Monday, July 13, 2009


Michael Jackson's death reminded me of this article I wrote in 2007 about Anna Nicole Smith.

Vicky Lynn Marshall; a siren from a broken home who took the sobriquet of Anna Nicole Smith was born in November 28, 1969, died February 8, 2007 at 39. Her mother: Virgie Mae Tabers divorced and remarried five times. No doubt Ms Smith had a high appetite for men; one baby three would be fathers. How does a stripper suddenly become a role model because she marries a millionaire? Do millions transform individuals? Many people died in Racine County Thursday but her death seized all the media outlets that every eye and ear was condemned to watch and hear about her death. This misplaced priority decimates morality from society. Celebrity status may guarantee sumptuousness but it may equally scourge away true happiness that life becomes so synthetic; fantasizing its existence in coping mechanisms.

At 23 years old in 1993, River Phoenix collapsed and died of a drug overdose. On 19th Jan 1996, Don Simpson: one of Hollywood 's most successful producers of the 80's & 90's died of a drugs overdose. Margaux Hemingway committed suicide just like his namesake: Ernest Hemingway’s with an overdose of pills on 2nd. July 1996. Del Shannon.: singer famous for the hit “Runaway” committed suicide; shooting himself in the head, on 8th February 1990. Former baseball star: Ken Caminiti died of a drug overdose. Elvis was reported to have taken over 5,000 drugs in the last 7 months of his life and now Smith. Does the society seem to care that these seeming role models abuse substances or get addicted?

The idol status we give to sport and movie stars make them use performance enhancing drugs which lead to addiction. The great Mike Tyson just checked himself into rehab. He cannot find joy in women and bars anymore. Mike, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. If life was found in wealth then Elvis would not die of drug over dose and Smith would not be that “drugged up”.

Continuous use of prescription drugs would lead to addiction. Every little disease doctors put patients on eternal prescription boosting their numbers with the pharmaceutical companies while caring less of the patient’s outcome. There is a doctor that does not put you on prescription drugs. His name is Jesus. Perhaps it may sound today like farcical comedy saying Jesus heals because Christians are sick too. We all have human bodies and there are many who profess Jesus but deny the power thereof. But no true Christians who cast their cares unto God would seek coping mechanisms.

Have you heard “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are?" Hanging around drug addicts will make you one. Anna Nicole’s mother decries Ms Smith hanging around the wrong crowd. Misplaced priority! Iron sharpens iron and like mindedness attracts like mindedness. What do you expect from a solitary and individualistic society of everyone for themselves God for us all; an artificial society where people chat more on the net with strangers than with their own families. Britney Spears the girl next door just celebrated her second digamy. She is a show window of beauty without lacking beauty within. They confess on cameras and tabloids that they are happy but their acts show them dysphoric. Africa would have been as addicted as their western counterparts if not of their destitution. Latin Americans grow it and you see Scar Face as exhibit A. The Americans and Europeans have the means to whet their high appetite and so drug samples in human bodies roam the streets. Drugs took away Anna Nicole Smith!

Leonard Bias died of cocaine intoxication. How many pastors, doctors and teachers do you hear dieing of drug overdose yearly as you hear with the sport and movie stars? Perhaps because they are not on the news as the celebrities but that again is the misplaced priority. Any society that despises teachers for movie and sports stars has to learn many funerals songs because it would sing them for a long time. The title for her song could be America's misplaced priority.

In 2006, 42 celebrity splits took place. Some of the reasons people give for the emptiness in Hollywood are avarice, peer pressure, vaulting ambitions, self defense, dregs of adolescence sexual abuse and depravity. They are all byproducts of misplaced priorities that began at home. Parents would attend all football practices and games of their children but would not attend a parents’ and teachers’ night. They would not even return a phone call when the child is acting like it left its medication at home. The ratio would be one is to 50 when one compares the way the media shows celebrities against scientists, doctors, researchers and teachers on TV. Why does a sport or movie star make more money than a teacher? Misplaced priority; emphasis laid on the one who pleases the body or makes them feel good for the moment.

Here is the misplaced priority. Anna Nicole Smith did not reach 9th grade but she was a spoke person for people. A woman who callously sold sex in public in these words “do you like my body”. Apparently extracurricular activities seem more important than education after all whose face is on the TV. Isn’t it that of the Rap, Hollywood and Basketball star? Compare the salaries of teachers and the High School rookie into NBA or NFL. The teacher is not even qualified to cut his lawn; misplaced priority. No wonder the kids are suffering from the Copycat Syndrome. That syndrome has blurred the line between reality and fantasy; realism and idealism.

Truth has become more absurd than fiction that clean consciences have become seared and scarce commodities. Nowadays good is bad and bad is good. Parents don’t have money for scientific calculators but they can afford a $125 sneaker. Anna Nicole Smith may be gone but she was the true cross-section of America ’s misplaced priority. It is an incorrigible tragedy when a young beautiful woman is clutched by drugs.
Until then, may the living take them to heart.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

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