Monday, June 15, 2009

The Solution To Illegal Immigration

As an immigrant myself I know the challenges of immigration. I was born in Cameroon and came here as a Diversity Visa lottery winner where I subsequently became a citizen. People always say the government should allow everyone to live wherever they like. But they don’t allow everyone to just move into their houses or come drive their cars as they like. After all, isn’t it cruel to be sleeping in a house while others sleep outside or driving a car while others though they want to drive but cannot drive and have to walk miles just to go to their destinations? I read and hear people tell me all the time “why don’t you want to bring me to America”. I will say I don’t want you to come here and be illegal.

Illegal immigration is a very sensitive but urgent issue. This debate is very serious and raises many eyebrows because it is a universal epidemic. No matter what decision a country takes it will never please all illegal immigrants because many want to live in their host countries with or without proper documentation. There are a number of proposals made and we will try to look at their loopholes and efficiency. .

The first proposal is to use the National Guard to patrol the Mexican Boarder. That is wasting the taxpayers’ money and digging a big hole to fill a small one because we will need a large number of guards to control that border. Perhaps rather than have them sit and be polishing weapons we want them to do something. But there is a lot of construction around and many other things they could do. Perhaps the scientists should come out with an automatic gun that works with a laser. Once the laser detects human movement it fires to deter intruders.

The second is not allowing illegal immigrants to send their children to school. The weakness with this proposal is that the immigrant could homeschool their children, make them take the other benchmark summative tests at home, then send them to a community college and if they have the money or are lucky pick up a scholarship. During this time they wait for them to reach 18 and then file for them. So it will be useless! That will make many teenagers and adolescents to stay at home. The more kids of that age stay at home the easier it is for them to join gangs. If they join gangs then we start to worry about our security. While they cannot sleep because of the crimes they commit we will not sleep for fear of what they will do to us. Your kids who are going to school could easily be derailed and become copycats of truancy. This is a less costly and less efficient proposition for the tax payers but they should include health and other services.

Nonetheless, it is better than the first one. Illegal immigrants should not be given the same opportunities like legal immigrants. If that is done they will refuse living in this country. So the solution would be to prevent illegal immigrants from giving birth in the country. Hospitals should report illegal immigrants once they are pregnant and come for care so that their identification is made easier for deportation.

The Children of illegal immigrants born in the country should be illegal too. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to have children in the country and their children should not be given citizenship. That means; illegal immigrants should be denied any service meant for legal residents and citizens. Since some parents know their children will file for them once they turn 18, they are able to persevere until they turn 18. That is why most illegal immigrants encourage their kids to have babies at 15 and 16 to shorten the wait time.

The third proposal is to increase fines for employers who hire illegal immigrants. This is the key to every immigration problem. Nobody will go to a country they cannot fine work. Only fines as a consequence are a weak discourager. It should be a combo of fines and jail time. If employers know they could lose money and their freedom, they will refrain from hiring illegal immigrants in their quest to maximize profits.

The fourth proposal is for churches to report illegal immigrants. That will make the church to breach the code of trust and confidence between the pastor or priest and the parishioner which is against the Bible. The pastor is there as a shepherd and the illegal immigrant is one of his or her sheep. He or she is to protect it. Once a person enters into the church they should obtain protection. But remember; they cannot live or stay in the church their whole life. The church should counsel them to go back to their home countries but not to report them. If the church reports them it will be a serious abuse of trust.

The fifth proposition is for police to report illegal immigrants to federal authorities. That should happen and they should also assist in arresting them. Once they detect that an individual is an illegal immigrant they should be arrested and sent to the federal authorities or the homeland security immediately. Furthermore, the law should disregard the rights of the illegal immigrants to reduce the amount of money spent on them while they are in custody. They should be deported immediately or sent to a private jail so that they can work for their repatriation money if they do not have the money.

The sixth proposal is building a fence. This is a great idea but there are drills and cutters out there to drill and cut holes on any concrete and wire that exists. They should merely build an electrified barbed wire fence with a high voltage that can shock any trespassers.

However, I know that work is what brings many immigrants into a foreign country. So the fourth position to make a package of fines and jail time for employers who hire illegal immigrants whether knowingly or unknowingly would be the best. The consitution should be amended to exempt children of illegal immigrnats from being citizens. If you were born by illegal parents you should be regarded as an illegal immigrant. That way the residual effect of illegality will pursue them and will dissuade many from coming into the country and living illegally.
Until then, every country protects their borders and the USA should too.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

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