Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amplifications of Obama’s Speech to NAACP.

It is not like it is the first time that we have heard these words but just that they were spoken again by a man who has braved all barriers to be where he is.
Obama acknowledged the contribution of NAACP in creating racial equality in the America and which did trickle down to the world. He amplified that though he is the president but that does not mean change has fully come. The people: you and me will bring full change. One thing is clear he is not only a president for the black people; he is a president for all Americans. As Americans there are many problems they are facing. Those problems affect both white and black families, Hispanics and Chinese families.

To Obama, the urgent barriers to be broken are the health barriers where HIV/AIDs is causing havoc in many black families. He encouraged the people to use the same energy they used to fight racial inequalities to fight and extirpate the new barriers.

Obama challenged the participants to make an effort in raising up their children. To say the least: whether the African American agrees with him, Cosby, Will Smith or not; it is true. African American parenting is gravely lacking behind as compared to other parents. Go to any school and look at the percentage of parents who attend the parents teachers’ night. It may tell a very gloomy tale that may make you cry.

Every African American child wants to be a sport or movie star because that is where the money is. Perhaps what Obama should do is increase the salary of teachers at least so they do not look like mendicants. Why should a child make any efforts to study when if he/she can hone his/her talents well at seventeen they will be millionaires? A feat their teacher who has taught for more than 35 years will never attain!

Yet the gap between the blacks and whites though existent could be breached if we all keep our biases aside and come for the common good of humanity. A child is a child no matter the color and should be given its own fair chance to succeed in life.

Until then, it was a great speech.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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