Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Crab Syndrome of the Manyu People.

If you put a group of crabs together, they will start to tear off the limbs of each other and finally they remain limbless. When you put them out of the bucket, they cannot more go anywhere. That is called the Crab Syndrome. That exactly is the syndrome bedeviling the Manyu people. The Manyu people: at home and abroad suffer from the Crab Syndrome that when one of theirs falls, there is an abligurition.

The recent case of Hon Rose Abunaw is a classic example of the crab syndrome. Many Manyu people fought her that they needed another person there too because with her being there, others would not progress; she is hindering other Manyu people from climbing. She was not voted into the position because she was a Manyu lady else the person taking her position would have been a Manyu person, but she was voted because of her own political acumens. Her departure though gives her a personal loss but gives the Manyu people a greater loss. Now she is no more there, but it is not a Manyu person who replaced her. It was unasinous to think that if she was not there, they will replace her with another Manyu person.

Another example I know of was Prof Peter Agbor Tabi. When Prof Peter Agbor Tabi was minister of higher education, the Manyu people experienced a great increase in the number of students going into ENS Yaoundé and Bambili, CUSS, IRIC, ASTI, ESTIC and abroad on government scholarships. Many joined his fiends and foes to fight him. Others even mocked that “is it every Manyu person that will become a teacher”? But they forgot it was not only in ENS that he helped; he helped many into many places. I want the Manyu people to sit back and count how many Manyu sons and daughters have entered into ENS since his departure. I want to hail those who thought about making Prof Peter Agbor Tabi the Manyu man of the year. They did not make a mistake; it is an honor most deserved.

At first no matter how qualified a Manyu person was very few of them were admitted into any of these schools. Those whose tribe’s people were at the top gave the positions to their people. But with the advent of Professor Peter Agbor Tabi, he gave the Manyu person an opportunity too to taste the fruits of their hard work. It is not tribalism but just an opportunity because a son of the soil is present. He now served as an umbrella and only those who merited the position were admitted. Unlike before, no matter how a Manyu person was qualified, he was only left to roam the street of Yaoundé and throw his or her grammar.

The first two examples are in Cameroon. Let me take some glaring examples in the US. In CPDM USA, some of those spearheading the destruction of Sesekou Joe Mbu are Manyu. They think by joining his haters, they are making ladders for themselves. They forget that once you allow yourself to be attacked by the crab syndrome, you are bound to lose your limbs too. Consequently, they seem not to make any political gains too themselves. The crab syndrome seems to have abacinated the Manyu people to a chronic level that one may ask if the Manyu people are pantophobic of Manyu success.

During one of our local MECA GA meetings, someone announced that they have gone and brought a real pastor to come and officiate in their wake-keeping. That was an attempt to give me an under belly kick as the only ordained minister they have in the group. That same real pastor who preached there is now on the run back in Cameroon due to crimes committed in the US, but Hamilton Ayuk is still here. Like a pebble in a river; rather than be roughen, I have been smoothened because the real pastors live their lives as open books for cronies and strangers to read the familiar and strange matters of life.

The Manyu people must learn to drink homemade products or whet their appetite to enjoy Manyu products. Due to this crab syndrome of destroying their own, a division like Manyu has no good road; I mean nothing to show. All we have is only titles: Dr this, Dr that; Sesekou this Sesekou that; Ekandim this Ekandim that; Chief this Chief that; Pastor this Pastor that; Prophet this Prophet that; Rev This Rev that, and Prince this Prince that. Titles though may show individual success, do not develop a place. At the individual level, most of them are very successful people but as a Division, Manyu people are sore losers. And in the absence of reality, the losers should be contented with shadows. That is why they are always contented with ministerial positions. Then when they get one, they tear the poor man or woman down. When we will start to join forces then the Cameroon government will take us serious. A single stick cannot make a forest. The Manyu people must join forces.

Until then, may God deliver the Manyu people from the Crab Syndrome.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

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