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Michael Jackson: Victim of Two Face Society.

Michael Jackson: Victim of Two Face Society.

As I read the news of Michael Jackson’s death, I told six of the people we were socializing that the man was already dead since before yesterday. He was just a mobile corpse roaming the world. Read this:
Two child-molestation investigations (no convictions), two divorces, myriad civil lawsuits over concerts, special performances and soured business deals, near-bankruptcy and the threatened foreclosure of his Neverland ranch kept teams of lawyers busy.

You will soon see why Michael had died years back and short. You know that the crocodile lives an average of 70 years while the lion lives an average of 15. See how each of them lives their lives and it will give you the answer. Now compare the zoo lion and the wildlife lion. The lion’s body always produces more chemicals to do its hunting and fight for survival than it uses.

Same for the human being; when you are in fear, worry or anxiety your body changes its chemical balance and produces more chemicals than are used thereby breaking down your immune system. You start to feel worn out and now opened to all sorts of diseases especially heart attacks. That is why smiling is medicine but anger is poison. Look; that is why the lion in the zoo lives twice longer than the one in the wild because it merely sits and have its food.

Jackson lived an artificial life like most stars and people and so could not have expected to die a natural death. There came a time when no one really cared much how Jackson survived; all they did was join the negativity choir led by choirmistress Diane Sawyer and choirmaster Martin Bashir in their different interviews. These became very famous for painting him like gorgon. Most in melodious tunes sang: “take away the kids from him, put him in jail for life; he is a monster”. So why does he suddenly become so dear after death? Perhaps because to most two-face people the dead are always more important than the living.

His whole life was like a mirror through which mankind could rebuke and encourage himself. Perhaps the most poignant lesson is that material things do not make one happy. Jackson had the riches, power, fame, sex yet he was inwardly unsatisfied and that dissatisfaction led him to alter his physiognomy which was the paroxysm of his lack of self esteem.

Furthermore through his life we may emphasize that every human needs to be loved, accepted and valued but he was denied these basic necessities of life. As summated in this excerpt: “Accusations, rumors, private eyes and prosecutors followed him for years”. These did not follow him to worship him; they followed him to condemn him. Today the same people say oh we missed him. In search of the acceptance the Americans had denied him he went to the UK but when it was denied too he went to Bahrain. Bahrain he thought would be paradise ended as the other two artificial safe havens. He was made a king without a kingdom!

However, if we hold only the society and world for his demise then we do the rest of humanity a disfavor because we deprive them of memorable lessons they could learn from Jackson’s life. Looking at Jackson and all what he was going through; some of them caused by society and others by himself, it is clear that he would not have lived long. If you did not live a peaceful life don't expect to die peacefully.

Take two animals: the clam and the chameleon; one lives the longest life span of at least 400 years ands the other lives the shortest of about 2-3 years. A couple of things are common in the life of the former : they develop immune systems resistant to aging and they have feeding times. The constant intake and purge of water correlates with the prime importance of water. National geographic says clam lived for 405 years caused by slow cell replacement. They do not eat at all times or five meals a day. Jackson was already abusing himself with pain killers.

On the other hand the shortest life span amongst four legged animals is the chameleon . Chameleon simply means ground lion . Again look at the way the lion haunts for food. The chameleon changes colors as need arises. When people want to benefit from Jackson he is the everlasting king but when they thought they could not squeeze out anything in unison they cried to jail with him. What a world: two faces.

When anxiety becomes the bedrock on which our lives are built it is impossible to live happily talk less of long. The chameleon does not have ears. Such lack demonstrates the absence of instructions and endorses with biblical support why it dies too young. The Bible says: Hear, O my son, and receive my sayings; and the years of thy life shall be many (Prov 4:10). Jackson and the world have sealed their ears from listening to God. Are we surprised with the average life spans of human beings? Because of the way the chameleon feeds it never has sufficient vitamins and minerals and consequently since it does not have ears it may not hear well where the preys are to hunt and survive.

Therefore if we compare the two in terms of how they diet, what they diet and living conditions then we quickly understand why one lives like vapor and the other lives almost eternal. The clam does not differentiate in the planktons they eat; actually they eat whatever algae and take in and send out a lot of water.

Nonetheless, one thing is clear: the King of Pop came and is gone but his footprints will live as a giant tattoo on a highway. No matter how many cars drive through, they will be there for long. I wish his family consolation and pray God will fulfill his promise of catering for the fatherless. Now that he is gone I hope some people will have a life of their own.
Until then, don’t let people define you; define yourself.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Bonyfish beware because the same net that caught the jawless fish, caught the cartilaginous fish” (Hamilton Ayuk).
Beware earthly paradise seekers because there is a serpent in every paradise"(Hamilton Ayuk).

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