Friday, May 1, 2009

Piracy: A Western Self Inflicted Sore

Two of my colleagues drew my attention to the fact that the young pirate has been brought to the US and would be tried as an adult. I laughed and told one of them that it was rubbish. He insisted to know why, and I told him they are making things up. That boy is not an adult. He should not be tried as an adult, for he is not an adult. He says he is 16, and they said they have proven that he is 18. He is not! The authorities should refrain from all these falsehood. What is the method they used to know that he is an adult? He was arrested in the high seas, and he was not coached to say he was underage. So there is great truism in his declaration.
They are just ashamed to hear that those skinny Somalians are again dictating the pace of world events once more after the defeat of Americans in Operation Gothic Serpent or the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993 . The West seems not to memorize this African proverb which says that: “the python bile that should kill your enemy should not be more than the required dose”. That is because if it is not used entirely when next these same people get angry with you, they will use it against you.

The US is reaping the reckless polices it has been employing around the world. They armed Somalia against Ethiopia during the Somalia-Ethiopia Border War of 1982. After the war, the weapons were left in the hands of the children who were recruited by both sides to fight for them. In addition, these former child soldiers have mastered AK-47s, and they have taught their siblings since it is a sign of manhood and their only source of survival. In Ethiopia and Somalia, AK-47s are sold in the streets like hawkers sell sneakers in the streets of Europe and America. When you make a monster, you should just be ready for your turn because after it kills all your enemies and does not see anyone to kill, it will take you as its next victim.

May the world ask who are those supplying the pirates with the ships and boats? Where they are getting their weapons? Does either Somalia or Ethiopia make ships? Stop the sale of boats and ships and see if piracy will continue.

Why are these kids involved in piracy ? You ask! Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia cannot survive through farm produce with the threat from aridity, and the little grass left is consumed by cattle rearing. Agriculture is the only hope of the people seeing that they have poor industries. In Agriculture, fishery is their easiest and best of hopes because of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. But when western powers have taken upon themselves to pollute the water ways; killing all the fish with their toxic waste ,they leave the inhabitants of the Horn of Africa with no choice but piracy. They are competing in nuclear technology and dumping their wastes in foreign waters.

These little kids from the Horn of Africa are not criminals. The West and primitive China are. Those who are stealing their resources and ligating them to a hopeless destiny are the ones who have jeopardized the lives of those sailors. If you leave their resources alone, you will have your peace. Don’t we say Trouble troubles only those who trouble Trouble? Perhaps we will soon say the people of Guam are terrorists if they request the US to leave their land. Useless French men are making billions in Africa in collusion with corrupt African governments, and they even have the courage to freeze the accounts of the president of a foreign country for having problems with a French national . The same French court went as far as requesting for the indictment of the Rwandan President . What does the West really think the Africans are? Can a Rwandan court sentence Sarkozy for crimes he committed in France? Can the European Union sentence Obama for crimes committed in the US? Why should Western countries deal with African countries as if there is still an era of colonialism if it cannot be done ?

The West says their kids should not watch The Life of Jesus; they should watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Since their kids do not have the means and desire to be pirates and since African kids like to imitate what is coming from the West, they are putting in practice what they want them to learn. Are we now fighting Jesus or are we fighting pirates? One reaps what they sow.

Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Gabon and many others for example produce oil but have little to show from oil revenues. The West finds is beneficial to deal with African tyrants in exchange for their natural resources; thus escheating the youths and the weak from the benefits of their fatherland .

The solution to Piracy in the Horn of Africa is not the number of ships and warships the West and China align, but the consideration of the survival of the inhabitants of the Horn. If the people of Africa cannot sleep because of what the West and China are doing, then the West and China would not sleep too for fear of what the Africans would do. Desperate people take desperate measures. Considering that the water passage belongs to those countries, countries using that water way should allot a given amount of money to help compensate their economies and help enforce the implementation of given reforms to employ their youths. The West and Primitive China will have to kill all the Inhabitants of that region but that will not be a solution to piracy. A man that is down does not more fear to fall. As a matter of fact, it is just the beginning. Once Southern and West Africa see how venerable the West and Primitive China are and how lucrative piracy is, they will employ the same strategy with the oil fields.

Until then, piracy cannot be defeated with warships; no matter their number.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.
"No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

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