Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can the Dark Skinned American Blame the Light Skinned American For His Demise?

A remember a time when Bill Cosby argued that the Dark Skinned American cannot blame the Light Skinned American for their demise. In both the African and dark Skinned American milieus there was collective anger against Mr. Cosby meanwhile he was definitely right. I believe him. I don’t think Cosby was despising Africans. Methinks he was reprimanding the Dark Skinned Americans who claim that they are Africans but have never been to Africa. It is not like all Africans like Africans. Just as Hitler and Arabs have a loving hatred for the Jews, the Dark Skinned American exults itself in the demise of the African. Nine out of ten Africans will concur with me.

Indeed the Dark Skinned American is not an African. In one of my Publications The Portrait of the African I stated that if you were born in Africa or naturalized then we could say you are an African. The Dark Skinned Americans though have their great grand parents from Africa could not claim they are Africans just like Most Light Skinned Americans would not claim they are Europeans. Would they just travel to Europe without requiring a visa? Which country does their birth certificate uphold? It is a slave mentality for the Dark Skinned American to claim that they are from Africa. That soothes their desire to muse themselves in an imaginary D Day when their present psychological manacles will be destroyed as they live in the “land of their forefathers”. The real people to call themselves African Americans are Africans who come to the US and naturalize as American citizens. The Dark Skinned is just plain American. Color is unwarranted when uncovering someone’s background.

Those names they bear paint a more gloomy caricature by making them baits to racists. One does not need to hear the name twice to know that it is a Dark Skinned. Vacant positions easily become filled when people hear Laquanda, Shashonda, Shaniqua, Kishonda.

Having lived in Downtown Atlanta for 4 years, I have seen the Movie “Boys in tDa Hood” reenacted before my shocking eyes. Which Light Skinned did commission them to do that? Let’s say that the liquor stores are all owned by the Light Skinned, but no one put a gun on their heads to espouse it like a Bacchus worshiper. Look at the athletes; they sign shoe deals then later accuse the shoe companies for exploiting them. Before they signed the deals they were accompanied by an adult because they are not 18. They should blame their tutors for hyperopia and myopia. When a person’s worries outweigh his or her ambitions she or he quickly becomes the target of evil men.

However, I disagree with Cosby about the jail issue. Most Dark Skinneds are not in jail because they committed crimes. Look at it even on TV. Two kids break the law, while the Dark Skinned is sent to jail the Light Skinned is given community service or suspended sentence. If Jessie Jackson’s kids did the same thing that Bush’s daughters did (buying alcohol underage and obtaining a fake ID for the second time) they would have been in jail. But what do we see: community service.

When truth becomes more absurd than fiction then a clean conscience becomes a seared and scares commodity. Thus, most Americans-Light Skinned and Dark Skinned hope in a fantasy world where all human beings are equal but some are not more equal than others. Kids born after 1960 have feasted on excess pleasures and leisures that God has become like an ant to them. Life in the US is too artificial that people act like automatons. Animal right activists will fight for a cat than fight for a Dark Skinned who is wrongly accused or perhaps at the verge of dropping out of school. That is the absurdity of truth in the US. America, where is the clean conscience?

Until then, the blame goes to both Light Skinned and Dark Skinned.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

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