color when there are many poor Light Skinneds than Dark Skinneds? The same thing Africa is going through, Eastern European countries are experiencing too. There is no such thing as "Black Plague". They say that the type of HIV found in Africa is type O or zero and that type 1 and type 2 are in developed countries. The CDC would tell you we have tests for Type 1 & 2 but we don’t have for Type 0. There are no means to conduct type O tests. So how do they know there is type 0 in Africa? All the statistics is just gross manipulations to dominate Africans and make them look inferior, or a means to frighten them so they could open up and people use them as cavies to test new pharmaceutical drugs.

I have shown you how a people could be manipulated to organize their own funeral. From 1990-1998 reports came out that approximately 8 in every 10 Africans had HIV. My question then is that after more than 19 years (1990-2009) if that was the case, it would have been a deathly cocktail when mélanged with poor standard of living, high infant mortality, natural and man made disasters, poor governance and inaccessibility to retroviral drugs. Then three quarters of the population would have been cadavers. Contrarily, the population growth is alarming. Africans learn this: no work of research is carried in a vacuum. The researcher selects his/her sources and garbles those of his/her opponents to conform to his or her predilection.

Consequently, time has come for Africans to take their destinies into their own hands. If every one wore a condom or at least abstained (don’t hate me) we would not need US policy makers to safe us. Let each individual get themselves tested because the earlier you find out your state the better chances you would have to survive long.

I hear Africans crying all the time that HIV/AIDS is killing our people. So I then organized a free HIV Testing session. To my greatest surprise and dismay, someone with a PhD asked me if the community had voted and accepted to take the HIV Test. Does the community need to vote before its people take a free HIV test? Is it the community taking the test or the people? Now tell me, is it not in our power to encourage those back home to save their lives by taking the HIV tests abroad? Should we continue saying that the Westerners do not want to help us rather than do the little that we could to change the status quo? Those who are educated and who know that the earlier you get tested for HIV the better your chances of surviving do not do anything. Rather they join the chorus of “Westerners are not doing enough”.

Secondly, Africans cry that Westerners do not want to sell them cheap retroviral drugs. We have enough resources to engage in researches that could match the West but due to corruption we embezzle the money, fly the capital to the West and then sit and cry that we need help. If we could manage well our natural resources then we could supply all these drugs free of charge to all those who are infected that we do not need the West. Countries with free health care programs for all do not have the resources we do. So why are we blaming the West for overcharging the drugs?
When epidemics like this strike, people should avoid exploiting the race cart for remunerative purposes because though there is racism, no Light Skinned gun-pointed any Dark Skinned to have illicit or unprotected sex.

One may wonder aloud “what if you find out you were HIV positive but do not have the means to treat yourself”. That is not true because there are many places offering free treatment no matter your color. Secondly there are many natural immune boosters that individuals need to take without necessarily coming from a rich background. From eating enough fruits and vegetables daily we would get the necessary vitamin, acids and calcium needed for a healthy body that can repel diseases. We do not even need these artificial vitamins flooding our markets today. Enough sleep; eight hours a day (hear me well the two jobs specialists and overtime experts), would cure diseases and extend your life. Most of our troubles come from stress and since our immune system has been broken down already, we have no choice but to succumb to AIDS. Plastic surgery may repair a damaged face but a plastic smile will be insufficient for a miserable life. Therefore seek true happiness and refrain from the synthetic and ephemeral happiness ingrained in Western rat race hedonistic culture.

The mood now is to drink coke immediately as we wake up from sleep. It baffles me how learned people who learnt that coke, coffee and sodas are diuretics (dehydrating substances) would give preference to coke rather than water knowing well that 70% of their blood is made of water, and water does not only serve as a refresher, but a cleansing agent in your blood vessel, and a transporter. You think you have arrived by drinking coke now rather than water. Don't you? You even hear people say “hililili, the man has arrived, money is persecuting him that he is now ‘taking clearance’ early in the morning with coke rather than water”. While Americans are using their mouths to inherit obesity, Africans are using the blame game to kill themselves.

What has happened to balanced diet? We don’t need to be rich to eat a balanced diet. Medications for hypertension and diabetes were not known in Africa because we did not suffer from those diseases. We did not suffer from those diseases because we ate balanced diets. Nowadays people go weeks eating only agric chickens and piglings to show they have arrived. Vegetables are now a redundant foodstuff relegated to the wretched. Did we not learn that prevention is better than cure? Ah we live in an age where cure is better than prevention.
Africans and Dark Skinnned people, your destiny is in your hands; so stop the blame game!

Until then, the Color of AIDS is not Black.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

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