Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jerome Mendouga: The Scapegoat of Jungle Justice (Part 2)

Thank you for reading my blog. First and foremost I want to thank you for the thorough work done. Let me make some details on diplomatic immunity which perhaps you surely did miss. I agree it does not work in the home country but that is when it is revoked. But you know that his reassignment was appelez à d’autres fonctions. He was not entirely removed. So while waiting, he still had a diplomatic matriculation. So when he was invited to bear witness as the state witness until the day he was arrested, he was not a suspect but a witness. As you know most things in Cameroon are not done by law but by implied jurisprudence. That is why you have ministers without portfolios, yet they have the status of ministers. If Mendouga had not fallen out of favor, he would not have had that treatment. Don’t you see people you thought should be in jail now still ministers and governors?

As such by implication at the time of his arrest he still had the immunity. He came to Cameroon as a diplomat without portfolios but he was still a diplomat. For the home country or host country to treat him as an ordinary citizen they must strip him of that portfolio. In the case of the foreign government or host country, the home country will give the permission by stripping him and then the host country declares him persona non grata. That is not what happened.

He didn’t want to return because of the fact that he was involved as a state witness and he did not want to be on the witness list. Who knows if Mendouga was just tired with the system and wanted to be left alone. But like someone said; withdrawal from the cabal is regarded as treason. Mendouga really could be the scapegoat sacrificed for the common Cameroonian because he was once blind, he saw the truth and wanted to follow the course of it thereof, but the superior powers that be still managed to spider-web him.

All the time he went to court, he went as the state witness against the other accuseds. If it was a deposition that he would have done should not have been in secret; in front of the judge alone. This is my greatest cry. His instant metamorphosis from state witness to a suspect is enough to prove that he did not get due process. Else he would have come with his lawyers. He just came to the office with his driver. Do you know that if you lured someone into a wrong plea it is against the law? No one can deny that Mendouga was coerced into making wrong statements so that he could be whisked into Kondengui.

Lus, it would be naïve for you to think that the case is against embezzlement. The case is about suspicions of a tacit and inherent attempt of assassination according to presidential sources and the Albatross is just a smokescreen.

The embassy is there for diplomatic reasons and if they were to buy a plane they will look for specialists with the embassy and not the ambassador for he is not an aeronautic specialist. So because a school wants to buy a car the principal is the best person to do the purchase I guess. The embassy and ministers may be involved but they depend on the uberrima fides of the specialists whose services they contract. Is buying a plane a pair of shoes that the ambassador was going to stand there and say I like this one, I like this color? What does he know about a plane in good condition? The ambassador is not omniscient.

Lus, j’en suis conscient there are many people involved. That is why I require real Due Process and not kangaroo courts and jungle justice. The reason why there is a popular public opinion about Mendouga is because the asylum seekers who were victims of his righteous indignation had painted him with the caricature of the Gorgon. Because of that when Perseus (Biya) shows up with Medusa’s head (operation Albatros) to kill the Gorgon (Mendouga) the whole place is happy. Ordinarily without his confrontation with asylum seekers Mendouga would not have had a negative public opinion. Did you see anyone condemn the army officer who wanted to flee away with the malet of the First lady sometime ago? Instead they thought he should have been lucky.

Nonetheless, that is not the issue! The issue here is the attempt to exploit the man’s bad reputation and deprive him of proper due process. I believe in the law and expect the law to be blind. That means every accused should be innocent until proven guilty. It has nothing to do with friendship. As you know I do not involve myself in fraudulent activities so Joe Mbu or any of my friends does not need to defend me. If I do the crime I will be perseverant to do the time.

Until then, thanks for the exchange and stay blessed.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

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